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Izayoi sat on her knees on the wooden porch of the castle, looking outside to where the rain fell on the late spring flowers. The leaves of the bushes, trees and flowers looked like emeralds of the deepest green. Each drop of rain that managed to land on a flower petal looked like a clear gem, sparkling in the small amount of sun that managed to sneak through the clouds. She stared at the castle wall, which was just barely visible through the garden's foliage, not seeing the beauty of the castle gardens.

In her meditative state, she barely heard the sound of footsteps on the tatami mats that announced the presence of another being in the room.

"My lady," came the deep voice of Setsuna no Takemaru, a man that had recently sworn allegiance to her father, the castle lord. "The guards are stationed all around the castle. That mononoke will not come to bother you again tonight."

At that remark, Izayoi's lips nearly pulled into a smirk, an expression that she had nearly forgotten she could make. Word had gotten out that a demon had come to see her almost every night for the past two months. Once her father had caught wind of it (which he had with great celerity), he had ordered all of the samurai to keep any and all mononoke from putting even taking a step into the grounds.

As if that would ever stop the great demon lord from seeing her.

"Do whatever you wish," Izayoi replied, happy that her back was to the man so he could not see the grin she failed to hide.

She knew that her love would be able to overcome any obstacle to see her.

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