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"You pervert!"

Otoha's voice rang across the ship, ironically a sign that all was well… at least where Tachibana Ryouhei wasn't concerned. Her bokuto (or the local broom) would be giving him punishment long about now.

Ichijou Eika sighed, stretching lightly as she left the dressing room, her white bikini slimming her figure elegantly. Gentle seas, a cloudless sky, and a cool breeze… perfect for a little sunbathing. The deck was mostly deserted; Ranka and Haruko would be busy tending to Ryouhei's self-incurred injuries while Otoha was sulking, and Karen was probably in the kitchens with Elise and Takumi (honestly, as scared as she was of men, that one…); and as for the Captain…

"Mind if I join you?"

Speak of the devil. Eika blushed involuntarily, suddenly wishing she was wearing more clothes than currently adorned her lithe, muscular figure. He gave her that unkempt smile, settling down with a tackle box on one hand and a fishing rod in the other.

"What are you doing?" Not that it doesn't seem obvious…

"Fishing. Are you just going to lay there, or do you want to join me?" He tossed his head abstractly towards the direction behind her, indicating the rod he'd already fixed for her, and had left standing against the back of her lounge chair.

Honestly, this deck is two stories above sea level… What does he expect to catch? His chuckle broke her from silent thought.

"C'mon, missy; deep sea fishing is just as fun as any other kind."

"Please refrain from referring to me in that manner, Captain." Even if she didn't want to admit it, she was definitely pouting. And sulking. The smirk on his face let her know that he knew it, too.

"Then how should I call you… Eika?"


That beautiful blush, courtesy of her tsudere character, blossomed instantly as she shot indignantly to her feet, floundering over what to say. Those slate-gray eyes weren't cold at all; they flashed like lighting on the backs of rain clouds.

"Colonel Togo!"

"Souya is fine, Eika."

The emphasis on her first name left her lost for words again. First name… no rank, no title. What on earth was he-?!

"Just fishing, Eika~."

Togo grinned, grabbing his gear, and standing. He leaned over until the tip of his nose brushed hers, the heady scent of his cologne wafting to her.

"Just fishing."

AN:  Yup.  Bastard wasn't fishing for fish, he was fishing for information (IE, Eika's feelings for him~.  Teehee.  XD)  I CALL IT!  FIRST SKY GIRLS FANFIC ON FF!!  Bwahaha, in ya faces.  XP  Okay, not really.  Anywho, hope it was decent enough for being a first try!