Just Desserts

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Hephaestus awoke with a start. He was back in a body, and what a body it was. It seemed to be as strong as an unas, but it was even easier to manipulate than a human. He could feel that the body was all but immortal; he would not be tied to a sarcophagus to maintain his life. He forced his new eyes open and stared around to find out where he was located. He blinked; in plain sight were huge mounds of trinium, naquadah, gold and gems just waiting to be gathered. A warm glow suffused his body. The biggest disadvantage he had as a system lord was that all of his systems were very poor in minerals. He had been forced to beg, borrow or steal everything he needed. In truth, his attack on the Tau'ri had been a last act of desperation, he was being pressed by the forces of Bastet and Kali and he saw no other way out of the situation. If he had failed conquering the Tau'ri he would not be any deader than what those two would have done to him. Given the Tau'ri's reputation, it would probably be much quicker too. But now with the raw material present he could recreate his army as it always should have been.

Looking around he saw a number of people approaching, each of the same species as his current host. They were almost seven feet tall and perfectly muscled. They seemed to favor long white blond hair, and were dressed in what appeared to be togas in a variety of colors. He would have to find out if that was just decoration, or some form of uniform. They moved with an oiled smoothness that told Hephaestus that even if they had no combat training now, he would be able to turn them into Jaffa that Apophis would weep over as they destroyed his Serpent Guard. Hundreds of them approached, each bearing a tray that bore either food or drink. They seemed to be very obedient too. It would make creating his army that much easier.

"Majesty," A beautiful female of the species asked as she offered a tray with what looked like a goblet of wine on it, "Do you have any orders for the day?"

Hephaestus took the cup off of the try and drank a celebratory swallow, his rise to supreme system lord was about to begin. He started to stand up to proclaim his divinity and to get his new slaves started on building his army and navy, but he went nowhere. His host did not respond to his order. He started to panic at his inability to control the host when a voice spoke in his head, "Where exactly do you think you are going? I'm comfortable right here, and here is where we are staying. I've earned this rest, and I'm going to get it for the next couple of millennia or so. You want food or drink, feel free. But other than that, we're staying right here!"

Hephaestus tried to break the hold and take control of the host, but the problem was that whoever was speaking was inside him and hooked into his brain, much as he was in this king's body. The goblet that he had held so triumphantly a moment before slipped out of his hand. But that was okay, his rider simply waved with the other and he could only watch as whoever had control of him manipulated the body they both shared to get another one.

Hephaestus could only scream in the silence of his own mind.