Chapter 3

Chapter 3

This chapter gets a little hot….take a cold shower first…lol…

He was on her bed, on all fours…waiting for her lips…dieing for their warmth…their softness. But it was gentlemanly to wait for her to decide if and when to kiss him.

"Edward ", she growled, on fire, taking his lips with the force of an alligator, grabbing him by the hair and devouring his mouth with the finesse of a cobra sucking in its prey.

Her tongue probed in instantly, finding his…the tingly icicle…he tasted the surging venom like vinegar in his teeth…

"Bella !", Edward tried to say but his lips were captured…his eyes closed...she was laying on his chest…forcing him onto his back…well, he let her push him onto his back, anyway. She couldn't FORCE him to do anything physically.

He didn't want to make her stop…this is what you've been wanting for the last 2 days…he said to himself, well…for the last 100 years, actually…don't fight it this time…

Yea, don't fight it…the demon's voice inside him agreed…Feel her body laying on yours…she's not wearing a bra…touch her…she wants you to. Charlie is fast asleep downstairs…nothing is stopping us.

"We have to stop", he tried to speak again but neither she or the monster inside him wanted to hear it. And the scent of her blood was thick and heavy in the warmness of the room…the bed. Her hip bones were nudging against his...

"Please Edward", Bella begged, kissing his neck…taking a firm bite of his cold flesh…"Don't stop…."

Yes, Edward, don't stop…the wicked vampire part of him urged with a sly tone, Take her now…DO IT !!

"NO", Edward gave a shout, breaking away…then said more sweetly to her rejected expression, "No, Bella…don't. Behave."

A hurt glaze took over her eyes that were so filled with passion a second ago…he hated doing that to her. But she knew the deal. It was so hard for him to control this beast inside him… his fingers felt as if they were bleeding, keeping that chain leash taught and holding the monster away from her…better to hurt her feelings a little than to kill her.

"Oh Bella, don't", Edward looked up at her….stroking her cheek with the back of his hand….her flesh was so hot to the touch…it was breaking his heart to see her eyes look at him that way. She looked so betrayed…so unsatisfied…so unwanted. Edward knew that same feeling for a century.

"You know I love you", he stroked her with his voice, patient and deep, "You know I want you, too…but we can't…not yet."

"When then ?", she sounded so fragile, not moving her chest off of his.

"Someday", was all he could think to say without lying.

"I promise Bella", he added…willing her to not be hurt and listen to his vow, his eyes so sad but loving.

Wow…he thought to himself, the King IS magical…it works…this magic was too powerful to be played with. It was like shooting a gun, not paying attention to where the bullets were going.

She sat up, crossing her legs again…looking down at her present that she wrapped…sad again. Why do I keep torturing her ?, he asked himself…wanting to fix it..

"My love,", he sat up behind her, his hands wrapped around her t shirted waist as he closed his eyes and whispered poetry into her ear, his cool lips nearly touching her earlobe…

"We have found each other
thirsty and we have
drunk up all the water and
all the blood," his voice was sensual…and low.

Her eyes closed against their will…he was so right in the words he was saying…she was so thirsty for him…

"We found each other
and we bit each other
as fire bites,
leaving wounds in us.",
he spoke like a god…from another world.

He massaged her shoulders as he whispered…placing a small hot kiss on her neck…too close to the jugular…

Do it Edward please, she silently screamed in her head, so aroused…Just take me….take me now…my body HURTS I want you so bad…I can't wait anymore.

"But wait for me,", he said, almost warning her…to be patient…stroking her long thick hair, as if reading her thoughts.

"keep for me your sweetness.
I will give you too
a rose."
, he finished.

Her eyes opened…weakly…in a daze…and there was a small little red rosebud staring back at her.

Somehow, her hand rose up to take it from his hand…trembling as she accepted it.

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PS This poem is a real one, called Absence. It's very old…and brilliant. And when I read it…I knew it was great for Edward and Bella.

Sorry about the Elvis thing…Edward made me do it…lol.

He loves great love song singers…