Chapter 6

By Chungdoo

Jedi Knight Ashoka Tano slowly stepped out of her shuttle into the blazing hot of Tatooine's Suns. She pulled the hood of her brown Jedi robe over her head and slowly made her way across the sand, towards her first mission.


"Ashoka, we have examined the disk you and master skywalker brought back from one of our academies, at first glance everything seemed to be in order." Master windu started from his seat next to grand master yoda.

"But a more extensive search revealed that the entire disk is a fake, copied to look like everything was still intact but in reality nothing is on it." Master Obi-wan continued,

"Get this disk back we must, so send you we do." Master yoda stated.

Ashoka was shocked; they were going to send her one her first mission and its something this important.

'where should I start?!' she asked herself, with the whole galaxy at play it would take a while to find a clue to start, a planet to search.

"We have received a tip from an anonymous source reporting on increasing separatist activity on the republic controlled planet of Tatoonie." Master Obi-wan added, almost as if he read her mind.

"You must go to the planet and find the disk." Master Fisto spoke for the first time.

"But masters, how do you know that the disk is even on Tatoonie?" Ashoka asked, she didn't want to question the master's but she wanted to know if they knew for sure if the disk was there.

"100 percent sure we are not young one. But if established a base so deep in republic territory count Dooku has, know about it we must."

"Yes masters, I will not fail." She stated confidently.

"Good luck Ashoka." Obi-wan said, a smile on his face.

Ashoka nodded and slowly walked out of the council chambers, she planned to say goodbye to Anakin before she left anyway, this gave her more time to think.

Eventually Anakin walked into his room and shut the door, he locked the door but they both knew they wouldn't be able to make love now, Ashoka had to leave.

"Good luck Snips, you'll do great" he encouraged.

"Thank you master, I won't fail you." She stated confidently.

She knew that he wanted to say more, but time was short. Slowly the couple made their way towards each other and slowly Ashoka raised her hand up between the two of them, parallel to his chest. Anakin raised his hand in a mimic of hers and slowly the two hands touched, palm-to-palm. Ashoka slid her fingers in-between his and the two hands became joined. Slowly he leaned in and the two exchanged sweet, lover's kisses. Ashoka wished desperately that she did not have to leave but time short, she had to leave. Slowly the two lovers broke their kiss and Ashoka slowly pulled her hand back and gave her master/love a tight hug.

"Goodbye master, I'll see you when I get back." She said as she nuzzled her forehead into his neck.

"Goodbye snips." He told her.

End of flashback..

Ashoka sighed as she remembered the last part. She missed her master so much and blamed their close bond for her feelings. She knew that she needed to get focused on the mission and wished for some action so she could distract her mind from the loneliness.

"Sir, have you identified the target?" a clone troopers voice asked from her wrist communicator.

"not yet captain, I'll be entering visual range in a few minutes." She spoke.

"Rodger that sir." The voice reported. She sighed, all this formal military talk always got on her nerves, she was never that formal even as a child and it always seemed weird for her to have a high ranking military position.

Ashoka turned her attention back to the desert and the planet that her master said "took everything from you." He had never told her more about that and Ashoka thought it better than to ask him. She knew that he would tell her eventually and she would wait.

She suddenly felt something pushing it's way up her throat. She tried to push what she was sure was bile back down but it's quickly continued it's climb up her throat. The intensity dropped her to her knees as she lost the fight. She shuddered as she emptied her stomach onto the sand. She continued to stay on her knees even when her stomach was emptied, she still shook and she used every trick she knew to get herself back under control.

'What the hell was that?" she asked herself, finally brining her body back under her control.

She brought the back of her hand to her forehead and felt for signs of a fever, nothing. She decided that she didn't have time to deal with this right now so every so slowly she brought herself back to her feet and made her way towards the spot where the separatist activity was last located.

It didn't take her long to find it, a huge building hidden by the dunes of the surrounding desert. She couldn't help but see how much the building looked like the one she and her master and master secura had invaded back on the peaceful planet. The walls rose high and formed a square around the land. A dome-sized roof protected the rest of the base. Ashoka could see only a few security cameras lined the outside of the building but Ashoka could see some of the places where the cameras couldn't catch.

"Captain, I've got a visual on the complex." She said as she hid behind the protection of the dunes.

"Rodger that sir, we've got some internal ship problems we're taking care of and we'll send reinforcements as soon as we can.

"Copy that Captain." She said shutting off her communication device, the last thing she needed was someone contacting her once she was inside the complex.

Using the force to enhance her speed she zoomed down the dune and around the cameras. She had no problem at all as she touched the walled outside of the building. However Ashoka found that her head was pounding her and her back was aching.

'What is going on?!' she asked herself again. As much as she would like to get an answer to why these strange things were happening to her today she knew she had a mission to complete and now wasn't the best time to be distracted. She calmed her mind and pushed the pain from her back to the back of her mind.

'Now, just to get in.' she told herself, looking for a possible entrance.

"Boy this is boring." A droids voice called from above her.

"you got that right." Another droid voice answered.

'Bingo" Ashoka told herself as she waited for the annoying bucket of bolts to pass by. She didn't have to wait long and thanks to the droids constant complaining she could pinpoint their exact location and soon her path was clear.

Relying on the force again, she leaped onto the walkway. Ashoka lowered her hood as she surveyed her surroundings; it seemed quiet for a military base, especially for a base that was supposed to contain the key to the Jedi's army. She pushed her concerns away as she moved through the hallways, searching for where she believed they disk was located.

She almost turned a corner but the voice of a droid stopped her short. Quickly she moved the first door she knew was empty. She quickly took in the room as she waited for the voice to pass.

"Boy I don't understand what's so important about that Disk we got, the general wanted kept in the storage room under heavy guard."

"I don't know, it really doesn't make sense."

"UNIT B4 and C7 what are you doing?" another clanker voice asked. This voice had come down the very hallway that Ashoka herself had just come from.


"it's your turn to guard the disk, report to the storage room." The head clanker ordered.

"Uh…here is that again?"

"Idiot it's right down the hall, the door with two other droids guarding it!"


Ashoka waited as the droids passed before she made her way out of the room and down the hall. She pressed her body close to the hallway as she slowly turned her head to the right to see down the hallway. She immediately spotted the door with the droids, all were facing in their heads towards the other hallway that led directly to the door, no one saw her.

Deciding a fast attack was the best she used the force to increase her speed as she made her way quickly down the hallway and to the unsuspecting droids.

Unleashing her green lighsaber she made quick work of the four droids that were guarding the place. She remembered to destroy the weapons first and then the droids as her master had taught her and soon the droids fell.

Checking to make sure their were no more droids coming Ashoka reached out with the force to see if she was in danger.

'good no more droids coming this way.' She said, proud of herself.

Slowly she made her way into the room, making sure to shut the door behind her.

The room was completely empty; there was no way any disk was in here. Ashoka quickly searched the room for anything hidden that she missed, she even used the force to make sure nothing was hidden but nothing was. Angrily she made her back to the door and hit the button to open the door…. nothing.

"What" she said stunned, hitting the button over and over again. Still nothing.

She was about to use the force to open the door but was stopped by the feminine voice she knew only too well.

"Welcome" the feminine voice said through the speakers.

"Ventress" Ashoka said venomously.

"And I was so hoping Skywaker would fall into my trap, yet I ended up catching his pet." The voice taunted.

Ashoka knew better than to fall for Ventress's taunts. She focused and tried using the force to open the door, but still it would not open.

"Nice try young one." The voice taunted.

"so you've successfully trapped me, but you have failed ventress, the republic already knows you're here. Their probably on their way now."

"No I don't think so, you see the republic ship orbiting this planet is experiencing some difficulties and will be delayed for at least a few more hours. And by then you and I will be gone."

"And how do you expect me to go willingly?" Ashoka asked, taunting.

"Well, first I'll start off by gassing you unconscious, by now you've realized that your breathing has shortened and your having trouble standing."

Ashoka staggered before she dropped to her knees, the assassin was correct and she couldn't call up the force to protect her lungs.

"Then you'll simply fall unconscious for a few hours, plenty of time for me to transport you. I wonder if skywalker will come now that I've got you, oh well. I think I'll let him play cat and mouse with me as we tuck you away in a nice little safe spot until the time is right."

Ashoka could no longer concentrate and could barley hear what the assassin was saying. She felt her vision cloud and she fought as hard as she could against the inevitable. She knew she was going to loose consciousness, with the last breath she could muster she muttered the words she always dreaded saying.


Authors Note: Well that is the end of the story Feelings, way to leave off with a cliff note huh! :) well don't worry, the second part of this Saga is called Passion and will appear in a few day or a couple of weeks. I leave you guys with the following clues to Passion…

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