Naruto happily bounced into Sasuke's room, plopping down on the bed with a bright grin. Sasuke closed his door behind him, laughing at his boyfriend. Naruto flashed him the peace sign. Sasuke grinned at him before tackling the blonde back onto the bed. Naruto laughed, looking at him. Sasuke poked his sides.

Naruto giggled softly. "Teme!"

Sasuke started to tickle him.

"Gah!!!" He squirmed, laughing happily.

Sasuke chuckled and stopped, nuzzling Naruto's cheek.

Naruto pecked his lips. "You can take the make up off me now if you want."

Sasuke grinned and carefully rubbed the make up off Naruto's cheeks with his thumb. "Ah~ Much better."

"Ne, teme?"


"Can we... do it?" He asked with a blush.

Sasuke blinked in surprise before blushing softly. "Oh! Um... of course."

"Will it hurt this time too?"

"Not as much, i hope."

"Oh, okay..."

He leaned down and kissed Naruto gently. Naruto wrapped his arms around his neck, kissing him back just as gently. Sasuke placed one hand against Naruto's cheek while the other rested on his side. He was already between the blonde's legs so he was kind of hovering over Naruto.

Naruto trailed butterfly kisses up and down Sasuke's neck. "I love the way you smell and how your skin is so soft."

Sasuke shivered slightly, running his hands up Naruto's side. "I love how soft your hair is." He ran his fingers through Naruto's spiky blonde hair. "And I love how sparkly your eyes are." He moved down and placed his forehead against Naruto's.

Naruto bit his lip, looking at him with those blue sparkling eyes. "I love how kind you're to me."

Sasuke smiled at him, kissing Naruto's cheek, brushing his lips over his scars. "I love how accepting you are of me."

Naruto turned his head away cutely. "I love everything about you."

Sasuke smiled and licked Naruto's cheek. "I love everything about you too."

The blonde's blush grew while Sasuke pushed him back into the mattress. The raven haired Uchiha settled more between Naruto's legs comfortably while the blonde wrapped his arms around his pale neck. Their eyes locked ocean blue meeting deep onyx.


He leaned forward, placing his forehead against Naruto's. "Yes?"

"Will you say it?" The blonde pouted lightly. "Please?"

Sasuke searched those blue eyes for a moment trying to figure out exactly what the blonde wanted him to say. Once he realized it, his heart started to race and he felt the blood rush to his face. He had said it to Naruto once before but that was when he didn't mean it. A way to pull the blonde in.

There was still so much left unsaid between the two of them. There was still so much to learn about each other. But Sasuke knew that didn't matter. No matter what he would never leave Naruto's side again and he trusted the blonde to do the same. For once, he was finally, truly happy.

Sasuke took a deep breath before ghosting his lips over Naruto's. "I love you." He whispered softly.

Naruto's lips curved up into a grin and he leaned up to place his lips against Sasuke's. "I love you too, Teme."

Sasuke already knew that. But to actually hear Naruto say it was enough to drive him over the edge. He quickly wrapped his arms around the blonde and held him tightly, letting his weight rest on him. Naruto grunted but tightly hugged Sasuke in return. The blonde closed his eyes tightly while Sasuke nuzzled into his neck.

They had both been through a lot in their short lives. But somehow, they found each other. Both had been hurt. Both had been destroyed. But in the end, they had each other. And that was all that mattered. Love had found a path and now the heartache of both had finally come to an end.

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