Jeff didn't like this new school very much.

As he hopped out of his car, he could see what he had heard about this school was true. The cliques were easily distinguishable. It was not to say that his old school didn't come complete with cliques, but he didn't really remember them. Or maybe he was just used to his old school.

His eyes fell upon who he perceived to be the "big boys" on campus. They were playing catch with a football on the large hill in front of the school. Not to far from them were the girls in pink who probably worshiped the ground the football players walked on. And not too far from them were the cheerleaders who were shooting daggers at the other girls. They were probably mortal enemies, but exactly the same in their narcissism.

Over by the trees sat a group that Jeff would find himself very comfortable in if he knew the kids. They seemed to be just like him, but he knew that looks could be deceiving. Maybe they didn't see the beauty of the trees they were sitting under. But still, he approached them.

"Hi, I'm new here. My name is Jeff," he said, extending his hand to whom he assumed to be the so called leader of the group.

"'Sup? My names Ted," he said, shaking Jeff's hand. "This here is Cody, Ashley, Adam, and Nattie," Ted introduced, going around the group. "So, Jeff, where did you come from?"

"Baker High," Jeff said, nodding.

"Baker High, huh?" Adam said, running both hands through his blonde hair. "I dated a chick from there once. She was kind of cool."

"Do you think I'd know her?" Jeff asked.

"Nah, I dated her when I was in sixth grade and she was a junior in high school," he grinned.

"You're such a pig, Adam," Ashley said.

"Go stare at Morrison on the hill if you don't like it, Ashley," Edge suggested, pointing to where the football players were.

"Well, look who decided to finally join us," Cody noted, looking past Jeff.

Two girls had approached the group. One looked as if she should belong to either the group of cheerleaders or the group that hated the cheerleaders, maybe even both at the same time. The other one looked as if she'd be more comfortable sitting here with the darker group.

"I'll see you later, Maria!" the girl in all pink squealed, hugging the other girl. This was something that Jeff didn't expect from this school. A bubblegum princess hugging a freak? Maybe things weren't so bad here, after all.

"Gah, I can't believe you're friends with that trap," Nattie muttered once Maria had taken a seat next to her.

"Nats, she's my best friend, and it's been that way forever. And I'm sick of--" Maria stopped herself when she saw that they had a visitor. "Who are you?"

"My name's Jeff. I'm new."

"Oh. Hi. I'm Maria. So anyways," Maria continued, whispering in Nattie's ear.

"She's a little...different from us," Ted said, rolling his eyes. "For some reason, she worships that Candice girl she was just hugging."

"I can see why, though," Jeff said, turning around and watching Candice rejoin the girls she looked like she belonged with. "She's something else."

"Yeah, but she's dumb as rocks," Cody said, picking up a rock close to him and chucking it at some random car, but falling short.

"What did you say, punk?" a beefy guy said, overhearing what Cody had said about Candice.

"Dave, go away or I'll light your jersey on fire while you're wearing it," Cody threatened, pulling a lighter out of his pocket and flicking it open, the flame swaying gently in the fall breeze.

"Is that a threat?" Dave asked, holding his football to his side.

"Threat? Is that on your word of the day calendar?" Adam said, coming to Cody's defense.

"You know what?"

"What?" Ted answered, standing up and going chest to chest with the football player.

"I'm going to--"

"Fetch!" Ted yelled, taking the football out of Dave's grasp and throwing it like a grenade across the parking lot, landing on the hill that was very far away.

"DiBiase!" an older man hollered from a parked car. "I like you!"

"Coach, you give me detention daily in gym class," Ted said, rolling his eyes.

"That's because I don't like you. But I like you for the football team. You could be starting quarterback with a cannon like that. What do you say?"

"I say that I'd rather choke on nuts than be under your command for more than five hours a week," Ted retorted.

"That's it! A mouth like that deserves detention!"

"Just add it to my list. Cody and I are staying after school every day for the rest of the year already, and it's only the first day of school."

"You are something else, DiBiase. I won't forget this!"

Ted rolled his eyes at the coach's antics. "Dave, aren't you going to leave now?"

"It's a good thing you aren't joining the football team. I'd make it my goal to make sure that you were injured so you couldn't take my quarterback spot."