Black Birds


After the Triwizard Tournament, Voldemort's Second Rise really kicks off becoming bloodier, darker and far more vicious than the first. Two years after his rebirth, its brought to a sudden and jarring halt by the Boy Who Lived.

Hailed as a Messiah – the Second Coming of Merlin – the emotionally scarred and traumatized Harry Potter can't handle the overzealous adoration from the Wizarding Public and constant swarming of reporters and fans every time he stepped out of his front door and flees Europe all together. Setting himself up in Japan under the protection of the Nihonjin Mahou Sho- (Japanese Ministry of Magic) and given a new life under the alias of Akegata Shikamaru and enrol him at the prestigious Ouran Gakuin.


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There will be YAOI.

There will be graphic flashback scenes featuring: torture, character death, rape, abuse.

There will be moments of OOC, it can't be helped, Ouran is a Shoujo and Harry's past is dark, very dark. I will try to keep it as true to canon as possible but Ouran never really touches onto the subjects of the above.


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It was driving him to distraction.

The new school term had started a good three weeks ago, the first day back the class had been greeted with the news that they would be welcoming an exchange student into their midst.

For two weeks Suou Tamaki had been in the same class as the new student and not even remembered his name, face, where he sat, nor even paid even the smallest lick of attention to him. After all, he had more important things to worry about, his Host Club for one, their latest Cosplay, and Haruhi-chan's arrival and training. Not to mention the bullying and harassment she suffered at the hands of their Princess Ayanokoji during their second week.

But apparently, Tamaki had been the only one ignoring their newest arrival.

Yamada Mamoru, fourth son of Yamada Saito head of the Yamada Corporation, had been keeping an eye on their newest student, and during that second week into the new school Year the Incident happened.

Tamaki had no idea what happened, he hadn't been paying much attention when the Incident happened, but even when asking his other classmates they hadn't the slightest of what happened either. It was as if the new student just... snapped.

From what Higuchi Megumi – incidentally one of Mori-senpai's regular customers – had explained to him, Yamada-san had approached the new student while he was reading in his seat, she wasn't even sure which book he was reading because it was in Latin – something they didn't teach at Ouran – Yamada-san had just leaned over his shoulder, placing a hand on the other teen's back so he didn't over balance and fall, thus crushing him, before asking what he was reading.

Yamada-san hadn't even finished his question before the table and chair were over turned and he was sent crashing into the ground by the much smaller student and had all the wind driven out of him.

Tamaki remembered silence filling the room before the new student had cringed away from all the staring and horrified eyes, the previously invisible student carefully helped Yamada-san to his feet, for some reason touching him as little as possible and cringing every time he did so, before asking Jonouchi Ayame to gather their things and bring them to the Medical Room please and leaving.

Later, Yamada-san would tell them how the new student had tended to him himself, written him a formal letter of apology, taken his possessions and left the school. He didn't show up the next day and rumours were buzzing everywhere, all sorts of wild theories about why he flipped out and attacked Yamada-san were flying around and even in the single day and a half he was absent things were getting way out of hand. It was only when Jonouchi-chan and Kyouya-kun oh so calmly told everyone that it is quite blatantly stated in the class register that he had Aphephobia, a fear of being touched or touching others, that everyone eventually calmed down.

And from then on, Akegata Shikamaru had become the most fascinating thing in the world to one Suou Tamaki.

Aside from that small medical note and a comment to watch his eating habits – why Tamaki had no idea but he was beginning to suspect Akegata-san may have been anorexic from the sheer skinniness of his wrists – Akegata Shikamaru was a complete mystery. And it was driving Tamaki up the wall.

How on earth did he end up in Class 2A?

He didn't remember any influential people by the name of Akegata, neither did Kyouya or a somewhat surly Jonouchi-chan when asked. He made no comments about his wealth, in fact, Tamaki was certain that the stationary he used was as cheap and cost efficient as Haruhi-chan's, probably even bought at the same Commoner's Market!

His past was a complete mystery, no one knew anything about him, he kept to himself and associated with no one. Which during his observations over the past week Tamaki originally thought to be due to arrogance before he realised that Akegata-san was actually frightened of associating with others. What on earth could have produced that kind of aversion in a seventeen year old boy?

Tamaki gnawed on his expensive Fountain pen, he knew he was putting dents into it but he wasn't too bothered, he could get another one cheaply enough at 200,000 en.

He had been growing more and more interested in – not to mention frustrated with – the enigma that was Akegata Shikamaru, and frankly, even now his favourite subject, World History, couldn't interest him all that much in comparison. The blonde forced himself to take some notes to appease the teacher but... his attention drifted yet again to the dark haired teenager in front of him to his left as he took notes in a gorgeous Romaji cursive script(1).

Akegata-san had a strange kind of beauty to him, and he was beautiful, quite so and even Tamaki – a devote lover of the fairer sex – couldn't deny that fact, wouldn't deny that fact. As it stood, there always seemed to be something tragic about the new student, a dark kind of doll-like beauty to him that just seemed... broken and lonely. He had to admit that if he ever got the teenager into the Host Club; he would get a lot of designations just on that general feeling alone.

He stood at a surprisingly diminutive 5'3" in height, barely three inches taller than Haruhi-chan, with a slender petite body that was really far too skinny in Tamaki's opinion, an opinion that Kyouya and the rest of the faculty seemed to share. His hair was a deep shade of inky raven black, it looked soft to Tamaki but he didn't dare attempt to investigate as the just below shoulder length dark tresses were kept out of the way via a no-nonsense pony tail at the nape of his neck. His dark hair combined with the almost flawless snow-white colour of his skin made the large startling fresh-cut emerald green shade of his eyes stand out all the more, framed with long black eyelashes half hidden behind the thin wire framed glasses he wore.

All in all, now that Tamaki had noticed Akegata-san, he was alarmed that he had completely blanked him from his consciousness until now.

It was distressing really.

The poor boy was obviously alone and friendless but too shy to actually approach someone and attempt to socialise, along with aphephobia he had another handicap to any future social interactions! He needed help.

Tamaki blinked and chomped on his pen, perhaps a little harder than he should have because a split second later the taste of ink flooded his mouth and he gagged.

How could he have been so blind!?

It was practically his duty to help Akegata-san make friends, not only as the President of the Host Club, or as the Class President, or the son of the Superintendent, but as a fellow student and a good man!

No one should be without friends and Tamaki was going to make it his mission that Akegata Shikamaru would have the best friends in Ouran Gakuin by the end of the week!

Sitting on the right hand side of the blonde Frenchman, Ootori Kyouya could only sigh in long-suffering tolerance as he caught the unique glint in his 'bestfriend's eye – even if he was gagging on blue fountain pen ink. It looked as though he had finally finished observing and had now decided to throw himself in face first into the life of Akegata-san.

Kyouya wondered how long it would be before Tamaki found himself running into a brick wall face first sometimes.

He also wondered if he would stand back and laugh at the blonde, or take pictures to sell on the internet.

He was leaning more towards the latter.


Harry James Potter twitched slightly, forcing himself not to fidget in his seat.

The weird French guy was staring at him again.

The dark haired teenager forced himself not to panic and continue taking notes, not to rub at the back of his neck or his scar – the one on his forehead at least – or to turn around and snarl something unpleasant at the other teenager. Knowing these rich types, if he told them to take a picture since it would last longer they probably would.

Inwardly, he was counting down the seconds until he could escape.

Life... had not been pleasant to him since the resurrection of Voldemort. Which was one of the reasons he was currently under the protective custody of the Japanese Ministry of Magic (Nihonjin Mahou sho-) and going under the alias of Akegata Shikamaru. Which he was told meant Dawn and Deer. An odd combination of names but... when he stopped to think about them they were kind of significant to his circumstances, his old life had ended and his time in Japan was a new chapter in his life, the beginning, or the dawning of the rest of his life. And Shikamaru he guessed was after his Patronus, a Charm which none of the Japanese knew of and he was only too happy to show and teach to their version of Aurors – who looked startlingly like the Ninjas in Dudley's stupid Martial Arts films. They didn't have much of an issue with Dementors but Lethifolds were a problem, thankfully the majority of the Japanese Muggles put the mysterious disappearances down to the Yakuza or other undesirable sorts. Which he guessed was better than telling their families that the victim in question was actually eaten by a living shroud of darkness.

After the Triwizard Tournament, Voldemort had not wasted any time in picking up right where he left off.

Azkaban was cracked open like an overripe watermelon, and the war escalated into something far bloodier, more violent and more vicious than anything the British Ministry had ever experienced. At least until Voldemort took it over and situated himself as Minister for Magic over the majority of Magical Europe – what parts of it Harry and the Order didn't manage to incite into rebellions/riots.

Harry had ended up returning to Hogwarts for his fifth year, but he also managed to worm his way into almost every Order meeting, he set up a special Defence Club asking Professor Flitwick and Alastor Moody along with whatever Order members to help them out, teach them new spells, help them improve their aim, battle tactics and casting speed. At some point during that fifth year Harry ended up becoming a High Roller in the Order, even going so far as liaising with the Muggle Government for support, cover-ups and even some general supplies – Luna gained a new best friend in the form of grenades and nitro-glycerine that year and Ginny discovered a love of flamethrowers. Harry wasn't even going into what the twins did with their new goodies.

At the end of his fifth-year, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Luna, Ginny, Neville and a few other members of Defence Association officially left Hogwarts and joined up with the Order, ignoring all protests from the more senior members – Molly in particular. The fact that everyone had still been really been heaping the pressure onto Harry and hurry up and pull off another miracle to destroy the Dark Lord, something that was easier said than done considering the Horcrux shards he had created, only further irritated those who followed him from the DA.

Thank God for small mercies that Harry had not been a Horcrux, the moment it was mentioned he had been terrified that he possessed the last festering cancer that kept Tom Riddle alive – he wasn't, in fact, the Parselmouth gift Harry possessed wasn't Parselmouth at all. It was simply a gift for languages; his mother had a gift for Charms, his father for Transfiguration and Snape a gift for Potions and true Harry also possessed a frightening aptitude for combat and Defence that was something that had been cultivated, unlike his gift for languages which had been largely ignored. It was a natural talent that came as easily as breathing and walking, Harry had just been unlucky enough to be surrounded by snakes as he was doing the gardening as a child – the whispering he had thought was the neighbours was in fact a nest of Grass Adders under the shed. (Though the more research he did into it, the more it looked like his Gift for Languages was a little more than just a natural talent.)

Harry managed to destroy the majority of the Horcruxes with Dumbledore, Ron, Hermione and Bill's help before the first year of the war was out. Getting at Nagini and Hufflepuff's Goblet had taken the longest, along with Ravenclaw's Diadam due to the sheer amount of time it took to sift through the magic Junk Room on the Seventh Floor.

Tom Riddle's Diary, his first Horcrux was destroyed during Harry's second year.

Ravenclaw's Diadam, his second Horcrux and ironically the second to last one to exorcised.

Slytherin's Ring, the third Horcrux, Dumbledore destroyed that one but ended up falling prey to the Flesh Eating curse attached to it.

Slytherin's Locket, the fourth Horcrux, found by Sirius in the Black Family mansion while cleaning his younger brother's room along with a note apologising to his older brother. Sirius had cried a lot that day. He destroyed it himself for his younger brother's sake.

Hufflepuff's Goblet, the fifth Horcrux, removed from the Lestrange Vault through some very clever legislation brought up by one Andromeda Tonks who studied to be a lawyer in both Magical and Muggle worlds. Ironically enough, it was this legislation that got Sirius his trial and freedom without him even having to be present to testify. He was awarded 12,000,000 galleons in compensation for the 12-years mental anguish and torture of Azkaban and custody of his only Godson Harry Potter. They all had a huge party and Ron got quite drunk before snogging Hermione full on the mouth and declaring his love for her. From that point on they were a couple. Remus and Tonks also ironically got together at that very same celebration.

Slytherin's Basilisk, the sixth Horcrux and probably the most surprising. Tom Riddle actually had the stones to go and turn the 1000-year-old Basilisk into a Horcrux, which in retrospect was probably his most intelligent choice of Horcrux to be honest. Who would be able to kill a Basilisk that old? Well... Harry didn't count, he had dumb-luck and a prophesy covering his ass.

And lastly, Nagini... his last Horcrux aside from himself.

Neville beheaded that snake himself three months before the end of the war and a good two months after Harry returned from his two month-long stint as an honoured guest of the Death Eaters.

It... had not been pleasant.

He still wore the scars.

The final battle had been long, vicious and taken place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the place where it all began. Where Tom Riddle descended into darkness, where Harry Potter was moulded into a weapon and a martyr. Where the battle between Slytherin and Gryffindor began and ended with the death of the Slytherin Line 1000-years into the future.

As Rowena would say, 'What goes around, comes around.'

After the death of Voldemort, his true death, the Wizarding World hailed him as a Messiah, the Second Coming of Merlin.

It got to the point where he was too scared to leave Grimmauld Place – Sirius left it to him when he died, along with Lordship over the Black Family estate – he had reporters camped out on his doorstep and up and down the street. The moment he stepped out he would be mobbed, his hair would be torn out, people would try to steal his clothes, his blood, kiss him, hug him, take his picture, touch him. There would be fights over who got closest and he was small, easily pushed around, there had been one incident where two witches had gotten into a fight and ended up dislocating both his arms. It was only when he screamed in pain that they realised what had happened, the two women had actually been sent to St Mungos right beside him though in infinitely worse condition.(2)

It honestly terrified him.

He'd even heard of people using his DNA, hair, blood, even urine – though how they got hold of that he did not know or even want to – in Polyjuice Potions for prostitutes or Partners, just to so they could fuck someone wearing his face and imagine. And after the months he spent entertaining the Death Eaters... he recoiled even from the thought, wanted to throw up and hide in a corner and die.

He couldn't handle it, his friends knew he couldn't handle it; the public didn't care if he couldn't handle it. He was their property, theirs to do with what they liked.

He had to get out.

It was Sirius's dead fiancée who gave him the idea – her ghost was still haunting Grimmauld Place to keep him company as Sirius's soul was too scarred, too damaged to be capable of remaining on after death.

Kayleigh Hitsugaya had been in the same year as his mum, been one of her bestfriends and played opposite Sirius as a Beater for the Gryffindor Team; she even joined Sirius and James at Auror Academy. She had been taken off active duty when she got into a duel with Evan Rosier during the first rise, he shattered her hip and scarred the entire left side of her body, the Ministry refused to let her back in the fight due to her limp. She'd been demoted to a desk jockie and she loathed it. It was around about then that she and Sirius got over their little snark-bitch-argue thing and became friends, and then eventually... more than friends.

She had been one of the very few people who refused to believe the story about him betraying James. Even going as far as punching Remus when he argued with her before cutting all contact with the werewolf until someone pounded some sense into his skull.

Kayleigh's mum Kaede had moved back to Japan after the death of her Husband in the First Rise and became the head of the Anti-Terrorist and Organised Crime Division of the Japanese Magical Law Enforcement Department. So the bear Animagus – because Sirius just had to teach his future wife how to be an Animagus so she could join them on the full Moon – knew a fair few people over there in Law Enforcement and suggested he get in contact with Kaede.

Harry was taken in under protective custody by the Japanese and in return he would work for Kaede-san in the Anti-terrorist and Organized Crime Division. And the rest, they say, is History.

And here he was at Ouran Gakuin, training to hopefully become a Doctor, to save lives... rather than take them as he had been forced to in the past. And would no doubt be forced to do so again.

The bell rang and Harry swept his belongings into his bag and fled.


(1) Romaji Cursive script: There are four alphabets in Japanese, Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji and Romanji. Romanji – as its name suggests – is based on the Roman alphabet, or in other words, this one, the ABCs. Cursive script is an elegant form of handwriting that was traditionally practiced before ball-point pens were created, thus is most commonly used when writing with a fountain pen or a quill. Fact of the matter is, I've tried writing with a quill once, it was for a GCSE art project, and they're difficult as hell to write with normally. Cursive is about the only way one can write anything legible with a quill in my experience.

(2) The over zealous fans: It's happened. Celebrities have been attacked in similar manners, that guy, what's his face the lead singer of HIM was attacked by a woman with a pair of scissors, she half cut-half ripped a hank of his hair out and ran off before anyone could stop her. You get some weird people in the world and considering how much the Wizarding World pandered to Harry the first time, the fact that he destroyed Voldemort a second time they're going to be even worse.


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