Sam bent her knees so she was face to face with the two year old colt

Sam bent her knees so she was face to face with the two year old colt. She sighed, exhaling into his nose. He snorted back.

"Good." Thirteen year old Jake said slowly. "You know what's next." He turned and walked away.

"Wait, why can't you stay?" Sam asked. "Because his secret name is for you and him only to know." Jake said lazily.

Jake walked away, not to far that he couldn't help if something went wrong.

Sam turned back to Blackie. "How about Aditsan?" Sam asked. The Black colt looked uninterested. "Apenimon"? Sam asked again. "Sakima?" The black colt closed his eyes and swished his tail. Sam paused. Why did nothing seem right. Suddenly something popped in her head. " Zanzibar." Blackie's ears went up and he gave a mighty neigh. Sam looked over to see horses galloping in the pasture. Sam turned back. Blackie had his eyes set on Sam. "Zanzibar." She whispered. "I like it."

She put Blackie into a pasture. She ran up and Jake and gave him a hug. "Get off brat." He grunted.

She stepped back. "You're coming back tomorrow right?" "Yeah." Jake nodded.

"Dinner!" Gram called from the house. Jake walked to the house and Sam skipped. "Settle down brat." Jake growled. "I can't!" Sam squealed. "Yes you can." Jake sighed. "You just don't want to."

The entered the house. Dallas was sitting down talking to Wyatt. "They are done building it." Dallas said. "They are starting the round up in a week or two." "What round up?" Jake asked. Dallas smiled. "BLM." He explained. "It's all the mustangs." He saw Jake's disappointment that they weren't going on a cattle drive and laughed. "Can we go?" Sam asked. "Nope." Wyatt answered. "But maybe go check out what they have down there in a week or two."

"Enough!" Gram entered. She put some sort of casserole down. They ate and Jake rode home.

Sam was planning riding Blackie all night before she fell asleep.

In the morning she woke up, jumped out of bed and ran down stairs. She grabbed a bagel and ran to the barn.

Outside Jake was tacking up a young colt her dad was paying him to train.

"Jake!" Sam called. He turned around. He gave her a glance before he mounted. "What?" "Can I ride again today?" She asked. Jake frowned. You rode him yesterday." "Yeah so?" Sam protested. "So he needs a break." Jake gave her an annoyed look. He tipped his hat up to get a better look at her. Sam looked at his "mustang eyes" or so he called them. She gave him her best puppy eye look. Jake just laughed. "I don't think so." Jake said. "Have you seen the weather? It's going to be pretty windy."

"Then why are you riding?" Sam questioned. Jake didn't say anything. "Fine." He sighed.

They walked to the River and she mounted. Blackie was being good with the weather and all. He pranced around as they passed the ranch. Then they turned for the Range. They rode about three miles when Jake yelled, "Lets go back." Sam turned around and the rode about two miles. Sam saw a gate ahead.

"I got this one!" She shouted. Jake rode up but stopped a distance away. Blackie eyed some sagebrush that was blowing. He spooked a little but calmed but was still edgy.

"Ride him parallel to the gate," Jake yelled at her. "Parallel brat, Get him to face the hinge." Sam obeyed. "Rattle the gate." Jake shouted. Sam did and Blackie spooked. "Whoa, keep him together." Jake called. "Ride back and do it again, parallel. Rattle it again. Sam did so and Blackie trembled. Sam held the gate opened and tried to get through it. "Pull the gate to you." Jake yelled again.

"Jake I can't he's too scared." Sam quivered. "Back him through it or turn him." Jake commanded. "Don't take your hand off the gate. Get a grip brat."

"Jake he's really scared." Sam trembled. "You get it."

"All right you baby." Jake sighed. Sam turned around "Take that back or I'll slug you Jake Ely!" Sam hollered.

The Blackie fell apart. He reared slightly and charged. He hit the gate and was pinned for a second. Sam lost the reins and Blackie panicked.

Jake kicked his horse forward hoping to get there to block Blackie off. Blackie didn't care what was in front of him, he ran right into Jake's horse like he wasn't even there.

When Blackie was free Sam fell off. Jake saw it in slow motion. First Sam falling, then Blackie's hoof clip Sam head. Jake jumped off his horse and ran to Sam.

He saw that she was unconscious or maybe dead. Jake pushed that out of his head. He stared at her head. Blood seemed to cover the whole range floor. He knew he shouldn't move hurt people, from school or something. He looked back at his horse. He mounted and galloped off towards River Bind. When he got to the barn he slid off and ran off to find someone. Anyone.

He saw Wyatt. "Wyatt!" he yelled. "Call 911 or whoever!" "What's the matter?" He asked curious and looked beyond jake. "where is sam?" "She fell off." Jake panted. "She hit her head." Wyatt immediately ran to the house. He picked up the phone. He talked to someone and ran back out.

"Where?" He asked as he climbed into the truck. Jake pointed the way until they reached her body. Wyatt got out and waited for the ambulance. Red lights and sirens came on. Soon Sam was loaded and Wyatt drove behind. He went back to River Bind to grabbed Gram

. Jake mounted his horse. He rode off back to his ranch. He couldn't go to the hospital. Not now at least. Half way to his house he stopped. He closed his eyes

. "God?" he prayed. "If Sam's okay, not dead, I promise to take better care of her." Then he loped back.