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Jake rushed over to River Bind. He wanted to see Sam by Blackie's stall petting him while he smiled and calling her a brat and saying that horses didn't understand her. Then she would glare and tell him to stop calling her that. Then Jake would mumble "Mosquito." And walk away in satisfaction.

Sam wasn't there though.

She was boarding a plane for San Francisco in about an hour.

Knowing Wyatt she would never come back.

Dallas nodded to Jake. "When is Wyatt heading back?" Jake asked. "I dunno." Dallas said lazily, "But he's hiring some kid."

"Why?" Jake acted like he didn't care but Dallas saw through him to the curiosity.

"Sam's gone." Dallas said carefully as though there was no way to say that.

"Right." Jake said quietly.

"Go home." Dallas said leaning back in his chair. "Nothing is going on here."

"Sure." Jake agreed slowly and struggled to step away.

Dallas chuckled and leaned back. "I heard that you might be getting a new horse soon."

Jake nodded. "Dad promised." He said. "Tomorrow we are supposed to look at some gelding." Dallas nodded.

"Like I said, nothing here." Dallas blinked against the sunlight.

Jake nodded again and started to walk back. Then he stopped. "I got nothing at home to do." He started slowly. "Are you sure?"

Giving Jake a thoughtful glance, Dallas chuckled. "Bet that we have a couple horses that need some work." Then he looked at the range. "Might as well check on some cattle for me while your at it."

Jake started to the barn. He took a stop at "Black beard's closet" and got a saddle and bridle. He carried it to Blue, a roan mare who was about to be sold, stall.

Quickly tacking up he headed for the range. He rode about three miles out,

Wind picked up and Jake decide that he didn't want something to go wrong and have Blackie get done on a bad note. "Lets head back!" He yelled at Sam.

Jake shivered.

He refused to think of that. He couldn't, he wouldn't and he won't.

A mile out the cattle hung out, huddled together for protection. Jake decided to turn back. He gave Blue rein and galloped back. On the way he slowed down to a lope. They were coming to a gate.

"I got this one!" Sam shouted. Jake rode up but stopped a distance away. Blackie eyed some sagebrush that was blowing. He spooked a little but calmed but was still edgy.

Jake slowed down to a walk and rode into the gate.

"Ride him parallel to the gate," Jake yelled at her. "Parallel brat, Get him to face the hinge." Sam obeyed. "Rattle the gate." Jake shouted. Sam did and Blackie spooked. "Whoa, keep him together." Jake called. Sam held the gate opened and tried to get through it. "Pull the gate to you." Jake yelled again.

Jake tried to reach for the gate. His arm shook too much though. "Knock it off." He scolded himself.

"Jake I can't he's too scared." Sam quivered. "Back him through it or turn him." Jake commanded. "Don't take your hand off the gate. Get a grip brat."

Jake let go of the gate and rode back to it. "Stop being stupid." Jake thought. He became angry with himself.

"Jake he's really scared." Sam trembled. "You get it."

Jake turned back and opened it. Blue walked through, obviously confused by Jake. He took a deep breath and froze.

"All right you big baby."

Jake kicked Blue forward. He needed to get out and fast. Fast didn't seem fast enough though. Blue was flying, trying to get wherever Jake was think of. As dependable as she was, she was just a horse with the same instincts. So she panicked. She ran harder then possible. Faster then any horse Jake had ever rode. But yet he didn't care one bit.

He gave Blue a signal to lope, then trot, and walk. Both were breathing hard and fast. They walked back to the barn where Jake dismounted and took Blue to a stall with Sweetheart.

Then Jake had put his face in his hands.

Had he really said that?

Good, Bad, worse????

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