:Writing like this means that it's being spoken in Cybertronian.:

For Bran Flakes.

Bumblebee moped underneath a tree. Nobody wanted to play with him... They were all too busy. He looked up when he heard Ironhide and Ratchet arguing over something stupid. He sighed and shook his head. This was getting all too common. The move to a new planet wasn't always barrels of fun. Tensions had been running high, fights had been breaking out over trivial things, and even Optimus seemed to be getting stressed out. Just that morning, he'd yelled at Jazz for no reason other than the fact that he happened to be right there when he was angry.

He stood up and decided to move someplace quieter. Transforming into his alt-mode, he drove off down the street without looking back. He wondered if Jazz was having any fun. The Solstice had taken to making friends with as many humans as he could and was currently taking a ride through town with Epps.

His mind then wandered to Sam. He'd gone with his French class to Canada. He wasn't allowed to go along with him, since there was no need for Sam to have a car with him. "What's so special about Canada anyway?" he mumbled to himself, angrier that he couldn't tag along than anything else.

He stopped at the park and transformed, sitting down under a tree and watching a dog mindlessly chasing after a Frisbee just like a drone. The owner seemed less interested in the dog and stood almost catatonic, staring directly at Bee. He'd forgotten that he wasn't supposed to transform in public...

Torrent looked around. She was far from the warehouse where Barricade and Uncle Blackout were residing. This planet was a lot different than what she was used to. For one thing, the natives here were only slightly taller than she was, yet by their standards, many of them were already adults. They were also quite squishy and odd looking. For another, they seemed disappointingly unintelligent. Maybe she should just go back. There was nothing really interesting out here. But where was back? Maybe one of the creatures staring at her would help. She looked at a lady standing on the sidewalk.

:Um, excuse me, do you know how I can get to...um, hello? Are you listening to me?: she asked. The lady just continued to stare at her.

"Is it talking?" someone asked.

"It sounds more like it's spouting electronic gibberish to me," another said.

:I'm sorry, what was that? I can't understand you,: she replied. :Can you guys maybe speak in Cybertronian?:

"What do you think it is, Mommy?" a little kid asked.

"I don't know, but maybe someone should call the police..." a person replied.

Torrent shrugged and walked away to find someone who spoke Cybertronian. The people watched her leave, all still whispering and pointing. :Maybe something in the atmosphere is radioactive and is making everyone on this planet stupid,: she reasoned to herself. After all, a race couldn't be that stupid, could it? (Note: She obviously wasn't aware of the Bush election)

She continued to walk down the street when she sensed a signature similar in origin to hers. There was another Cybertronian nearby...

Bumblebee recharged in his alt-mode under a street lamp. He awoke when he felt weight on his hood. The first thing he saw were two red optics staring in through his windshield. He was about to freak out, thinking maybe it was Barricade, but then realized that it was definitely too small to be Barricade. Not only that, but Barricade had four optics, not two. Besides, if the Decepticon kneeled on his hood like that, it would cave under his weight and Bumblebee would be in a lot of pain. No, this was someone else entirely. In fact, it was a sparkling.

"Who the slag are you?!" Bumblebee demanded. The sparkling narrowed its optics in confusion. Bumblebee then realized that perhaps it didn't speak English. :I said, who the slag are you?!:

:Ooh, you said slag!!: the sparkling replied.

Bumblebee would've face-palmed if he had hands and a face in his Camaro mode. :Well at least now I know you're old enough to talk.:

:Are you an Autobot or a Decepticon?: the sparkling asked.

Bumblebee scanned the area to make sure that she was the only Decepticon present. For all he knew, she could have run away and had someone looking for her. :If I tell you, do you promise not to hurt me?:

:You're an Autobot, aren't you?: she asked. Bumblebee was silent. :You are! You're an Autobot!:

Feeling vulnerable in his alt-mode, Bumblebee transformed into robot mode. The sparkling was no longer much of a threat to him. :Yes, I am, actually. And you're not. I can tell because your optics aren't blue.:

:Actually, optics color dictating one's faction is a bit of a misnomer. Optical sensors don't always reflect one's affiliation with a particular side, as they don't always come in red or blue. Decepticon/Autobot hybrids often have purple optics and may belong to either side, and some Cybertronians, usually Autobots and neutrals, have yellow optics. Also, Frenzy is clearly a Decepticon, yet his optics are blue.:

Bumblebee stared at the sparkling, amused. :You're quite intelligent for your age, aren't you?:

:Yeah. My mom says I'm probably either going to be a surgeon or a politician. And then my Uncle's friend says that I'm probably just going to kill people for a living.:

Bumblebee laughed. :I'm Bumblebee.:

:My name's Torrent!: the sparkling replied.

At the time, Bumblebee didn't even care that the sparkling was a Decepticon. He was just happy to have someone "his age" to play with. Likewise, Torrent was also excited to find somebody on this planet that wasn't apparently a radioactive crack baby.

:So, what do you do for fun on this planet?: Torrent asked.

:I'll show you!: Bumblebee replied enthusiastically.