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A tall dark skinned girl chipped nervously at her nail polish. She'd been standing in the same dirty, lonesome hallway for almost an hour, but had made no move to go into the door next to her- labeled '406'. She was biting her bottom lip and shuffling her feet in the cold, but still made no move to go inside. She was about to turn and leave when she gasped in surprise.

"Need some help Dear?"

"Oh…No I'm fine." Abigail Lincoln said breathlessly to the elderly neighbor next to her. "I'm just uh…" She indicated to the door behind her with her hand. The woman nodded kindly and shuffled down the hall to the elevator. Abby sighed in relief.

She had no idea what she was so nervous about. She'd been here many times before and even had stayed the night, the week even. But today she couldn't help the guilt that washed over her like a stain that wouldn't come off. Now she had to face the truth, and so did he.

She took a deep breath and smoothed out the non-existent creases in her light washed jeans. She flicked her wavy long hair back in a pre-occupied way before gently rapping on the door. She waited, straining her ears for any sound that might prompt her to run back down the hall to the elevator to join the woman. Before she could decide, the door swung open.

"Abby." The inhabitant grinned at her in a cocky way. "Pleasure seeing you here again."

How she hated but yet loved his smooth talk.

He took a sip of the beer he was holding loosely in his hand and looked her up and down. "Where's my brother?" He asked her. Abby growled lowly in annoyance and he moved aside for her to come in. It was no surprise to her that the room was the same. Dimly lit, blinds covering the wide windows, modern lounges in the corner and a lonely flat-screen TV right next to it. A couple of metres out was a small kitchen but virtually nothing else. She had been to this apartment before, she had experienced it all. But today she had to focus on just one thing. She glared at the man in front of her with determination.

"Dingo." She said sternly. "We have to talk."

The relaxed expression on his handsome face didn't change. His green eyes were still half closed with sleepiness, and he still slouched in his composed, exhausted but casual sort of way. Abby couldn't resist peeking at his exposed toned chest, which was surprisingly tanned. His jeans lay crumpled and dirty on his legs in a loose way, the same way his dirty blonde hair lay loosely on his face.

"Shoot." He said simply, draining his beer in one go and strutting over to her.

She crossed her arms, her rehearsed speech coming to her head. She opened her mouth to say something but stopped short when he embraced her, his muscular arms closing in around her waist. She felt like melting into him, and crying about everything that was wrong and how she felt, before making love on the couch and staying the night, then leaving in the morning with an air of happiness around her.

She had to resist this time.

"Dingo." She said again. "We have to talk, it's about Wallabee."

He withdrew his arms and rolled his eyes. "Right, him, my brother." He scoffed and walked slowly to the kitchen. "How could I forget?"

Abby clasped her hands together and squeezed hard. She had to tell him, she had to let him know.

"You still with him?" Dingo asked her.

Abby was caught off guard. "W-what?"

Dingo narrowed his eyes in a suspicious way. "Are you and my brother still together?"

"Oh…" Abby wasn't expecting this, she flustered. "I- I guess so."

Dingo scoffed, looking away as though he didn't care. Abby knew better and saw the bitterness in his eyes. Ever since Wally had found out about his older brother he'd been desperate to meet him, where as Dingo had been less than enthusiastic. They attempted to bond, but yet it didn't really work. They rarely spoke even though they lived within 3 miles of each other.

Abby however, had an automatic chemistry with him. He returned it and it only took one drunken night for the two to really break the boundaries. No matter how much Abby told herself to stop, and that she had to choose, she couldn't. And she hated herself for it.

"Dingo!" She said, shaking her head. "We have to talk."

Dingo became stern, not losing his suspicious glare. "What about?"

"Well…" Abby faltered, losing her concentration at his gaze. She felt tears come to her eyes and she willed them to go away. If Dingo saw her crying he wouldn't let her leave until she came clean about everything. He narrowed his eyes and walked towards her. She sniffed.

"I'm pregnant."

A loud silence filled the room. The empty beer bottle dropped to the floor with a loud crash. Dingo didn't move. Abby let the tears fall. This time it took a while for Dingo to wrap his arms around her. But the fact he did made Abby want to just melt into him, hoping all her troubles would be left behind. She couldn't believe it when she saw the test a couple of days ago, so much that she had travelled to a specialist that confirmed the test, and that she was in fact 2 months pregnant.

She cried into his shoulder and he ran his fingers through her hair. She felt the fast paced thumps of his heart against her chest and she knew that he was as panicky as she was.

"Is it mine?" He murmured.

She sobbed and pushed him off, making her way to the couch. She knew that was coming, she just didn't think it would hurt so much. She collapsed on the couch and curled up into a ball, still tearing.

"Hey you can't blame me for asking." Dingo growled, making his way over to her. "You can't know either, or at least you can't be positive. I mean I love you Abby-"With this he looked at her with a sad expression. "But I can't lie to a kid saying I'm its father when I'm not."

"I wouldn't want you to" Abby sniffed into the sofa. "It wouldn't be your responsibility."

Dingo shuffled uncomfortably, letting his long fringe droop into his eyes. He looked more like his little brother than ever, except for that determined glint in his eye.

Abby sighed, wiping the tears away. "It's yours." She mumbled, looking down. "I'm positive."

Dingo walked over to her, staring her down. "How can you be so sure?"

Abby groaned. She didn't like to say the explanation out loud."Well, I'm 2 months and 3 days along…" She began, not being able to look up at him. "And it can't be Wally's… he went on that safari vacation with Hoagie 2 months ago for a week, we hadn't done anything after because he got that illness and…" She trailed off, looking at her feet.

Dingo ran a hand through his hair. "That was the week you stayed with me…"

Abby nodded, her eyes fogging up again. Dingo walked slowly over and embraced her. He knew, he knew it was too much for a 21 year old guy, let alone a 19 year old girl, his brother's girlfriend nonetheless. He knew in his heart what he was doing was wrong, but at the same time a nagging feeling told him that this was it, a part of him was inside her, showing everyone she was rightfully his.

"What are we gonna do Dingo?" She sobbed into his chest. "I don't think I can go through an abortion-"

"You're not having an abortion." Dingo said smoothly to her, stroking her hair. She sat up.

"What do you mean?"

Dingo frowned. "You're not gonna have one, are you?"

"I- I don't know." Abby sniffed. "It's an option, I mean it would save the pain-"

"You're not having one." Dingo retorted.

Abby looked confused. "But why?"

Dingo looked annoyed. "'Cause it's mine too! If you're right and it's mine I'm not gonna let anyone kill it."


Dingo folded his arms. "I won't let you Abs, I can't let you do it. It's murder."

Abby looked down, feeling both ashamed and distraught. "But then what?" She said, "Everyone will want to know whose it is, nobody's supposed to know about us, and I can't lie to Wallaby and say it's his…"

Dingo growled. "No, you're not."

Abby sniffed. "I can't hide it forever."

Dingo sighed. He knew he should be feeling concerned and worried, but the feeling of excitement was growing on him and he couldn't control it. He didn't let it show, he just embraced her again, pulling her chin up towards his face.

"Baby…" He murmured. "Don't worry about my brother, don't worry about the kid. It'll all work out, we'll all end up happy in the end, I promise."

She knew he couldn't possibly guarantee that, but she didn't care. All she knew was she couldn't look into those eyes and deny him. She nodded, and closing in and kissed him.

"Where's Abby?"

Wallabee Beatles looked up suddenly from the table. "What?"

Hoagie folded his arms. "I said- where's Abby? Isn't she supposed to be here by now?"

"…Oh!" The blonde haired boy chuckled at himself and shrugged. "I dunno, she's been busy lately. I mean, with her job and all."

"…Right, of course." Hoagie folded his arms and frowned. He never thought Wally and Abby had been a good couple, maybe because he'd been crushing on her since he was 8, but lately he figured his friend Wallabee had other things on his mind other than his girlfriend.

"Are you guys…Okay?" He asked casually. Wallabee gave him a look.

"Of course we're okay, it's just…" He paused. "With all the drama that's been happening around here lately, I think it's taken a toll on her and she…Prefers to keep her eyes on work."

Hoagie digested this. It was true, Abby had been pretty lucky to get some job experience as a journalist when she was just a freshman in College, maybe because her sister was in the same career. He propped his head up on his hand and sighed. He hadn't changed much since Junior High, only that he'd finally grown up a bit, and grown his hair long. He felt relieved that he lost his puppy fat in high school and even gotten on the wrestling team with Wally, even though he could never beat him, not even now.

Wasn't Abigail meant to be his? Weren't they destined to be together?

"You okay?" Wally asked him, cocking his eyebrow in a joking way. He hadn't changed much either, still the same muscular blonde that he was when he was in the KND, except taller and seemingly brighter.

"Yeah" Hoagie muttered in annoyance. "It's just…" He felt embarrassed to be saying this to someone like Wally, who was meant to be his competition, but they were friends- right?

"It's just…what?" Wally pressed.

"Well, I'm 19 years old" Hoagie sighed. "And I haven't got a girlfriend, or a job, or-"

"Relax!" Wally shrugged. "You're in College, remember? You're going somewhere. Besides, there's a heap of chicks on campus that think you're hot, only you've never shown any interest." He gave him a look.

Only because I love yours… Hoagie couldn't help thinking to himself. He shook himself from those thoughts and instead tried to think of something else. He smirked in triumph.

"I know something you don't know." He smirked. Wally narrowed his eyes.

"Enough with the child games, Hoagie. What is it?"

Hoagie chuckled and leaned back in his chair. Her didn't know what kind of effect this news would have on his friend, even though to him it made no real difference.

"Kuki's coming back." He said to him.

Wally froze, his heart now racing.

"Oh…" He managed to croak out.

Kuki- the first girl he ever fell for, the one who broke his heart when he had to move to Japan when she was 12, Kuki Sanban…

"I don't believe it." He muttered.

Hoagie raised his eyebrows. "What about Abby?"

"Huh?" Wally said defensively. "What about her?"

"Well…" Hoagie began. "Are you going to want to pick up where you left off with Kuki or stay with what you have?"

Wally should have taken defense to this question, but right now he was too shocked to even think about it. "That's slack, Hoagie, but-" He shook his head. "Just drop it."

Hoagie did, but he couldn't help but feel some kind of relief about the whole thing. If Wally does get too lovesick for his old flame, maybe Abby will take it to run back to her old flame for consolidation…naming him. He decided to change the subject.

"How's your brother?"

"Joey's fine." Wally said shortly, not looking up but instead looking at his cereal. His 10 year old brother was in fact his pride and joy, and was taking his place in the Kids Next Door happily.

"Oh, right." Hoagie muttered. "And…?"

Wally looked up, looking defensive. "What?"

"You and Dingo don't get along?"

Wally shifted. He knew he could only talk about the subject with either Hoagie or Abby, nobody else. In fact Abby seemed to stray away from the subject as much as she could, which Wally was grateful for. He didn't like to talk about it much.

"We…don't mix."

"Yeah." Hoagie smiled. "You're exactly the same, of course you'd clash."

He ignored this. "I mean, he's been my brother all my life, but I'd never heard of him since last year. What am I supposed to say to him? He doesn't seem to want to know me…" Wally trailed off, looking sad and irritated. "What I really want to do is ask him what made Mom and Dad send him off to live with my uncle, that's what I want to know."

Hoagie shrugged. "He's only 2 years older than you; maybe he failed pre school or something."

"I dunno…" Wallabee sighed, and then became serious. "I think he did something."

Hoagie raised his eyebrows. "Like what?"

"I dunno, like something bad." Wallabee shrugged. "I dunno; why else would Mom and Dad want him out of their lives so bad?"

"I honestly have no idea Dude."

Wallabee sighed, looking downcast as he dug into his cereal again.

Nigel looked nervously over the crowd of heads and sat back down again. He didn't even know what he was looking for, he was just here because of some mysterious email anyway.

He nervously touched a hand to his new, short bristled brown hair. All his life he'd been bald and it was only just starting to grow. He was relieved.

"Nigie..." Lizzie whined beside him. "Can't we go?"

"In a minute Lizzie." Nigel groaned. "You can go get an ice cream if you want."

She pouted and flipped one of her braids behind her shoulders. She held out a hand, at which he sighed and placed a $10 note in. She smiled and skipped off.

Nigel slouched, thinking about giving up. Here he was in a stupid airport with nothing to go by, he didn't even know what his past teammate even looked like.

"Guess Who?" A shrill voice yelled, before his eyes were covered. He smirked and turned around.

"Kuki!" He exclaimed. She smiled, showing her brilliant white teeth.

"I thought you'd be happy to see me." She giggled. "I got you something!"

Nigel smiled. "Please say it's a samurai sword."

Kuki laughed. "No, better!"


With a grin and a flourish Kuki pulled out a cute, stuffed, Japanese themed rainbow monkey. Nigel smiled wearily and attempted to be excited. Same old Kuki…

"Ok, Kuki." He said. "It's beautiful." He took the toy from her and she grinned wider.

"I Know!" She looked around the crowded airport, a frown appearing. "Where's the rest of the gang?" She asked him.

"Oh…" Nigel said to her. "Well, Abby had a doctor's appointment, Hoagie is at a class and Wally's… at home, babysitting."

Kuki nodded, but still felt disappointment creep over her.

"A lot's happened since you left." Nigel started, "Stuff has changed a lot around here. You're going to love it."

Kuki smiled, but it looked weary. She already knew about the Wally/Abby thing. She tried to face it with a smile, but she hoped it looked more realistic than she felt it did.

"Yeah I know, I'm just excited to finally be able to go to College in the States."

Nigel hugged her. "We're glad to see you again, Kuki. Everyone is."

Kuki's smile didn't disappear, but she couldn't help thinking that if everybody wanted to see her why did only Nigel come?

In the car ride home, Kuki looked anxiously out of the window at the passing city scenery. She had been stuck in Tokyo for almost 10 years and was anxious to get back out into her hometown.

"What else has changed?" She asked Nigel curiously. It had been nagging at her mind for a while. Lizzie sucked noisily at a lollypop in the front seat as Nigel drove carefully through traffic.

"Well…a lot really." Nigel shrugged. "We all go to the same University, Abby has a job with a newspaper, Hoagie takes all the advanced classes, and Wally already wants to drop out."

"Besides school, Uno." Kuki giggled. "What's changed on the other side of things?"

Nigel shrugged. "Not much, we all hang out together like usual, but I don't have much time to spend with the gang anymore. Abby's always out somewhere, and Hoagie always seems down, and Wally seems- well he has family issues I guess."

Kuki felt her stomach turn over. "What do you mean?"

Nigel sighed. "He found out last year he had a brother, which was, you know, exciting for him. But it turned out he'd been in jail most of his life and his parents did all they could to hide him. But he's come back, he doesn't live that far away."

"Whoa." Kuki muttered. "That's heavy."

Nigel nodded. "Also, Hoagie's been having issues with his brother too. I don't know the exact details, but he's taking it kinda rough."

Kuki was starting to regret coming back. She thought she would come back to the same happy, tight bond of friendship she left behind, but it never crossed her mind that her friends would change so much.

Nigel adjusted his sunglasses. He seemed to read her mind. "Don't worry too much Kuki." He said reassuringly into the revision mirror. "They haven't changed, they're still the same people."

Kuki nodded. "What about the rest?" She asked curiously with a smile. "What about Rachel? And Fanny? Chad? Cree?"

Nigel chuckled, but Lizzie sniffed irritably. "That Rachel chick is always hanging around, she really annoys me. Her and her blond hair, and her books, and her-"

"Lizzie" Nigel groaned. "She's my friend."

Lizzie rolled her eyes. Kuki had to stop herself from giggling. Lizzie hadn't changed at all since she's last seen her, only grown taller and so had her attitude. She still wore the same braids and glasses.

"This is our exit." Nigel observed. "You'll be home soon Kuki."

"I hope so…" Kuki muttered quietly.

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