HSM3: Deleted Scenes

By angellwings

Kelsi and the Turntables

"Oh, Sweet! There's a DJ…with Turntables!" Kelsi exclaimed as she, Martha, Jason and Zeke arrived at the Bolton's.

Jason laughed at her giddy expression, "You gonna give up the piano and become a DJ now, Kels?"

"Not hardly…but I have always wanted to play around with turn tables," She said as she bit her bottom lip thoughtfully.

"Why don't you ask him if he'll let you try them out?" Zeke suggested.

"You think?" She asked with an excited twinkle in her eye.

"Go for it," Martha told her as she shoved her toward the DJ. Kelsi cleared her throat and slowly approached.

"Hi!" She said with a nervous smile.

The guy grinned at her, "Hi."

"Um, could I…I mean would you mind if I-"

"You want a turn at the turntables?" He asked with a smirk.

She nodded eagerly.

"Well, step on up, girl. Let's see what you've got," He said with a friendly smile as he stepped to the side and let Kelsi in front of his set up. He handed her the headphones. She placed them on her head and slowly reached for the turntable. She scratched once experimentally and giggled. Before Kelsi knew what was happening she felt just as comfortable behind those turntables as she did a piano.

"Hey, turn it up, Kels!" She heard Troy say as he made his way through the crowd.

She smiled and laughed softly.

The Swings

Chad was ecstatic about the game and the resulting conversation with the University of Albuquerque head coach, bit this party was beginning to feel like a mob-scene. He was somehow being pulled through the crowd like he was caught on an ocean current. He just wanted some time to soak it all in. This was probably the best moment of his high school career and he couldn't even hear himself think. Chad felt arms slip around his mid-section and he looked down to see Taylor's slender arms. He smiled and turned around with in her grasp. She smiled and kissed his lips quickly.

"The swings are currently empty," She told him. It never ceased to amaze him that Taylor seemed to always know what he was thinking. He nodded and grabbed her hand. With his fingers laced through hers they headed toward the swings. Once they were out of the crowd Chad placed an arm around Taylor's waist and she placed an arm around his middle.

"Great job out there, Lunk Head," She said affectionately. "Back to Back! That was the dream, right?"

He nodded, "I still can't really believe it."

"Well, believe it, buddy. You deserve it. You worked really hard," Taylor said as she sat down on one of the swings. He sat down next to her and reached for her hand and they slowly began to swing back and forth.

"You know with the game over I'm really started to realize just how little time we have left," Chad said as he glanced at Taylor. "My U of A scholarship is pretty much locked up, and you're in at Yale…early decision too." Taylor ducked her head shyly as Chad gave her a proud glance. "But…Yale is in Connecticut."

She nodded, "I know, Chad…believe me. But we'll just take it a little bit at a time, okay? Right now though, we've got a championship to celebrate AND a scholarship. You did it, Chad. U of A would be crazy not to want you on their team now."

"We're gonna have to talk about Yale sometime, Tay," Chad told her softly as she tried to change the subject.

"I agree, but not now. Right now, I just want to sit here with my boyfriend, who I am extremely proud of, and enjoy this AMAZING night," She told him. "Can we do that, please?"

Chad stood up and walked over to her swing. He stood in front of her and pulled her toward him. "Of course we can."

Taylor stood and Chad wrapped his arms around her. She was beginning to think Gabriella was right. Time was passing too quickly, and they all just needed it to slow down.

Tiara Sees the Board

Tiara sighed and glanced around at her new school. It was nothing like her old school. She had to fit in here. She didn't have the option of returning to London. Her father had made it pretty clear that this was where they were staying no matter how big of a fit she threw. She couldn't help feeling superior to everyone as she passed them. She was not any ordinary student. She was determined that this school would remember her name long after she was gone from East High. First she needed to find out all she could about this school's drama department. She needed to know every detail about its inner workings. She stopped when she passed the Drama Club bulletin board. She read the board carefully.

There was a large picture of one person at the top. And underneath it a piece of paper read:

Sharpay Evans four term Co-President of the East High Drama Club.

Tiara's eyebrows rose. It looked like this Sharpay was the woman in charge. On the other side of the board were advertisement s and personal ads. Tiara noticed one particular elegant, pink sheet of paper. She grinned as she read the information on it. It couldn't be more perfect. Sharpay Evans needed a personal assistant. Well, then Tiara would play the perfect assistant even if it meant letting someone else have the spotlight…temporarily. She pulled the paper from the board and began asking around about Ms. Sharpay Evans. She needed to know everything about her for this plan to work.

Martha Recruits

Martha grinned as she left homeroom. She had already been signed up for the show, and was secretly thrilled with Kelsi for signing everyone else up too. But now she had a mission. If everyone was going to be in the show then she wanted this show to be amazing which meant they were going to need a lot of help. So Martha made her way to the gym. She knew the rest of the squad was there along with the rest of the basketball team. But she was surprised to find the choir rehearsing there as well. Her eyes widened how perfect was this? If she could get them all to come with her to the auditorium than they would have more than enough people for the musical.

"Hey Martha!" Beth called as she saw her enter the gym.

"Hey, girls!" she called back as she approached the group. "I have something fun for us to do."

"Like?" Ally asked with an expectant look.

"The Spring Musical," She told them.

"Mar, we don't have time for the Spring Musical," Beth said apologetically.

"Why not? We have nothing left to cheer for, and if we do the show we might even be able to get Ryan to help up with our competition routines. We're having trouble with the last minute of the song, and we all know how great of a dancer Ryan is…"

"I mean, I guess we could. It does sound kind of fun," Julie spoke up from behind Beth. Reluctantly the other girls agreed.

"Good, now help me convince the rest of these guys," Martha said as she motioned to the choir and the rest of the basketball team. "We're already late for the first rehearsal."

The Girls Discuss Prom

"So, do we have to buy our own dresses for this number?" Gabriella asked.

"No, the fashion club made all the costumes for the show. They get extra credit in whatever class they have with Mrs. Marcus," Kelsi announced. "We're going to rehearse in the prom costumes after school today actually."

"Hey, Tay…has Chad even talked to you about prom yet?" Martha asked curiously.

"Of course not. He was in basketball land all year. I'm lucky I still got a date in here and there," She said as she shook her head. "When he does get around to it, it better be amazing. I mean it's not like this is any Saturday night date. This is prom, and I think I deserve something extraordinary for being practically ignored in lieu of basketball."

"What about you Gabby? Troy asked yet?"

"This morning actually," She said with a bright smile. "What about you two?"

Taylor and Gabriella looked expectantly at Martha and Kelsi.

Martha chuckled, "Jason has tried to ask me three times..."

"Tried?" Kelsi grinned.

"He always chickens out. He'll start off "Martha, would you…" and then finishes with "let me borrow your bio notes." If he wouldn't stammer and pace I might actually believe that he just wanted to borrow my notes, but he always looks WAY too nervous."

"Well, I will not be going to prom," Kelsi said with a sigh.

"You HAVE to go!" Gabriella exclaimed. "It's SENIOR prom."

"I just have too much to do for the show, and besides no one has asked me anyway," Kelsi said in slightly disappointed tone.

"Who says you have to have a date to go to prom?" Taylor asked.

Kelsi sighed, "The rest of you will have dates, and no offense but I do not want to be the ninth wheel or whatever the left over number is."

"Come on, Kels, it wouldn't be like that. You'll have fun," Gabriella said pleadingly. "Just think about it. We'll talk after school. Taylor and I have to get to the yearbook room."

Taylor and Gabriella headed off in the opposite direction of Martha and Kelsi.


Jason paced nervously as he waited for Martha to exit her Calculus class. He couldn't seem to get out the words to ask her to prom so he'd come up with another idea. One that had to work. It required no speaking and it was perfectly clear. Zeke shook his head and laughed at his friend.

"Chill out, dude. She's gonna say yes," Zeke assured him.

"Man, don't even talk to me. You had it easy. You didn't have to ask. Sharpay TOLD you that you were taking her. You don't even have to arrange for a limo or even dinner. Her dad's doing all the work for you," Jason said with a glare at his friend.

"Not my fault that Sharpay is very very particular," Zeke said happily. He could care less what he had to do or wear to take Sharpay to prom as long as he got to take HER to prom. Zeke's eyes widened as he spotted Martha coming toward them. "Here she comes, bro. I'll see you later."

Zeke jogged away quickly and Jason gulped and turned around.

"Hey, Jason," Martha said brightly.

"I-I…um," Jason stuttered. He cleared his throat and unbuttoned his over shirt to reveal a T-shirt that read, "Jason+Martha=Prom" and then held up his two prom tickets with a questioning glance.

Martha's face lit up, and she laughed happily, "Of course."

Jason sighed in relief. Martha continued to laugh as she hugged him and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

"I kept trying to ask you, but the words just would NOT come out-"

"I know, Jase. You were painfully obvious," She chuckled as she stepped away and looped her arm through his. "Walk me to lunch?"

He smiled and nodded before taking her books out of her hands.

Dress Rehearsal

Kelsi was hiding behind one of the half-built props for Sharpay's number, and did not intend on coming out.

"C'mon, Kels, it can't be that bad," Troy said from the other side of her hiding place.

"It's not bad at all," Gabriella said with a shake of her head. "I've seen it. It's beautiful and they did an amazing job with your hair and make up."

"I've never been this dressed up before," Kelsi answered. "And this dress is way too short and why am I the only one with no straps of any kind?"

Ryan walked over toward the commotion, "What's going on?"

"Kelsi won't come out," Gabriella chuckled.

"I'm highly uncomfortable at the moment," Kelsi called shyly.

"What's got you uncomfortable?" He asked curiously.

"This dress is just not me," She said with a sigh.

Gabriella shook her head, "We don't start the number in the dresses anyway just go get changed Kelsi. They're all still going to see it later on though."

Kelsi grumbled violently and changed quickly.

Kelsi sighed as she ran off stage to change into her prom dress. She watched the other girls rush out onstage to get into their places for the middle of the number, and waited anxiously for when she would be taking her own position. She heard her cue and headed behind the double doors where she would meet Ryan for their entrance. She stood there nervously waiting. She saw Ryan walk around the corner and rush to his place next to her. He glanced at her quickly and then froze. He did a double take, and she saw his eyes widen.

She leaned toward him and whispered, "See I told you this wasn't me."

He gulped, "That's where you're wrong, Kelsi, it is you. It's just the you that you don't let all of us see that often or maybe it's the you that we don't choose to see that often."

"What do you-"

"I mean that you look beautiful, Kelsi. You really do, and you have no reason to be self-conscious. The minute those doors open…you'll knock 'em dead," He told her just before their entrance cue played. As Kelsi opened her door a bright confident smile graced her face, and suddenly she felt perfectly comfortable in her dress.

Ryan Talks with Kelsi

Ryan caught Kelsi as she was about to enter her, Taylor, and Martha's dressing room.

"Hey, listen, um if you need any extra help with the musical I would be happy to help you out," He said just before clearing his throat nervously.

"That might be a good idea," She said with a smile. "I have a ton to do, and about three more numbers to write. I'd be interested to hear your ideas too. I have so many ideas that I just can't narrow them down sometimes."

"So, is that a yes?" He asked as he fished for clarification.

She nodded, "Come by the rehearsal room. I'll be there in the morning from 6:30 until school starts." She leaned forward and whispered, "Ms. D gave me a key…but that's top secret. I'm also not supposed to bring a hot plate, but I do anyway. Gotta have my morning tea."

He chuckled, "Got it. I'll see you then. Later, Kelsi."

"Bye Ryan," She said with a bright smile as she continued into her dressing room. He sighed as he watched her go. Was getting Sharpay that scholarship worth conning Kelsi? Kelsi was about as sweet and shy as a person could be, and Ryan didn't know if he was okay with what Sharpay was asking him to do.

But, at the same time, he did always enjoy spending time with Kelsi. She possessed more talent in her little finger than he or Sharpay would ever have. It didn't hurt that he found her completely adorable either.

Kelsi Tells the Girls

Kelsi and Ryan walked into homeroom with her arm linked through his. It was a friendly gesture that could have been taken as platonic…or not. He stopped at her desk. She set her bag down, and they chatted for a bit.

"I'll call you later. I was thinking I might stay after school and work out the choreography for "Just Wanna be with You" you wouldn't want to stay after and help me, would you?" He asked with a grin.

"I'd love to," She answered immediately.

"Great, looking forward to it," He winked as he headed to his own desk.

Taylor, Martha, and Gabriella had been watching the entire time and once Ryan sat down they immediately got up and surrounded her desk.

"WHAT was that?" Martha asked excitedly.

"That was definitely not a platonic arm loop," Gabriella grinned.

"And you look like the cat that ate the canary," Taylor added with a chuckle.

Kelsi cleared her throat and spoke softly, "Looks like I am going to prom after all."

Gabriella hugged Kelsi and laughed, "Congrats, Maestro."

She laughed as well, "Please don't be too obvious, guys. He's right over there."

"This is too adorable," Martha gushed.

"The composer and the choreographer…sounds like a perfect match," Taylor smirked.

"It's just prom guys, it's not like we're actually dating or anything," Kelsi said modestly.

"I have a feeling that might change soon," Gabriella winked as they all returned to their seats.

Okay that's all for now, but I definitely have more little deleted scenes on the way. I want to write a REAL prom scene, and a post show cast party, more Chad and Taylor scenes, a few Trelsi Friendship scenes, some more Ryelsi of course, and some Ryan and Sharpay scenes. So there will be more, but I think this is good for now. LOL.