By Jim Daniel

Disclaimer- The world of Star Wars is the intellectual property of George Lucas and since i am not he i don't own the Star Wars universe or any of its character, i just write about them!

Ashoka lay on her bed in her simple padawan room at the Jedi temple. She was now 18 and her master 25. And she was scared. Pretty soon she would face the trials and if she passes (which she had doubts about) she knew that her time with her master, Anakin Skywalker would be over. The thought still sent shivers down her body.

Ashoka knew she loved him. And she also knew that the Jedi forbid romantic love. But when the rules she held dear said no, her mind and her heart said yes. So now she found herself on her bed, conflict battling around her head. She had feelings for him, but did he have feelings for her?

Anakin lay in his room, meditating. So many things had happened recently and all of it was now flowing through his head. Most of his thoughts revolved around his padawan, the now 18-year-old Asoka Tano. She had grown so much since he had first taken her on as his Padawan. Her Lekku had grown and she placed them over her shoulders so they fell just above her stomach, the white pigmentation on her face became more concentrated around her eyes.

'Why am I thinking about her so much?' he asked himself, allowing the question to swirl around his head, waiting for an answer to pop up and explain this all to him. But no answer appeared and he knew it never would. Nothing with Snips was ever simple. Every little thing she did could never be predicted, nothing planned. She was always so spontaneous. He found that her best quality.

'What is this feeling?' he asked as a warm feeling overtook his body.

Anakin knew this warmth well, it was the same warmth he had felt whenever he was thinking of padme. But it was different this time, the intensity of it was one not matched by any sun in the universe, but strangely it did not hurt him but surrounded him.

"Why am I feeling this way?" he sent out into his thoughts. This time more desperate than the last. But again no answer came.

Frustrated Anakin jumped up from his position on the floor and paced around his room. He was never good at dealing with his emotions, something that could not be defeated in combat or destroyed by a light saber.

'I need some air!' He thought to himself quickly hurrying to the door and pressing the button that would allow him escape from his feelings.

But as he quickly walked out of the door he found himself on the ground and the object of his struggle lying on top of him. Her thin frame supported only by his body, her face, mere inches from his own.

For seconds neither moved allowing e ach breath to make contact with the others face. Strangely both found this comforting and all struggle ceased as padawan and master locked eyes, neither fully willing to move from their current position, but neither fully realizing what thoughts like this could mean. Ashoka realized what happened, she quickly got up off her master, hiding her face from the massive blush she had no doubt was obvious upon her face. She continued to hid her face even when she heard her master get up from the floor.

"Sorry Snips"

Ashoka had to close her mouth to keep the moan that aroused by her nickname's usage by her master.

'Is this the level of affection I feel for him?' she questioned.

"Snips? Is everything alright?"

Sensing the blush on her face had receded; she turned to face her master.

"I'm sorry for disturbing you master, it's nothing." She replied, feeling the confidence she had just minutes ago fade away.

"Really snips its fine, come in, we'll talk about it." Anakin said, and with a smile signaled for his padawan to enter his room.

'H…his room!!' Ashoka screamed to herself as she entered his room, not trusting herself alone with her master.

Ashoka felt her cheeks redden as she was reminded of a dream she had recently about her master's room. A dream she strangely hoped would come true.

As Ashoka sat on his bed she was again reminded of her dream but was brought back by her master's movement to the bed, and his body pressed next to hers. Shoulder to shoulder.

"What's got you troubled Ashoka?" he asked worriedly turning to face her.

"I…it's just about the trials." She responded, partially lying.

"Snips, it's nothing to worry about, trust me you'll do great!" Anakin said, placing his hand on her shoulder and smiling.

'Stop tormenting me!' Ashoka screamed in her head, trying her hardest to hold back feelings that had been growing in her heart since she started being his padawan, all those years ago. She finally realized what she had to do. There was no way she was going to be separated from him, with her passed up the opportunity to tell him the truth and see how he responds. This is it, time to act.

" Really snips, Ever since I kn.." Anakin was cut off as Ashoka closed the distance between the two, pushing her lips to his and effectively ending his speech.

Anakin's heart jumped as his padawan's grayish lips connected with his. Suddenly all his feelings connected, he loved snips. There was no other possibility; his heart would not have jumped other wise. He had never felt like this before and it could not be described. This was it, his love had been with him all along, and he could not loose her.

All the thoughts stopped as Ashoka quickly released and began stuttering.

"M…Master, I'm so…so sorry!!" she pleaded, tears visible in her eyes.

"Ssshhh" he soothed pulling her close and wiping away her tears. When he was shown a puzzled look on his padawans face he quickly kissed her, slowly tipping her chin up and slowly lowered his face towards hers.

The kiss was exactly what the two of them wanted, but not what they needed. And when Anakin was about to break it, Ashoka gently placed her hand on his cheek and pressed her lips tighter to his, her tongue rubbing against his lips, begging for permission to enter. And every so slowly her heart picked up speed as his lips opened and the two tongues made contact, slowly rubbing against one another's and then moving on to explore each other's mouth.

As the two continued to explore, Ashoka's mind was as calm as she could ever have remembered it when it came to her master. The only thought running through her mind was, more.

She slowly lowered herself to the bed, bringing her master with her, and as she finally needed to breath, she began to slowly take off his clothes. Before she began she locked eyes with Anakin. No words were expressed but Ashoka knew they both wanted this. So slowly she began taking off her master's robe. And as the two came together for another passionate kiss, she allowed Anakin to slowly take off her clothes as well.

Anakin's heart was breathing twice as fast as normal when he reached her clothing. Ever since he knew her she wore the same thing, that two-piece outfit he loved so much. He quickly disrobed her and as her top fell to the ground, he was aware of exactly how much she had grown since they first met.

Slowly he reached his arms out and gently laid them atop her perfect breasts, allowing his thumb to gently tease her now perky nipple. He jumped as she made low moans through his mouth.

Every so slowly he encircled both his human and mechanical hand around both her breasts and gently squeezed them, trying to figure out what she liked.

As his hand was working on her breasts it gently made contact with one of her head-tails, which created a much louder moan from his padawan, the moan echoing in his mouth, making the sound less intense so to not allow other Jedi to hear.

Quickly he moved his lips from snips's mouth down to her left head-tail, he lightly kissed it, watching for a reaction.

When a small moan was heard Anakin decided to try something new, slowly he enclosed the tip with his mouth and gently ran his tongue over all he had taken, while slowly sucking on the tip. Anakin was rewarded with heavy panting from Ashoka, her breathing quickening.

Anakin released the lekku and moved to her mouth to engage in a kiss neither of the two seemed to grow tired of. When the two parted for air, he moved his head down the ignored right lekku, running his tongue from top to bottom, the only sensation his tongue feeling was warmth, it's taste was indescribable, not too sweet but not salty either, it was in-between the two.

This simple action sent Ashoka over the edge, Her pants and moans becoming louder. With a quite shriek Anakin found his waist covered with a sticky substance. Slowly he wiped the substance off of his waist and placed it in his mouth, enjoying the taste of her. After quickly swallowing the substance and after finding he liked it very much, he lowered his head to her lower regions and after staring at her flower lovingly slowly pushed his tongue in, allowing it to disappear inside her.

After searching he quickly found his target, a hard nodule buried in one of her folds. Quickly he brought the node out of her and closed his mouth around it, gently sucking but quickened his pace after a few seconds. With another high pitch "eek" the nodule tightened in his mouth and its contents eurpted in his mouth, most gathering around his tongue and teeth. He quickly swallowed the load and after successfully extracting yet another from his now insanely panting padawan, let the organ go, pushing it back inside her with his tongue.

"Ma…master, pl…please take me!" she pleaded through her pants.

Slowly Anakin moved his lips back to hers and positioned his tip by her entrance. As he slowly began to enter her he and was rewarded with yet another moan into his mouth. Anakin continued to push in slowly, not allowing his padawan to recover from the experience. After pushing farther he found her wall, and came to a stop.

"Snips, this is going to hurt," he said, feeling bad about what was about to come.

"I trust you sky guy." She said smiling.

Anakin slowly pulled out of her, leaving only his tip still inside. Quickly he brought his mouth down to her left head-tail and began his tongue treatment. When she began panting heavily again he quickly pushed himself deep insider her, breaking through her wall.

Anakin's heart broke at the small scream that came from his padawan as he took her. As he gazed upon her face he saw the few tears that escaped from her eyes down to her chin. Quickly he kissed away her tears and waited for her to recover. After a few seconds she locked eyes with him and showed him her brilliant smile, her permission to continue.

Slowly he pulled out again until the tip was only left and slowly he pushed inside her. After gaining more confidence he quicken his pace, watching as she began to sway her hips, allowing him to get deeper inside her. Her body amazed him, how her breasts and head-tails moved up and down with every thrust. How tight her tunnel was sent him over the edge and her pants and heavy breathing only added to the ecstasy of the moment.

As he neared his peak he pulled out as far as he could and thrust as far as he could and as her tight walls became tighter and completely encircled around him they both climaxed, Anakin shooting inside her.

As the two-finished Anakin began to move out by Ashoka stopped her.

"Can we stay like this? Please?" she pleaded, her bottom lip budding out slightly.

"What if someone comes in?" he responded, not wanting to move either.

"Please" she pleaded, only love in her eyes.

"Sure Snips," he said, knowing he could not deny her.

Anakin was taken off guard as Ashoka used her weight to flip them, putting Ashoka on top and Anakin on the bottom, Anakin still inside her.

"Good night sky guy…. I love you" she replied, her mouth getting used to the phrase.

"Good night Snips.. Love you too" he responded, himself getting used to the phrase.

Ashoka sighed happily as she lay her head on her master. A smile overtook her as she saw the proof of their love in her lower regions. She knew this would not be their last time, she would not allow that. She would follow him to the ends of the earth and fight by his side any time. She looked forward to their next time together, she knew it was against the rules but what could she say? She was in love.

Authors note:

Ok well this is my latest lemon, I might actually make this into a full fan fiction not just a one-shot, it all depends on the replies from people who read this so if you would like to see this with more chapters (not all lemons!) let me know and reply! Until then, have fun!