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Chapter 46: Solid Sin

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(Caribbean Sea…)

It's been several weeks since the end of Naruto's mission into the jungles of South-America. Since then numerous things have happened, Olga not only managed to complete her mission, but also was sent on and completed a second mission to capture the Metal-Gear Raptor model she'd learned about. Jack Sears, AKA Raiden, went MIA during a mission with Big-Mama and Vapor to retrieve the body of Big-Boss, and hadn't been seen or heard from since. Big-Mama's men had been hard at work repairing the damage done to the "True" Outer-Heaven, a place long since forgotten by time. But now, Naruto looked out one of the windows of The VTOL Viper, and stared out over the Caribbean silently, inwardly contemplating his next move.

Feeling a shift at his side, the blond looked down to a little girl, barely three years old, and clinging to him as if her life depended on it. As he looked to the girl and her shaved head, Naruto couldn't help but wonder why she had a series of strange markings along her body. 'According to Big-Mama, she was plugged into The Patriots System, perhaps they show both where she was plugged in and how…' The blond haired man mused to himself while the little girl breathed softly while snuggling into his side. Naruto frowned, quite uncomfortable with this situation, as he'd prefer it if Olga was the one taking care of the girl, at least given his lack of emotional responses.

"Sir, we'll be landing soon!" Ishikawa suddenly called out from the front of The Viper, the blond blinking before nodding his head. Looking around, Naruto made note of the rest of his "Unit" which he still needed to actually name. Saito, the sniper, who now wore an Eye-patch on his left eye, much like Solidus had, and had needed a replacement left arm in order to continue fighting. The replacement arm had been designed, built, and attached to Saito by Dr. Drago Pettrovich Madnar, the original designer of Metal-Gear-D and the TX-55. Saito had been given the Codename "Cyclops-Eagle" due to his skills as a sniper, and of course his single eye.

Batou was the same as ever, though now wore a different uniform that was based on the old uniform of the original MSF. Oddly enough Batou, AKA "Big-Guy" as some among their group, including The Major, called him, was more diplomatic than he first appeared. He was good with negotiations and also good with recruitment, thus was their new primary recruiter. Batou also had good enough sense that he could see a good soldier, his sound decisions thus far having helped bolster their ranks. Oddly the official codename Batou had earned "Heavy-Bear" referred more to his use of Heavy-Artillery rather than his diplomatic skills.

Ishikawa now wore more casual almost civilian like clothing, but hadn't really changed anything else. As their "Intelligence Officer" he was in charge of managing any Spy or Intel units that they might acquire. This also meant that he also had to distribute the said intel to the field officers around their PMC. In a way, this made Ishikawa their unofficial CO, with Naruto himself taking the official moniker whenever he was needed to aide a field operative. Given his nature, Ishikawa was given the codename of "Hidden-Dog" for the fact he was "Hidden" within the system the majority of the time, as well as his ability to find almost anything on the net.

The Major herself had changed only a little, mainly in that when relaxing she was seen wearing something other than her stealth armor. She'd also decided to give herself a name, thus went around and asked for suggestions, Naruto, Ishikawa, and Batou actually finalizing what she would be called. Batou had suggested "Motoko" as her first name for some reason he wouldn't elaborate on, besides saying he knew a woman by that name. Naruto and Ishikawa had suggested, of all things, "Kusanagi", in honor of the legendary weapon, as she was technically a weapon herself, which The Major took as a surname. Thus the newly named "Major Motoko Kusanagi". Strangely enough however, she had left her codename as "The Major" and said that it was in reference to The Boss.

The Rest of the "GAMA Unit" were spread out amongst the PMC, some had been assigned as Field-Operatives, some were engineers, and others were, oddly enough, cooks and medics. While they did have codenames, theirs were sadly very generic as they had little personality to draw from in order to make their names stand out. Thus far each of their codenames started with "GAMA" so recognizing one of them wasn't too hard. The GAMA did still have their higher than average combat skills, but were seldom needed to be deployed as a unit, and were more useful as Guards.

Johnny Sasaki, was still one of their hackers, though not the best he'd rather ironically been assigned to the Spy unit. When asked, by the majority of his unit no less, why such a… well… he'd rather not say, had been chosen for such a job, Naruto had replied it was because he was the least likely person to be a Spy. Johnny had a natural way of acting that left little to suspect, his being nearly brain dead at times, constantly slipping up, and even his irritable bowel disorder all suggested he was the last person to be a spy, which in truth made him the best for the job. More than a little surprising was that Johnny's codename was "Snake-Eyes" both in honor of him seeing Snake on every mission he'd been on, and for the fact that he had The Devils Luck…

At the moment, Johnny had been deployed to keep an eye on Colonel Campbell's niece / daughter, Meryl Silverburgh. Naruto's reason for this was that he'd realized that The Patriots did things in a cycle, and if this was true then inevitably The Patriots would try to use Meryl against Snake yet again. As of yet there wasn't much intell from Johnny about his infiltration of the unit Meryl was in command of, well nothing beyond him constantly complaining about being smacked around quite a bit since Meryl recognized him from his days as a Genome-Soldier, and much cursing from Johnny about how, while she was even more "Built" than he remembered, she was also still as much of a "bitch!" as she'd been back during Shadow-Moses.

Boris and Boskov, the two last remaining members of The Gurlukovich Private Army had also joined Naruto's PMC. Boris, the sole Arsenal-Tengu remaining after the Big-Shell incident had become one of their best field-operatives, working more than well with technological advancements. His name "Tengu-Crow" was in reference both to his status as an Arsenal Tengu as well as to a "Karasu-Tengu" a type of bird demon in Japan. Boskov on the other-hand had more than a little knowledge with communications, having become their communications officer fairly quickly as well as a Metal-Gear Pilot. Boskov had received the Codename "Red-Elephant", Red for his Russian heritage and Elephant for his listening abilities.

Vapor of course already had a codename, "Vapor-Snake" in reference to being the final clone of Big-Boss, as well as an unaltered copy of the man, thus very different to his brothers Solid, Liquid, and Solidus. Vapor hadn't changed much at all, and of course become one of the primary members of their Solo-Stealth-Infiltration unit. The SSI Unit was primarily built upon the ideals of Big-Boss and The-Boss' methods. This unit was taught the most CQC, Weapons skills, and even vehicular combat skills much like the skills FOXHOUND had taught Naruto so long ago. As of yet, the unit featured only four members, Vapor-Snake being the senior member, alongside of their currently missing operative, Raiden.

Last but certainly not least was Olga Gurlukovich herself, she'd changed somewhat in that she was seemingly more open and even tolerant with Naruto, but was still generally very violent and cold towards others. Her exact reaction upon learning her daughter was being cared for by Naruto, after she retrieved MG: Raptor, and that he hadn't told her about her retrieval sooner… well… Naruto had a very sinking feeling that the woman was going to skin him alive when they next met.

Olga was actually one of their "Experimental" soldiers in that she had her armor modified to a feminine frame, preferring not to hide behind the guise of a man, and had become surprisingly proficient with Naruto's SAA's. Her use of Solidus' old Katana and Wakizashi had also been something of a surprise, as she caught onto how to use two swords at once much more quickly than had been expected. Unfortunately, Big-Mama had chosen her codename and decided that since she had always "longed" to have her daughter back, as well as being Russian, and her impressive use of the SAA's, had garnered her the name of "Longing-Ocelot", much to her annoyance.

Of course Olga took offence to this, even if Big-Mama, Vapor, Johnny, and hell, even Raiden, had gotten a kick out of it. She'd of course unleashed some feminine fury upon his head for continuing to use the codename, and Naruto of course brushed it off like it was nothing, given that this was only because Olga, while a strong woman, was still no where near as physically built as he was. However the blond haired man was more than sure that the woman would find some way of beating the hell out of him for not telling her about her daughter being retrieved, even if she had to step on him with REX… which she would and could do as she did know how to pilot the damn thing…

Shaking his head of those aberrant thoughts, Naruto mentally decided it would be best to keep Olga informed of anything in the future. 'Why do I suddenly feel like I'm whipped… without even being married?'owHow The blond haired man wondered to himself as he felt The Viper slowly lower and looked out the window to his new home and Base of Operations. Looking down at it, the newly repaired Mother-Base stood proud and tall, the true Outer-Heaven reborn as what could only be called a Man-Made island nation given the sheer size of the plant. Narrowing his eyes, The Blond haired youth focused on each of the individual sections of the Plant, quickly putting them to memory.

The first one was the "Command Center", which was the proverbial brain of the entire base and stood at the center of the Mother-Base. This would be the place for new recruits to come to register as a member of their PMC, as well as to receive information on their living arrangements. Dotted around this section of Mother-Base were a few paved roads, medium sized office buildings, and even a few towers, and at the center of it a large tower with a communications satellite on its roof. Also on this section of the Mother-Base is a factory with large smoke-stacks, and a solar-energy-plant.

Next the blond gazed over to the "R&D" section of Mother-Base, which not only did research into new weapons, equipment, and vehicles of all shapes and sizes, but also managed the upkeep of their "Special" weapons, namely, the various Metal-Gears that Naruto had acquired over the years. It contains two cranes, one on each of the first two struts, with two more on the fourth strut, two ports, at least ten circular towers, two miniature hangars, what appeared to be a Cargo-Elevator on two of the struts, and a single rectangular building where the actual development took place. The training facility for soldiers was also located on this section of the Mother-Base, containing both a "Kill-House" and a "Firing-Range" within it.

Next comes the "Living-Quarters" of Mother-Base, which is clearly where the various persons in their PMC, as well as their families if invited, would stay and live. It contains at least nine towers (four small, two medium, two large, and one extra-large), eight rectangular three-story buildings, one rectangular one-story building, eight small hangars for vehicles to get around to other sections of Mother-Base quickly, and two cranes. It is in this section of Mother-Base that the Mess-Hall and Sick-Bay are, though smaller ones do dot around the rest of the Mother-Base, the ones here are the largest as this is where the most soldiers / people would be. This is also where the "Brig" is, in order to hold overly violent soldiers, either enemy or domestic…

Then comes the "Hangar" section of Mother-Base, this being the place where various war-machines, vehicles, and other such machines are stored, repaired, or even engineered for their PMC's use. This section is unique in that one of the struts isn't in the Hexagonal design, instead being that of a large runway strip, with an "S" Shaped building and at least six towers. There are also two more struts adjoining to the runway that have what look like three cargo elevators, a large cargo-elevator, five cranes (two on one strut, one on the other, and two on the dock), a helicopter pad, and a dock.

The last section of the Mother-Base is the "Mission Support" section, which is where the Intel unit would operate from, and would probably become Ishikawa's new home. This section of the Mother-Base has at least two communications arrays, as well as a crane, three rocket-launcher-turrets for use against threats identified by an operative, two supply-catapults for launching supplies if their were every trouble within the base, two anti-ship missile launchers, and two surface-to-surface anti-ground guided missile launch pads. Also on this section is a very large Cargo-Elevator that is directly linked to the "Special" hangar where an equally "special weapon" is still stored…

"So that's our new home?" Batou questions while moving to look out the window as well, then lets out a low appreciative whistle upon seeing the massive, and highly impressive, structure. "Not bad, and here I thought we'd end up with a shack somewhere out in the boonies." Batou noted to himself while Naruto hummed lightly before scooping up Sunny, Olga's daughter, and then held her as she still unconsciously clung to him. The blond man was wearing a "Naked" variation of the standard MSF Uniform, Naruto hadn't really decided if he wanted to change it yet, and instead allowed soldiers to pick their own Camo, equipment, and other necessities for missions, within reason of course.

"This base was built by the men who would found Outer-Heaven, it should come as no surprise that it was built to last." Naruto noted aloud and Batou inclined his head as they slowly descended to land at the Hangar of The Mother-Base. As they lowered down onto the main runway section of the Mother-Base, Naruto noticed several other helicopters, ships, and many more vessels heading their way.

"Whoa, where are all of those coming from?" Saito questioned with a raised brow while Naruto reached up and rubbed his chin for a moment. Much like Bato, Saito was wearing an MSF uniform, however he chose to leave the shirt partially open and thus revealing his dog tags around his neck, he also had his ALICE filled to the brim with rounds for his sniper-riffle, the same medication that Sniper-Wolf once used was also on hand for the man, though his cybernetic prosthetic arm made them less needed, and the Balaclava was foregone completely like Batou.

"Some are from Nicaragua, Big-Mama got in touch with some of Big-Boss' supporters down there, they practically jumped at the chance to join a PMC made in honor of Big-Boss' dream. Others are merely the few remaining survivors from Outer-Heaven and Zanzibar Land. Still more are soldiers who wish to fight on their own terms, not those dictated by The Patriots and their system. As the only PMC that doesn't require Nano-Machines as a rule, our number of applicants is brimming with actual soldiers with real field experience, instead of those copies of me." Naruto replied and Batou let out a low whistle while Saito slowly nodded his head as the helicopter soon touched down.

"But how'd they manage to get their hands on that many ships?" Batou had to wonder and Naruto shook his head lightly.

"The majority of those ships have already been decommissioned by the military, but have been commandeered or even purchased for our use by dummy-companies set up by Big-Mama." Naruto replied with a dull tone as The Viper touched down, its propellers soon stilling as the loading ramp in the back was lowered. Grabbing their gear, the members of his unit who had remained with him, rather than come to Mother-Base ahead of him, walked out alongside Naruto, the blond haired man breathing in the fresh sea air. Looking to Sunny, the blond noticed her cringe at the light before turning in his arm and snuggling closer into him.

Looking back up, the blond haired youth saw an old man walking towards him. The man is old, and bears an almost "Mad" quality to his visage, his body is bent and fragile looking, with thin shoulders and spindly limbs, his skin is pale and wrinkled, with his white hair balding off of the top and flowing down to the base of his neck, a small beard / mustache visible on his face. He wears a pair of strange goggles over his eyes, and he is dressed in a pair of comfortable slacks, with a simple button-down shirt, and white labcoat worn overtop it all, a pair of brown shoes covering his feet.

"Doctor Madnar, good to see you again." Naruto noted with a nod to the man as he approached and then lifted his goggles and stared at Sunny.

"Who is this then?" The man asked with a noticeable Russian accent, Naruto looking down to the little girl and sighing.

"Olga's daughter, Sunny." Naruto replied and saw a look cross Doctor Madnar's features as he looked from the little girl to Naruto himself.

"You are the father?" Doctor Madnar questioned and Naruto twitched slightly before nodding his head, the doctor smiling when he did. "Good, you'll never know a happiness greater than being a father… and raising your children. And… you'll never appreciate it, until they are gone." Doctor Madnar noted mostly to himself while Naruto hummed and then looked to the side where he saw someone heading towards them. "Ah yes, and her mother is already here to meet her as well." Doctor Madnar noted mostly to himself before chuckling, Saito and Batou looking to one another, Then Ishikawa and the GAMA-Pilot, before all four decided to become scarce so the two could have a little privacy, Doctor Madnar following behind them…

Watching as Olga approached him, the blond watched on as she saw him, then seemed to slow upon seeing the little girl in his arms. The look of anger / annoyance that had been on her face, soon gave way to a look of shock, and then to joy as he could almost swear he saw tears in her eyes. 'Though she'd kill me for ever saying she did.' The blond haired man thought to himself and then raised a brow upon seeing her hair was longer than ever, and that she still hadn't cut it.

"Your hair is even longer…" Naruto noted as Olga approached, thus causing her to stop and cross her arms over her chest with a frown. However she seemed unsure of herself afterwards, a strange look crossing her features as she looked at Sunny.

"I… I still don't feel the need to cut it." The woman stated in explanation while idly gazing at the still sleeping girl in Naruto's arms. "Is… is that really her?" Olga then questioned of Naruto and the blond haired man nodded his head.

"She is your daughter Olga, you can hold her if you desire…" Naruto noted and Olga quickly marched forward and scooped the girl out of Naruto's arms before hugging the child to herself as if she'd somehow disappear if she didn't. Yet again, Naruto could swear he saw tears in the normally strong woman's eyes, but this time the wet trails down her cheeks proved it and the blond decided not to comment on it. However the jarring motion of being picked up had also woke Sunny, the little girl looking up at Olga. Olga stared into the eyes of her daughter as she did, while Naruto walking away and allowing her, her moment with Sunny.

Reaching into his pocket, the blond haired youth then pulled out a radio receiver and narrowed his eyes while setting the frequency to that used by The Major. "Gather the men…" He stated into the piece simply, and then replaced the radio into his coat as he then continued before stopping at a sound.

[La… la la… La la la, la la la… La… la la… la la, la la…] Two female voices sang out as two massive V-TOL machines quickly rose up from the side, three propellers spinning rapidly. The Machine had a Rail-Gun and raydome attached to its lower-section, with its head on the upper-section, and both connected via a simple bar. The second one was virtually identical to the first, only painted maroon rather than the dark-grey of the first one, while attached to each of their undersides was a cable, the cables lifting up what looked like a heavily modified Metal-Gear REX with long arms under its shoulder mounted missile launchers, as well as a tail for some reason.

"Chrysalis." Naruto mumbled as the AI-Weapons flew overhead, carrying Metal-Gear RAPTOR over to where his Metal-Gear REX, RAY, and JACKAL all waited for it. After the Mother-Base was repaired to a manageable extent, Naruto had learned that Big-Boss had created copies of the AI-Weapons built during Project Peace-Walker Incident. Both the "Custom" and the "Mark-Two" weapons as they were called were used for little more than guarding the Mother-Base, for some amount of training soldiers to fight, and sometimes for transporting heavy goods. The likelihood of the weapons ever actually needing to be deployed into combat was very low, especially with the Metal-Gears.

Silently passing by the shocked speechless Batou, Saito, and Ishikawa, Naruto marched forward with his hands in his pockets, ignoring the machines as two large tank-like machines flew onto the deck, pulling a large crate behind them. These devices looked significantly different to Chrysalis however, having two treaded "arms" on the front, with a large back sections that dragged, guns positioned at key-points around their bodies, like Chrysalis however, the only noticeable difference between them was their paintjobs.

"Pupa." Naruto noted with a nod in the machines general direction while the Pupa soon slowed down near The Metal-Gears, a team of workers quickly running out and then opening the crates to conduct repairs and maintenance on the Metal-Gears before taking them down into their individual hangars. The Chrysalis then set Metal-Gear RAPTOR down beside of its brother Metal-Gears, before then lowering down to enter their own private hangars with the other AI-Weapons, while the blond haired man came to a stop as a jeep pulled up in front of him.

"Welcome home, Commander." The Major noted with a smirk and a salute, the blond haired man raising a brow at her choice of attire. She is wearing her "casual" clothes, which consist of a sleeveless / shoulder-less white leotard with high leg holes exposing the flesh of her hips, a pair of dark-gray hip hugger jeans, an old black leather jacket, a pair of black combat boots, and fingerless black gloves over her hands.

"Good to see you again Major, are the troops ready?" Naruto questioned while hopping into a seat next to the Major, the woman nodding her head to him silently.

"Do not think you are going anywhere without me!" Olga stated as she approached them both from before, quickly slipping in behind the two. Sunny blinked in her mothers arms at the action, before seeming to settle and yawn while leaning into her chest to get some more rest. Not even batting a lash to her intrusion, Naruto then motioned for The Major to drive them to their destination. Nodding her head, The Major started the jeep up and drove towards the "Living-Quarters, where Naruto had to give a speech to the men of this new PMC, this new… Outer-Heaven…

"We have forsaken our countries, we have left our motherlands behind us, and we have become one with the earth. We have no nation, no philosophy, no ideology. We go where we are needed, not for country, not for government… but for ourselves. We need no reason to fight, we fight because we are needed. We are the deterrent for those with no recourse. We are Soldiers Without Borders, our purpose is defined by the era that we live in. We may sometimes have to sell our services and ourselves. When the times demand it, we will be revolutionaries, criminals, terrorists. And yes… we may all be heading straight to hell. But then there is no better place for us. This is our only home. This is our… Outer-Heaven…"

Big-Boss, 1974


Snake: All right, what the hell do you want this time Campbell? I'm getting sick and tired of being dragged out of retirement.

Campbell: I know and I'm sorry Snake, but the UN has been getting some troubling information as of late and we want you to look into it.

Snake: Then get Jack to do it for you; I'm done with this kind of shit

Campbell: Unfortunately we've lost track of Jack, he disappeared during a mission several months ago and hasn't been heard from since. Currently, you're the only man I can send on this mission Snake, especially given what it entails.

Snake: And what is that supposed to mean?

Campbell: Snake… I need you to infiltrate a new PMC going by the name of… of "Outer-Heaven".

Snake: Outer-Heaven…?

Campbell: Yes. And I'm afraid the bad news doesn't stop there. Our current Intel suggests this new PMC has obtained numerous weapons including not limited to at least one Metal-Gear.

Snake: Metal-Gearand Outer-Heavensomething stinks about this

Campbell: I thought so too, however the Intel is solid, satellite surveillance suggest that the PMC is based off of an offshore plant, similar to The Big-Shell.

Snake: This is starting to stink like their handiwork.

Campbell: Listen Snake, we need you to infiltrate Outer-Heaven, then we want you to learn the intentions of this PMC. You can imagine that since they have a Metal-Gear, more than a few countries are worried.

Snake: So I'm guessing this mission is a Solo-Sneaking mission, weapons are collected via OSP?

Campbell: Right in one, Snake.

Snake: Hmmand I'm also guessing that the big-wigs at the UN will disavow any knowledge of my mission if I'm capturedright Colonel?

Campbell: …

Snake: Thought so… so when do I leave?


Off the coast of the Caribbean stands a massive plant / fortress, the "newest" iteration of Outer-Heaven. The night sky shows only the stars and a brilliant full-moon casting its eerie glow down upon the facility. A man in a scuba suit made his way through an underwater gate, cutting it open and then swimming his way up towards a dock. Placing a hand onto the dock, the man brought himself up and then pulled off a pair of flippers and an oxygen tank before dropping them both off into the water. Walking over to the side where some crates were located, the man then checked his surroundings before he narrowed his eyes onto a sole guard at the door to an elevator.

Crouching down, the man made his way from behind the crate to several more before placing his back to a crate as the elevator opened up. Listening to the sounds of someone's footsteps the brown haired man narrowed his eyes. "Listen up, The Boss says to look out for trouble." A soldier stated while the man tilted around the corner of the crate to peer at the two soldiers.

"Did something happen?" The first soldier questioned while the second one seemed to scan the area for a moment, the man quickly moving back behind the crate and out of the man's field of view.

"No, but The Boss is being paranoid, The UN have been breathing down his neck." The second soldier replied with a grunt while leaning his weapon along his shoulder, the hidden man turning back to look at them.

"Oh, so what do they want this time?" The first soldier questioned and the second soldier snorted.

"Same thing as ever, for us to hand over our Metal-Gears for them to "Dispose" of, The Boss bets that they just want them for R&D purposes and I've got to agree with him." The Second Soldier replied while the hidden man narrowed his eyes at that tiny tidbit of information.

"Yeah, no way would The Patriots let those weapons get out of their hands…" The first soldier replied, causing the man to raise a brow in interest. 'They can actually say, Patriot? Interesting…' The man thought to himself while the second guard turned to the elevator and walked inside.

"Anyways, be on your guard, there's no telling who the UN might send after us." The Second Soldier warned once more and the first Soldier nodded his head as the other man pressed a button in the elevator and was lifted up into the main part of the base. Watching the sole remaining Soldier for a moment, the man then looked at the elevator with a frown. 'I'll either have to knock him out or somehow sneak passed him if I want to enter the main facility…' The man decided inwardly while watching the Soldier start to walk down one of the isles of crates around the small port.

Moving quickly but silently, the man came to the elevator and hit the call button, then slunk back behind a crate to wait for it. Sitting back, the brown haired man listened as the guard walked towards the elevator as it came back down, sounding clearly confused. Moving to look at him, The Man saw his chance and crept up behind the man before quickly grabbing him into a chokehold and cutting off his oxygen supply. Cutting off the man's airflow he soon fell to the ground unconscious and the man walked over him and entered into the cargo elevator to the Main-Facility of Outer-Heaven.

"Time for the snake to shed his skin." The man suddenly said to himself while reaching to his arm and throwing off a gauge from his bicep. Taking off several more useless objects, such as gauges and straps that had helped hold on his oxygen tank, the man then reached up and pulled a pair of goggles from his face, his head lowered. Sweeping back his brown hair, the man then stood up, a brown beard covering the edge of his chin and jaw, pulling a grey-bandanna with an infinity symbol stitched into it, the man quickly tied it around his forehead and let out a breath, and then finally opening his blue eyes to gaze out over Outer-Heaven.

The man is dressed in an dark blue / black Sneaking-Suit that forms into a pair of boots and gloves unlike previous versions and came up all the way to even cover the length of his neck, the suit also seeming to form into some kind of muscle suit, it also has black fingers and soles, a design at the torso that vaguely resembled ribs, with a pair of grey knee and elbow-pads worn over the legs, a watch on his left wrist, a Blackwater Gear Universal Holster on his right thigh with a Blackwater Gear Modular Thigh Panel under it, a Blackwater Gear Tactical Repelling Harness attached to a pair of HSGI High Speed Low Drag Suspenders, and finally he wears a BHI Commando Recon Chest Harness over his upper torso.

Looking to either side for a moment, the brown haired man then knelt down while placing a hand to his left ear… "This is Snake, I've infiltrated Outer-Heaven." The man stated into his CODEC before grunting at how familiar that felt.

[Excellent Snake, nice to see that old age hasn't slowed you down any.] Colonel Roy Campbell noted while the said man merely let out a grunt in response.

"Right… Otacon, can you hear me?" Snake then questioned of his partner since they started working in the "private sector".

[Here Snake, how're things looking so far?] Otacon replied while Snake turned and looked out over Outer-Heaven with narrowed eyes.

"Not good, they definitely have at least one Metal-Gear, but from what I heard the UN has been breathing down there necks… Colonel, I thought the UN was barred from trying to directly interfere with PMC's?" Snake questioned of his old friend and the said man let out a tired sounding sigh.

[They were, but they consider Metal-Gears to be too much power for any one man. Let alone multiple Metal-Gears.] The man replied and Snake let out another grunt while stretching out his limbs in his new suit.

"Otacon, what is wrong with this suit? It's stiff and makes it hard to move…" Snake grumbled out while the said tech-geek chuckled nervously.

[Sorry Snake, but this is only a prototype, since that weird illness first hit you I thought it best to make a combination Sneaking and Muscle-suit, unfortunately I haven't really worked out all the bugs yet.] The man replied and Snake grunted to himself before reaching into one of his pouches and pulled out a pack of cigs. [Honestly Snake, when are you going to stop smoking? Your not as healthy as you used to be, and with the weird symptoms you've been experiencing…] Otacon started to say and the brown haired man grunted while reaching up to rub his face, the wrinkles and grey hairs he was starting to gain almost too noticeable for his tastes…

"I'm fine, those doctors you got in contacts with are still working on finding a cure, right?" Snake reminded the man and he gave a weak affirmative as Snake placed the end of the cig between his lips and lit it. "Then everything 'll be fine Otacon. Colonel, any new news on Jack?" Snake questioned of his friend and heard a sigh from the older mans end of the line.

[No… not yet.] Campbell replied while the elevator came to a stop and Snake snuck out and quickly hid behind a wall while looking out over the Hangar section of the Mother-Base. He then frowned when he saw numerous types of Jets and helicopters lining the Runway section of the Hangar, lights above him shining onto them.

"Damn… then do you have anything on where this place came from? A facility like this must've cost quite a pretty penny, it's bigger than Shadow-Moses and The Big-Shell put together…" Snake noted while looking around and then made his way over to a doorway, avoiding the lights, and into the hangar area and let a frown cross his features.

[Yeah, turns out that base has been around since the Seventies, it was technically the first plant to use the "Hexagon" design. Its name was "Mother-Base" and its original owner and commander was none other than Big-Boss himself.] Campbell replied and Snake grunted, a deep scowl crossing his features at that unwelcome news.

"So someone found the place and rebuilt it to continue Big-Boss' dream then? No… to revive The Boss' dream." Snake noted, having read the files from the recently declassified files on "Operation: Snake-Eater", the "San-Hieronymo Takeover" and even the "Peace-Walker Incident"… and somehow, Snake couldn't help but gain some amount of respect for Big-Boss to have gone through all that.

[Not sure, but its possible. Regardless, your mission is to ascertain the threat level of this new Outer-Heaven and their Metal-Gear, this isn't a seek and destroy Mission Snake, this is a purely an information gathering mission.] Campbell reminded and Snake merely let out a grunt as his response while reaching up then tossing his cig away.

"Fine by me, beginning the mission." Snake replied while removing his finger from his ear and fully entering into the hangar, only to widen his eyes upon seeing several different types of tanks, armored assault-vehicles, lined up in front of him. 'Crap, didn't expect them to have this kind of fire-power backing 'em, and I need to find some kind of weapon.' Snake thought to himself while wondering where this new Outer-Heaven had managed to get funding for this sort of arsenal to be backing it. Shaking his head of such thoughts, Snake then made his way towards a doorway that led to the "Command-Center" of the facility and narrowed his eyes.

Watching as a soldier walked passed the door, Snake waited for the man to disappear around a corner before approaching it, only to curse under his breath when it let out a low beep. 'Dammit, with my luck it probably needs a PAN Card.' The brown haired man thought to himself before slinking over to a Cardboard Box and smirking to himself. 'Heh, the lord does provide.' He mused while opening the box and slipping inside of it, looking out of a hole to await the next soldier to pass by. Spotting one after a few minutes of waiting, Snake slowly followed behind the man, then pulled off his Cardboard Box and grabbed the man around his neck in a chokehold.

Quickly cutting off the man's airflow Snake waited for him to pass out before dropping him, then looked around his equipment before pulling out a PAN Card. Also checking the man's weapons afterwards, Snake grabbed a riffle from him only to grunt upon finding it didn't fire. 'Crap, PMC's are part of that System shit, their weapons won't work unless they use 'em…' Snake inwardly grumbled while placing the weapon back into the man's hand and then slowly made his way into the bridge connecting the Hangar section to the Command Center section. Looking across the bridge, Snake scowled upon seeing a patrol walking across it.

'This could get… irritating.' The brown haired man mused to himself as he crouched low and then crept forward. Twisting around he then flipped over the side of the bridges railing and started to creep his way across while hanging. Soon passing to the guard, Snake then flipped up onto the rail and grabbed the man in a chokehold as well, knocking him out and laying him onto the ground, then grabbing some Rations from one of his pouches. 'System can't restrict this…' Snake thought to himself while stowing the Rations away into his suit and then frowned as he pulled a combat knife from the PMC.

'Crap, I hate blades… but it looks like CQC is my only option at this point.' Snake decided while twirling the blade in hand and then stowed it into his tactical vest before making his way across the bridge and crouched down at the door leading to the Command-Center. Watching as the door to the Command-Center opened, Snake peered to either side within this section of Mother-Base for guards, and then slunk inside. Placing his back to the wall, Snake silently crept down the way, being wary of any cameras stationed along the halls and corners.

'Something's not right, this is almost painfully easy.' Snake thought to himself as he continued across the halls and then crouched down upon seeing another guard at the exit to the building he'd found himself in. Waiting for him to pass by on his patrol, Snake then made his way through the door and out onto the main-section of the Command-Center where he frowned deeply. 'I don't even know where the hell this Metal-Gear is, how the hell am I supposed to assess it's threat level?' Snake wondered to himself before hearing his CODEC start to ring, raising a brow.

Looking around for a moment, Snake then made his way to the side and leaned back into a wall before he placed a hand to his ear and listened in… [Snake… if you want to find Metal-Gear, head for the Mission-Support Strut to the south of your current location.] A synthesized voice stated and Snake frowned deeply, the feeling that everything was too familiar kicking in yet again.

"Oh yeah? Who are you and how do you know that?" The man demanded with a deep scowl on his face.

[Lets just say I'm your #1 Fan Snake… and then leave it at that…] The voice replied while cutting the connection and Snake narrowed his eyes dangerously. 'My #1Fan… that was what Kyle Schneider called himself in Zanzibar… what the hell is going on here?' Snake wondered to himself with his frown coming deeper as he looked to the compass built into his watch and scowled at the sheer size of this "Mother-Base". 'I'm practically sneaking across a Man-Made Island… I'm going to need a new way to get around.' Snake decided before spotting a cargo truck unloading supplies and smirked to himself, knowing exactly how he could use that to his advantage in this case.

Sneaking over it to it, the brown haired man then jumped into the back of the truck and started to check the boxes inside of it. Several of them were for the Command Center section of the ship, however a few of the ones in the back did have a marking for the Mission-Support section. 'Perfect, I've got myself a ride.' Snake thought to himself while wedging himself into the back most corner of the truck and waited for them to drive off. Feeling the truck start up, Snake closed his eyes as it was driving off, and then felt it come to a stop not too long after. The Men from before started to unload the boxes from the truck, however soon stopped and Snake narrowed his eyes at a strange sound…

'I've got a bad feeling about this.' The man thought to himself before cursing loudly as the entire top of the truck was ripped off by an invisible force. "Kawanishi-Noseguchi... Kinunobebashi, Takiyama... Uguisunomori, Tsuzumigataki, Tada, Hirano. Ichinotorii, Uneno... Yamashita, Sasabe... Kofudai, Tokiwadai, Myokenguchi..." The familiar chant came out in a noticeable feminine tone and Snake grunted while moving out of the truck as a sword quickly sliced it into pieces. Grunting as he jumped out of the truck into a roll, Snake then looked up as the truck exploded, a ripple effect visible on top of it clearly belonging to the newest "Cyborg Ninja" for him to meet.

However he was surprised as this one crouched down and then shot into the air, leaping at least ten feet into the air and then twisting into a twirl and landing on the ground behind him. 'Crap, they upgraded the Cyborg too!' The man demanded as the Cyborg's Stealth-Camouflage flashed before deactivating, revealing a female-Cyborg-Ninja for once. 'Hmm… that's actually a nice change of pace for once.' Snake mused to himself while taking in the appearance of this newest "Cyborg-Ninja".

This one was as said before, Female, the suit it wears being mostly dark blue-grey in color that formed into pseudo muscles, though her upper torso and stomach looked like they were slightly more 'armored' around her major-internal organs and groin, while a crimson red padding was placed from along her spine to her lower back where it branched to her hips, the spinal padding also branching off onto her shoulders and then down over her biceps, over the palms of her hands was more crimson red padding, crimson padding is also over her elbows and knees, and the last of the crimson padding formed a plate over her thighs, what looked like claws were built into the legs of the suit and covered a majority of her feet and lower legs up to her knees.

Worn overtop the suit is what also appears to be white "Flex-Armor" from the old Black-Ninja group, the armor covers the Ninja's knuckles, the back of her hands, the back of her forearms, it forms over the crimson padding on her thighs and into plates along her spine, white-instep guards on her feet, finally her helmet was pure white with eight bright red optic lenses on the front, it was made out of a series of segmented plates that looked like the somehow folded together, a hole in the back of it allowing long silver-grey hair to spill out to end at her lower back.

Over the suit is a pair of black Brassards on her biceps that bear a symbol that looks like a skull combined with Pangaea and the words Outer-Heaven placed under the symbols, a pair of old leather gun-belts (one tilted on her hips and the other over her upper torso) with an SAA and several extra bullets stowed in each of them, a pair of sheaths are attached to her left hip (one for a Katana the other a Wakizashi), and last is a rappelling harness around her waist, two drop-legs hanging down from the harness and going down to her thighs with a USP stowed into one on her right thigh an M9 on her left, a pair of straps with throwing knives partially obscured by her drop-legs, and a large combat knife stowed at the back of her waist.

"Well, well, well, a Lady Ninja for once. That's a surprise." Snake noted mostly to himself while the Kunoichi reached to the Suppressor-Equipped Beretta-M9 at her side and then tossed it to the surprised soldier's feet. Blinking for a moment, Snake then looked to the Kunoichi as she crouched with both her Wakizashi and Katana held up, before making a "C'mon" motion with one hand. Smirking to himself, Snake couldn't help it as he kicked up the M9 and caught it in his hand. "Well, far be it from me to deny a lady's request." Snake noted while firing the weapon at the Kunoichi, only to watch as she blocked the shot with her blades and then lunged forward.

Stowing the M9 into his holster, Snake then pulled out the Combat-Knife he'd pilfered and evaded another swing of the woman's blade. Swinging the combat-knife at her midriff, Snake grunted as he found out her torso was indeed protected by a strange thick yet light armor, before she twisted into a roundhouse kick to his head. Grunting and rolling back, Snake quickly holstered his knife and took a CQC stance across from the Cyborg Kunoichi. She nodded when he did and sheathed her two HF-Blades at her side before crouching down and lunging forward with surprising speed. Grunting lightly, Snake grabbed the Kunoichi by her wrist as she came at him, then kicked her legs out and twisted her around, slamming her back first into the ground.

Quickly kicking her leg up, the Kunoichi knocked Snake back before twisting upwards and flipping back into a crouch. Shaking his head with a grunt, Snake reassumed his CQC stance across from the Kunoichi while keeping his eyes locked onto her. 'She's pretty good, but she's no Grey-Fox.' Snake thought to himself as The Kunoichi lunged forward and ducked into a low sweeping kick that the man quickly evaded. Watching her flip back to her feet, Snake then lunged at her, and The Kunoichi threw her leg at him in a high kick, only for the man to catch her leg from midair. Bracing himself, Snake then grunted while twisting around and throwing the Kunoichi to the side.

However she caught herself and flipped into the air before landing on her feet standing up, her back to Snake. Tilting her head to the side, The Kunoichi looked at Snake from over her shoulder before twisting around and slamming a fist into the ground. Crouching down low, she then lunged forward with surprising speed, catching Snake this time and sending him careening back. Grunting Snake managed to roll back before coming out into a crouch, only to grit his teeth and grip his chest. Coughing heavily when he did, Snake then glared up at the Kunoichi as she tilted her head to the side upon seeing him struggle with regaining control of his breathing.

'D-Dammit… I don't have time for this.' Snake inwardly growled while pushing himself back to his feet and retook his CQC stance across from the Kunoichi. However the woman then shook her head before reaching for and pulling the two SAA's from her sides and twirling them in hand, Snake grimacing as she did. 'Wonderful, she's like both a Ninja and Ocelot.' Snake inwardly grumbled as the Kunoichi flipped back into the air and landed a fair distance from him before she suddenly fired off several rounds at him.

Cursing under his breath, Snake ducked behind a crate and then pulled his M9 back out and looked out from behind the crate. Firing his M9 towards the Kunoichi, Snake grunted as she flipped up and landed on the side of a nearby building to evade it. 'Great… make that a Cyborg-Ninja, Ocelot, and Vamp too…' Snake thought to himself with a growing scowl as the Kunoichi opened fire onto him once more. Evading the bullets as they ricocheted near him, Snake came out of a roll and quickly fired off several rounds at the Kunoichi. The Kunoichi in response fired of her own rounds into his, knocking them all off course before looking to her guns.

The Kunoichi then flipped back down to the ground and unloaded the spent shells from her weapons, Snake smirking to himself when she did. Moving quickly, Snake twisted around the crates before lunging at the Kunoichi, who quickly holstered her SAA's as the man grabbed her arm and then threw her back first into the ground. Rolling back and onto her feet, The Kunoichi then traded blows with Snake, never connecting a solid hit onto the man before he suddenly elbowed her in the gut with enough force to cause her to back away from him. Following this up with a "Punch-Punch-Kick" combo, Snake knocked the Kunoichi off her feet and too the ground.

Landing on her side with a grunt, The Kunoichi looked up at Snake who glared down at her. "Alright talk, who the hell are you?" Snake demanded while grabbing her by her throat only to watch as she produced a white sphere in one hand. Raising a brow upon seeing it Snake then grunted as she threw it to the ground, causing it to explode and spread smoke all around, the man coughing and hacking as he tried to wave away the smoke. Soon coming out of the smoke, Snake then scowled when he saw that the Kunoichi had vanished. "Ugh… not more Ninja shit!" He grumbled to himself irritably and then blinked when his CODEC started ringing.

Kneeling down with a grunt, the brown haired man then put a hand to his left ear once more. [Starting to feel your age, Snake?] The voice of his #1 Fan quipped dryly and Snake let out a grunt of annoyance.

"Who was that Just now, and why did she attack me!" Snake demanded of his current "Secret Informant" with a deep scowl on his face.

[That was "Longing Ocelot" or at least that's what some call her.] The man replied and Snake narrowed his eyes dangerously.

"So… you know her, and you know who I fought, where are you?" Snake demanded of the informant and he let out a sigh.

[Close.] He replied cryptically and Snake grunted angrily. [I do have some information for you however, head to the south and go to the Mission-Support strut, they are preparing to test Metal-Gear.] The #1 Fan stated and Snake narrowed his eyes dangerously, a deep frown on his face.

"Why do they need to test it, and who's running this place anyways?" Snake questioned of the informant and he was silent for a moment.

[The Metal-Gear they are using has been outfitted with the newest and most up-to-date technology available to them. They are ensuring that they haven't hampered its ability to fight by doing so. And as for who's in-charge, he's neither enemy nor friend… but now I must go, but you better hurry Snake, there's no telling what this new Metal-Gear can really do.] The Informant replied cryptically once more before the transmission ended and Snake let out an annoyed grunt.

"Figures…" He muttered under his breath before contacting Campbell. "Colonel, I just had a close encounter with a Cyborg-Ninja." Snake stated and could all but feel the surprise in Campbell's voice.

[A Cyborg Ninja? There? Are you sure?] Campbell questioned quickly and Snake grunted before rubbing his shoulder.

"Yeah, but she wasn't as skilled Grey-Fox that's for sure." Snake replied and Campbell hummed in thought. "You wouldn't happen to know anything about all this, would you colonel?" Snake questioned and the man sighed heavily.

[Unfortunately no Snake, as you know all PMC's are allowed to amass their own weapons and troops without the consent of the UN. Some even build their own weapons so it's possible this new Outer-Heaven developed its own variation of the Cyborg Ninja.] Campbell replied and Snake frowned deeply before narrowing his eyes.

"Yeah well they also have a runway stocked with Jets and Helicopters, and a hangar filled to the brim with Armored-Assault-Vehicles and Tanks… I don't know about normal PMC's, but this seems like a bit much." Snake noted and Campbell gave a hmm of agreement from his end.

[Not really Snake, with the global demand for PMC's rising the amount of weapons and equipment they'll need in order to efficiently take on missions in foreign countries would require them to expand. In a few years we'll probably start seeing more large scale PMC's like Outer-Heaven.] Otacon piped in and Snake frowned to himself, not particularly thrilled about that.

[In any case, Snake, have you managed to learn the location of the Metal-Gear?] Campbell questioned and Snake frowned while checking the magazine in his Berretta with a deep frown on his face.

"Yeah… but I was told the location by someone calling himself my "#1 Fan"… sound familiar to you Colonel?" Snake replied in question and heard a grunt from the Colonel.

[Zanzibar Land, Kyle Schneider…] He noted and Snake nodded his head with a light humm as he made his way towards the south of the base as Outer-Heaven soldiers started to run towards where the truck exploded.

"Yeah, and he says that they're testing a newly upgraded Metal-Gear, meaning its actually an older model." Snake added as he went through a door and came out on a bridge, frowning when he didn't see any guards anywhere.

[An upgrade to an older model… but what older model did they get their hands on? Metal-Gear D and Metal-Gear TX55 were both destroyed, their remains captured by the US shortly after your mission to destroy both.] The Colonel noted mostly to himself and Snake let out an annoyed grunt in response.

"Maybe REX, or RAY, who knows, at this point there's no telling." Snake replied while slowly creeping across the bridge and coming out into one of the buildings of the Mission-Support strut.

[Regardless of which Metal-Gear has been revived, you need to be careful Snake. Taking an older generation Metal-Gear and upgrading it with current age Technology would not only make the weapon even more dangerous than it used to be, but also take out any of its original weaknesses.] Otacon noted and Snake gave a grunt in response before slowly slinking through a hall and narrowing his eyes on a guard down the hall from him. Pulling out his Berretta, the brown haired man managed to hit the soldier in the back of his head and watched him fall to the ground unconscious.

"I know that… I'll contact you when I find the damn thing." Snake grumbled out as he continued through the building, taking out guards here and there before coming to the exit to the building. As he did, Snake raised a brow, seeing a pair of familiar legs standing before him, and then widened his eyes as he looked up to see a Thirty-Foot tall Metal-Gear looming over him.

This Metal-Gear was colored black with a red secondary color, and appeared to be thinner than the MG's he'd encountered in the past, it's legs appeared similar to REX's own Digitigrade legs only with metal plates at the very bottom replacing the two bracing spikes, thick armor over the legs for extra added durability, and what looked like four hatches on each of its legs, its "Pelvis" or Walk-Unit section has a machinegun between its legs, it's Power-Unit is a large square object with missile silos on the top, a pair of Booster Rockets are positioned behind each of its legs, its "Head" has a sphere on its underside with a rectangular shape and two missile pods on either side, a large Rail-gun on its right shoulder and a RAYDOME on its left side… (Custom Metal-Gear ZEKE, all standard Main and Optional Gear + Peace-Walker Legs and Chrysalis Head…)

"It's… a miniature REX?" Snake wondered to himself upon seeing the Metal-Gear and then shivered for a moment at the thought. "Why haven't they started the test for this thing then?" Snake then wondered before turning at a strange sound, looking around for a moment, Snake then looked up towards the Metal-Gear and widened his eyes as it started to move. 'What the hell? Is someone in that thing?' Snake wondered to himself before widening his eyes as a bright red light on the front of the MG's head blinked to life before the sphere swiveled and locked onto him…

"Unknown personnel detected in immediate Area. Metal-Gear ZEKE, Self-Defense Systems Activated!" A female robotic voice declared loudly while the Metal-Gear spread its legs and let out the typical "Metal-Gear-Shriek" that Snake had equated with most Metal-Gears. 'Dammit! Where's a stinger when you need one!' Snake wondered to himself as ZEKE suddenly lunged forward with a cry of "Stomp-Attack!". Cursing under his breath, Snake evaded one of the Metal-Gears feet coming down on top of him and rolled into a crouch. "Boost!" ZEKE then declared while crouching down and then jetting forward with unreal speed, Snake quickly lunging forward and rolling under it as ZEKE soon turned and then came to a halt.

Quickly moving over to a corner between the main building and railing, Snake crouched down and activated his CODEC as ZEKE yelled out a loud cry of "Boost!" and then started up its booster rockets yet again before it was sent spinning all around the surface of the Strut. "Otacon! I've found the Metal-Gear, it's called "ZEKE" try and dig up something on it!" Snake said quickly while ZEKE soon came to a halt and then crouched down before aiming its Machinegun at him. Cursing under his breath Snake ran out of the way of the bullets and then rolled behind a console and placed his back to it with panting breaths.

[Snake! I've found some information on Metal-Gear-ZEKE, it wasn't easy but with the Colonel's help I was able to find out some information on it. It was apparently developed shortly after the Peace-Walker Incident. Thus this model is actually older than the TX-55 you fought in Outer-Heaven. It was designed to have interchangeable parts in order for it's developer to customize it to his preferences. And it's an AI-Controlled weapon so it doesn't require a pilot, allowing it to move at higher-G's than a manned Metal-Gear, and… and my father and a woman named "Dr. Strangelove" were the ones who originally built it.] Otacon explained to Snake before becoming very quiet near the end and Snake grunted.

"Great, a real blast from the past… but where the hell did it get that Rail-Gun and RAYDOME? I thought those weren't developed until you made REX…" Snake demanded of the man and Otacon was at a loss for words, Snake hearing ZEKE start singing gruted before cursing as he heard something else.

"Firing Missiles!" The Metal-Gear declared loudly and Snake quickly moved out of the way as several guided missiles chased after him.

[I… It looks like Big-Boss and his men actually captured the wreckage from an enemy vehicle and developed the Rail-Gun and RAYDOME from its scraps. The AI on ZEKE is also based around the wreckage of several AI-Weapons from the 1970's.] Otacon offered in explanation while Snake looked up to where ZEKE was and felt a shiver run up the length of his spine. ZEKE however then crouched down before lunging forward and swinging one of its leg in the equivalent of a low sweeping kick, the attack connected with Snake knocking the man back and nearly off of the platform of the strut.

[From what I can tell Big-Boss was forced to take on ZEKE after the weapon was captured by an enemy spy. When he fought against ZEKE he nearly totaled it, leaving everything about it in ruins, the only portion of the AI that they were able to salvage was a backup of the AI, and even then it was only the data to allow it to walk. Which means this new group have done little more than repair the original Metal-Gear back to working order!] Otacon replied while Snake pulled himself back onto the strut and looked up to ZEKE as it crouched down and then jumped high into the air and fell back, soon landing on top of the building on the strut.

[Snake! Do you have any kind of weapons? ZEKE is an older model, and its armor is supposed to be thinner on the legs! Go for the Legs!] Otacon declared while Snake grunted under his breath with a frown.

"Not happening, I think all the guns over here are registered in the System, not only that but this ZEKE's legs seem pretty damn thick to me!" Snake growled out while watching as Metal-Gear-ZEKE suddenly crouched down.

"Launching S-Mines!" It declared while crouching down and the hatches on its legs suddenly opened up before shooting several aerial mines out. The Mines then fired a spread of larges rockets horizontally and directly towards a surprised Snake. Cursing loudly, Snake jumped over the rockets, only to be thrown forward by one exploding directly behind him. Grunting out in pain, Snake then looked up to where ZEKE then started to fire the machinegun between its legs at him again. "Firing Missiles!" It then declared as the missile launchers on its head pointed upwards, yet while still firing its machinegun at Snake. Cursing under his breath the man lunged forward as the missiles flew up and then down before landing where he'd been only a short while before.

[Oh no, they must've customized ZEKE, I don't know if I can help you with it Snake, the information I got from the Colonel is a bit too dated now.] Otacon realized while ZEKE then crouched down before jumping up and landing back on the platform of the strut. Walking towards Snake, the Metal-Gear started firing its Machinegun at the man, causing the Old-Soldier to growl as he ducked behind a metal barrier that had risen up out of the platform. Taking a few seconds to catch his breath, Snake then turned as the barrier lowered down and widened his eyes as ZEKE loomed over him.

"Stomp-Attack!" Metal-Gear ZEKE then declared as it brought its foot down on top of Snake once more, the man gritting his teeth as he just managed to catch it. Growling low in his throat, Snake managed to push up on ZEKE's leg, tossing it off of himself and causing it to move on wobbly legs. "Error Detected!" ZEKE declared as it started to right itself and then crouched down low to the ground while Snake looked up towards the enormous machine. "Changing Battle-Position!" ZEKE then declared while crouching down, then jumping up and practically gliding over to one of the far away struts from a shocked Snake.

'This thing is supposed to be older than the TX-55!' Snake inwardly demanded with wide eyes, since the Metal-Gear he'd fought had been nowhere near as tough as this deranged beast of a machine. "Charging Rail-Gun!" ZEKE's voice echoed out loudly and Snake's eyes widened as he saw the said weapon start to spark violently. "Rail-gun Fully Charged!" ZEKE's voice echoed out as it started to fire its Rail-Gun at the old Soldier. Running across the surface of the platform as ZEKE fired blast after blast of accelerated rounds at him. Snake then grunted as one of the blasts managed to clip his leg, knocking him off his footing and sending him falling to the ground.

"Changing Battle-Position!" ZEKE suddenly declared while jumping into the air and then boosting over to stand over a surprised Snake. "Stomp-Attack!" ZEKE declared while bringing its foot down on top of Snake yet again. Cursing under his breath, Snake twisted around onto his back and caught the foot with a roar of exertion as the ancient Metal-Gear tried to crush him. Grunting as it then lifted its foot slightly, Snake widened his eyes, as it brought is foot down on top of him faster than before…

Otacon: SnakeSnake! SNAAAKEEE!

As Metal-Gear ZEKE loomed overtop Snake, its foot raised up from the unconscious body of Snake. Placing its foot down at the side, ZEKE then backed up and knelt down on top of a platform. "Metal-Gear ZEKE Mock-Battle Complete. All targets neutralized. All systems shutting down." ZEKE's robot voice droaned out emotionlessly while the light on its "Head" dimmed before completely going out. As it did, several lights came on around the strut before focusing on where Snake laid, a group of Soldiers running out of the Mission-Support building and hoisting the man onto a stretcher.

"I can't believe it actually worked." The Kunoichi, Olga, noted while her helmet slid apart to reveal her face, Naruto walking out of the Mission-Support building with his arms crossed over his chest.

"Snake can only do so much without a weapon, we brought him to the most isolated section of Mother-Base, and as you can see he was unprepared to face ZEKE." Naruto replied while walking over to ZEKE as it was lowered down into the Mission-Support building for the crews to make maintenance and restock its weapons.

"Sir! We have Snake!" One of the Soldiers stated while saluting and Naruto hummed for a moment before pulling a stick of pocky from his coat and munching on it.

"Bring him in." Naruto ordered while turning on his heel and walking into the Mission-Support building, Olga following at his side…

(R&D Section…)

Snake groaned as he felt a fog clear from his mind, blinking his eyes open he tried to move only to find himself strapped down. Partially closing his eyes as a bright light shined down in his face, Snake then looked to either side, trying to figure out where he was. "Are you sure you can help him?" A voice questioned and Snake tried to look to the side, only to grunt when he wasn't able to turn far enough to see who had spoken.

"Oui, Boss. Using ze DNA you 'ave acquired from Matka Pluku we shall use Gene Therapy to replace 'is damaged genes wit healthy ones. While zis won't reverse the damage already done, it vill prevent further degradation." A man with a french accent replied while Snake blinked his eyes open several times. "Vat of 'is partner? Surely he v'ill tell ze authorities about zis." The Frenchman questioned and Snake heard a low hum while turning to the side and was only able to make out a long brown coat and what looked like spiky blond hair…

"I had some men go out and locate him using Snake's CODEC frequency as a base. He's being brought in even as we speak." The man with the dull monotone, which Snake vaguely recognized, commented calmly. "What about FOXDIE, do you have a solution for that Doctor, we can't allow it to mutate any further or everyone in the base and quite possibly the world itself would be risk." The man noted and the Frenchman hummed as well, both men walking to the side and allowing Snake to see them.

"Vith Vapor's permission, we vill be doing a full blood transfusion between them. In advance Vapor has been uh, "Donating" blood for us to use as such, but we vill require a bit more. This will remove all his Nano-Machines, and FOXDIE vith it." The Frenchman replied while Snake saw a french Scientist with dark hair, and then narrowed his eyes on the second man. 'Big… Boss?' He wondered in a daze before shaking his head and scowling deeply. 'No, that's… Null?' The man wondered while the door directly across from him slid open, and Colonel Roy Campbell himself walked into the room, leaning partially onto a cane.

"I thought you said you wouldn't hurt Snake, Null." Campbell grumbled out while glaring at the blond haired man and Naruto hummed.

"Sadly we needed Snake to believe this was an actual mission instead of a ploy to capture him. Thus I had Olga attack him and leave him a weapon. Of course, I didn't provide him with more weaponry, unlike what I normally do, because we needed him captured." Naruto replied with a wave of one arm and then looked over to Snake and crossed his arms behind his back. "It appears our guest of honor has awakened…" Naruto noted and Snake grunted as the bed he was laying on lifted up, much like what happened during the Shadow-Moses incident.

"You alright? I hope Null's men weren't too rough on you, Snake." Campbell questioned while looking to Naruto, whom pulled a stick of Pocky from his coat and began munching on it. Growling low in his throat, Snake looked at Naruto and frowned seeing he could easily pass off as a blond Big-Boss now… Shaking his head of that thought Snake then glared at Campbell, the man backing up and looking away from him when he did so.

"Colonel… Why do I have the feeling you're helping them? What is Null doing here, what the hell is going on!" Snake demanded and Naruto rolled his eye while walking forward, Campbell looking away from Snake as he did.

"The Colonel here had nothing but good intentions for you, Snake. He contacted us last month about your… illness, and we found a way to prevent from spreading and causing you to age further. However, we could not allow The Patriots to believe we were helping you, so instead we established a rather elaborate rouse. We leaked information to the UN about us having a Metal-Gear, we did so knowing they would send in someone to investigate. And who better to send in after a Metal-Gear than the Legendary Solid-Snake? As for why I'm here, I run Outer-Heaven Snake, this is my PMC." Naruto explained and Snake grunted, wondering why even this made him think of one of his former missions before narrowing his eyes.

"You've become a real Big Boss, eh Kid." Snake growled out and Naruto raised a brow before humming lightly.

"Perhaps, but that's something of a compliment coming from you Snake." Naruto replied blandly while turning his back to the man, Campbell letting out a sigh.

"Snake… I'm sorry I had to keep you in the dark, but The Patriots control has grown to enormous levels. Keeping them from believing that you and Null are working together is a top priority." Campbell stated and Snake grunted while glancing over towards Naruto and then glaring at Campbell.

"So what about the UN? How are you going to keep them from believing I was captured?" Snake demanded and Campbell grimaced slightly while Naruto turned back around to face the Legendary Mercenary.

"Actually, we built a Dummy-Metal-Gear out of ZEKE's spare parts and delivered it to them. As of a few hours ago, they believe it's our true Metal-Gear. The Colonel also sent a message out for you to abandon the mission and you accepted. Currently, the government believes you to be on your "Nomad" flying off somewhere with Otacon." Naruto replied easily and Snake grunted in annoyance from that tidbit while glaring over at Campbell.

"Then what about my "#1 Fan", who was that supposed to be?" Snake questioned and the door the Colonel had come through opened, yet Snake didn't look to it.

"That was me." A disturbingly familiar voice noted and Snake felt his eyes widen before looking away from Naruto and spotting Vapor-Snake.

"A… another clone?" Snake questioned incredulously and Naruto hummed lightly while Vapor grunted.

"Indeed, Vapor was the final clone. He is actually an unaltered copy of Big-Boss unlike you, Liquid, Solidus, who were engineered with above average abilities as well as that nasty little illness of yours." Naruto replied while Vapor grunted and pulled a cigarette from his vest before sticking it between his lips. Shaking his head, Snake then glared at Naruto, the blond barely affected by any of it.

"So all of this was set up just to get me here? I guess you really are Ocelot's Son, Null…" Snake growled out and Naruto merely rolled his eye at the barb before crossing his arms behind his back. "What about Otacon, you mentioned something about your men capturing him?" Snake questioned of the blond haired man and Naruto nodded his head silently.

"Indeed, currently my GAMA Unit and The Major are capturing Otacon and bringing both him and your ship "The Nomad" here. My reason for this, is that I want both you and Otacon to assist me in bringing down both The Patriots and Liquid-Ocelot as well." Naruto replied with a flat tone, no deception of any kind on his face, and Snake snorted before scowling deeply.

"And just why the hell would I work for you?" Snake demanded with a low growl and Naruto tilted his head to one side for a moment.

"Quite simple really, we're both after the same thing Snake… and at least with my PMC, you have a fighting chance of bringing down The Patriots and Liquid." Naruto replied with finality in his tone, and then turned to the Frenchman. "Ready the Gene-Therapy and transfusion equipment, I think Snake should be at one-hundred percent when next we talk…" Naruto stated and the Frenchman nodded his head before walking over to Snake, Campbell walking out of the room with the blond haired man. Struggling in his bonds, Snake growled out as the doctor quickly sedated him, the Legendary mercenary watching as a few more doctors walked into the room before passing out…


Naruto walked into one of the many rooms in the main tower of the Command-Center of Mother-Base, which was actually his, and unofficially also Olga and Sunny's, quarters. Walking inside, Naruto wasn't surprised to see Olga lying on the couch in the "Living Room" of the admittedly large dwelling, made as such for the specific purpose of holding him and his "Family", with Sunny in her arms. Walking over to a chair across from the woman, Naruto sat down and watched her as she held Sunny and lightly brushed the stubble that made up the hair on her head with one finger.

"She sleeps quite a bit, doesn't she?" Naruto stated more than questioned and Olga looked at him from the corner of her eyes.

"From what the doctors told me, she's very frail, something about the way she was held by the patriots. They say that your DNA must only have taken partial hold on her or she'd be much more sturdy." Olga remarked with a scowl crossing her face, causing Naruto to raise a brow.

"You seem… troubled." Naruto noted aloud while looking to Olga, the woman blinking for a moment before looking up to him. She is dressed solely in a pair of panties and a familiar black / white striped shirt, having only recently removed her Ninja-Armor.

"I… it's just hard to believe that I'm actually holding her after all this time…" Olga replied with a surprisingly quiet tone given her normal nature and Naruto raised a brow before leaning back in his seat. "How's Snake faring?" She then questioned while smiling as Sunny turned and snuggled into her for more warmth.

"He'll live, ZEKE wasn't set to kill only to incapacitate." Naruto replied and Olga nodded her head slowly. "Something else is wrong…" Naruto finally stated and Olga let out a breath while holding Sunny close to herself.

"I'm starting to wonder if this is the proper kind of environment to raise her… after everything that's happened, I'm afraid of her becoming a soldier and ending up becoming like one of us. You, an emotionless killing machine, or me, a worthless mother who was knocked up after getting drunk at a party and who also wasn't able to protect or even save her…" Olga admitted while leaning her head onto the arm of the couch while looking to Naruto seriously.

"My PTSD isn't exactly normal Olga, the actual likelihood of her developing it is nearly slim to none." Naruto stated in a dull tone and saw Olga scowl deeply before sitting up slowly, then placed Sunny onto her lap.

"Yes but if I remember correct Mental-Illness can be passed on can it not?" Olga retorted and Naruto gave her an annoyed look, the woman sighing as she leaned back and started to rub her face with one hand. "I suppose I never would've worried about this before, but with people like The Patriots or even Ocelot around, I worry about her being captured and then turned into some kind of super-soldier like you… and for once, I don't want that kind of life, not for my daughter. And if not that I worry about her being killed on a mission as a normal soldier like my father… which has helped me understand him and why he always worried about me so much more…" Olga whispered quietly while looking down at the small girl in her lap and Naruto sighed.

"During my mission to South-America, I encountered a cyborg holding the will of The Patriots. It told me that Sunny is unusable to recreate use my abilities in their PMC soldiers; the reason for this is because most of my abilities are taught… others… well they are harder to explain. Without a teacher to learn from, Sunny won't ever truly be a super-soldier Olga, she's just a regular little girl." Naruto reminded the woman and saw a stern look suddenly cross Olga's features before she glared at him.

"Never, ever teach her any of your abilities." The woman ordered and Naruto silently raised a brow. "I don't mean sword skills or anything like that, I mean your how you harness your "Chakra" or how you use those strange "Jutsu" of yours, that "Sealing" you do… never teach it to her. I won't have people trying to capture her again, just because of them." Olga ordered and Naruto hummed, only to blink as he saw her take a breath and give him the most pleading look she could. "Please, don't make our daughter into a target." She reiterated and Naruto blinked owlishly for a moment before frowning.

"I… if that is truly what you wish, then I promise you Olga. I won't teach her how to use my skills." Naruto agreed and watched Olga let out a sigh of relief before lying back down with the small girl in her arms. 'Why is she being so dramatic all of a sudden?' Naruto wondered to himself with his head tilted to one side, gazing at the scene of the mother holding her child silently. "It's a mother's most basic nature to worry for the safety of her child, and in a father's as well… don't you worry about her at all?" The voice of The Boss noted and Naruto blinked while gazing towards the two and then closed his eyes while leaning his head back.

'Sadly Boss, I don't really… feel much of anything. You know that.' Naruto replied inwardly before lifting his right hand and palming his face lightly. 'But, there are times where I wish I could… to feel joy, to feel sorry, to feel desire, to feel fear, or hope, or worry, or even anger… I wish that I could feel all these things, yet sadly, I only feel a strange numbness instead.' Naruto thought in a continued reply to The Boss and noticed Olga was staring at him a little too intently. "Something wrong?" He questioned in a dull monotone and she pointed to his face.

"You're crying." She responded with a look of surprise and shock slowly forming on her face, Naruto merely reaching up with one hand to wipe the water from his cheek, and then let out a tired sigh.

"It's not me crying these tears you see, perhaps its who I used to be…" Naruto mumbled aloud while pushing himself to his feet, then making his way towards his bedroom. Pushing herself up as well, Olga followed the blond as he removed his old FOXHOUND issue coat, and then placed it into a closet along his way. The blond haired man then walked into his… their shared-bedroom, Olga following him with a strange look spread out across her face.

"I am sorry to ask this but… are you feeling well?" Olga suddenly questioned of Naruto and he stopped and turned to look at her with a flat expression.

"Olga…" He started to say only for her eyes to narrow onto him dangerously.

"No, no more of this "I don't feel much of anything" you say to everyone. I've stayed with you for over five years, bore a daughter with you, and practically followed you into hell and back. Tell me what your feeling…" Olga ordered him sternly and Naruto blinked for a moment before then reaching up to rub at his chin.

"I suppose that I feel… empty…" Naruto finally replied and saw the annoyed look on Olga's face. "No, not like I usually do. I mean… that I genuinely wish, I could feel something but still can't." Naruto tried to say and then gained a hopelessly lost expression on his face, Olga sighing and shaking her head when she saw the look.

"Alright, I understand, no need for you to hurt yourself trying to explain it to someone who can't understand what it's like to not have emotions." Olga stated while walking over to the bed and lying down, Naruto blinking and then frowning to himself as he started to prepare for bed himself. 'Maybe, but I do have emotions, but my mind blocks them out because of my trauma from back then. So I wouldn't have to feel the pain of guilt or sorrow or anger that it caused, my mind blocked all my emotions to spare me the emotional pain it would've caused.' Naruto thought to himself and then shook his head while going back to what he was doing…


Otacon was led through Mother-Base, two women in strange armor pushing him through the place with unreal strength. 'How'd they find me?' The man wondered before finding himself tossed into an office. Looking back to the women, Otacon watched as they merely turned around, walked out of the room, and then closed the door silently. Pushing himself up to his feet, the man then widened his eyes upon seeing Null sitting behind a desk. "Greeting doctor Emmerich… I've been expecting you." Naruto noted while turning to look at him with his lone eye, the dark haired man still staring at him in surprise.

"N-Null? Is that really you?" Otacon questioned and Naruto shifted several papers from the desk before putting them off to the side.

"Affirmative." Naruto replied with a slight nod and the scientist looked around the office, trying to spot something that could help him. "Please doctor, sit down." The blond haired man urged while motioning to a chair and Otacon nervously chuckled before doing so.

"Uh, why am I here?" The man questioned and Naruto reached into his coat and pulled out two sticks of pocky.

"Want some?" The blond questioned and Otacon slowly shook his head to the negative. "Fine then." He then said while chewing on one of the sticks of candy and considered how to go about this. "I take it that you're worried about Snake." Naruto noted and Otacon slowly nodded his head, clearly afraid. "Then don't, he's fine and currently under the care of our doctors." Naruto then stated and saw a look cross Otacon's face.

"What do you mean? I know Snake has been getting slower and weaker lately… but how could you do anything? I've been talking with some of the best doctors in the world and they haven't been able to find a way to help Snake." Otacon questioned of the blond haired man, Naruto humming lightly as he chewed on his pocky.

"In all honesty Otacon, his current condition cannot be reversed. However, we can prevent it from spreading any further. Besides that, with the System up and running the Patriots will see to it that Snake doesn't survive… he's become a rogue weapon, and they can't allow that." Naruto started to explain and saw a look of hope on Otacon's face, as the man desperately wanted to help his friend.

"Are you sure you can really save Snake?" Otacon questioned while leaning forward and Naruto silently nodded his head.

"Indeed. The disease he's suffering from was implanted into his DNA when he was first engineered as a failsafe on the off chance he was captured or became obsolete. As such it stands to reason that there would be a way to prevent it. This cure, is simply replacing his damaged or altered genes with those of the unaltered Big-Boss via Gene-Therapy. As I said however, while he won't regain his lost youth, he will stop aging rapidly." Naruto replied casually while finishing his pocky and lasing his fingers together on his desk. Frowning deeply Otacon slowly nodded his head, seeing how that might work, but then looked at Naruto with a confused look.

"I see, but where did you get Big-Boss' DNA in the first place to try such a thing?" Otacon questioned of the blond haired man, Naruto frowning while narrowing his sole eye onto the doctor.

"That is none of your concern." Naruto stated and Otacon looked away and then turned back to the blond at a soft sigh. "What is of your concern is that one of the many doctors you meet was an agent of mine who has sent us information that FOXDIE has started to mutate. So, in order to prevent a catastrophe from occurring will be replacing Snake's blood, disposing of that with FOXDIE in it, and until we have a large enough supply of real blood, we will be providing Snake with the "White Blood" once used by Raiden." Naruto then explained with a roll of his right wrist and Otacon leaned forward.

"Now that's going too far! I admit, saving lives is a priority, especially saving Snake's life, but you can't just go around altering him like this! And who are you going to find with a match to Snake for a blood transfusion in the first place?" Otacon demanded of Naruto and he rolled his eye once more before leaning back in his seat.

"Snake's brother." Naruto replied casually and Otacon frowned.

"Who? Liquid is dead, as is Solidus… and last I checked Snake didn't have any other "Brothers" besides them." Otacon noted while looking to the blond haired man who hummed lightly while cracking his neck.

"Vapor-Snake. The fourth clone and final son of Big-Boss, a subordinate of mine in this new Outer-Heaven…" Naruto replied and watched as a look of shock crossed over Otacon's face as he leaned back and into his chair. "Regardless of the moral or even ethical implications of these alterations, FOXDIE above all else must be removed. That is non-negotiable, and the Gene-Therapy to remove Snake's Illness is already underway." Naruto then noted while leaning back and cupping one hand over his closed fist, a rather bored look across his face while Otacon shook his head.

"Null… what do you want from us?" Otacon questioned and a hardened look crossed over the blond haired man's features as he leaned forward.

"I need you and Snake to help me take down both The Patriots and Liquid." Naruto replied in a serious tone, Otacon looking at him in a mix of shock and surprise before frowning deeply.

"How can you be so casual about that… do you even know where Liquid is? He went off the radar months ago after some incident in South-America." Otacon questioned of the blond haired man, ignoring the practically unimaginable task of trying to take down the Patriots for the moment.

"No… but when I do find him, I want you and Snake as a part of my Outer-Heaven to take down his "Outer-Haven"." Naruto replied with a wave of his hand and Otacon leaned back with a frown. "Think about it, as a PMC we have access to both money and resources that you wouldn't have on your own. Not only that but we can supply Snake with medicine, weapons, equipment, or whatever else you both require to finish the mission and take down Liquid once and for all." Naruto reminded and Otacon had to nod his head in agreement with the blond haired man. The Private Sector was good for not having to take orders, but it also made it harder and harder to get up to par goods.

"I… I see. But I'll have to take to Snake about this… when do you think can I talk to him?" Otacon questioned of the blond haired man and Naruto leaned back into his seat with a rather dull look on his face.

"I figured you would require as much. Snake will be available within a few hours, however I should mention that he will be required for further Gene-Therapy sessions for at least a month to ensure that the disease is fully removed." Naruto replied and Otacon nodded his head before looking over his shoulder, then gaping and Vapor walked into the room with a grumble.

"Snake?" Otacon questioned with a surprised look and tone, Vapor blinking for a moment before letting out a grunt.

"No, names Vapor." The brown haired man replied while Naruto pinched the bridge of his nose.

"As I mentioned Doctor Emmerich, Vapor here is the forth and final copy of Big-Boss." Naruto reminded with a slight frown on his lips and Otacon blinked before turning back to face the blond haired man.

"R-Right, sorry but I've never seen a clone that looked almost exactly like Snake… if it wasn't for the age difference…" Otacon mumbled out and Naruto nodded his head before motioning for Vapor to tell him what he came for.

"Snake's Gene-Therapy session just ended boss." Vapor reported and Naruto hummed for a moment before leaning back in his seat and clicking his tongue.

"Good, then could you take Doctor Emmerich here down to see him?" Naruto questioned and Vapor nodded his head before looking to Otacon, the man quickly rising back up to his feet. "Excellent, then our meeting is concluded, have a nice day Doctor-Emmerich." Naruto said with a nod as Otacon nodded his head then followed behind Vapor out of the room and then down through Mother-Base to meet with Snake. Getting up, Naruto then folded his arms behind his back while activating his radio, sending a message to The Major to have the men gather in the "Mech-Hangar"… it was time for Snake and Otacon to see just what he had to offer…

Feeling Olga's presence at his side soon after, the blond looked to the woman and raised a brow seeing her wearing her armor. "I thought you hated wearing that…" The blond noted and Olga rolled her eyes then crossed her arms over her chest.

"I prefer my BDU, however this is practically my uniform when I am on duty… and Doctor Madnar makes a surprisingly good babysitter…" Olga replied with no small amount of confusion, Naruto rolling his eyes at the last bit.

"He raised a daughter himself, and is Russian like you, I'm not surprised you left Sunny with him." Naruto noted aloud and Olga rolled her eyes before looking to Naruto as he walked down a hall and through the Command-Center. Eventually coming to the R&D strut where Snake was, Naruto walked with Olga into one of the newer sections of the strut. Spotting the doorway to where Snake was, the blond walked over to it. Watching the door slide open and Snake, Otacon, and Vapor walk out, Naruto then walked over to them. "So have you two come to a decision?" Naruto questioned of the two men while Vapor walked over to stand at hi side, Snake glaring at a smirking Olga.

"Great, the Lady Ninja is her…" He grumbled out loud and Olga rolled her eyes.

"As interesting as that is…" Naruto noted sarcastically before giving a look to both men and tilted his head to one side. "Have you decided if you wish to join my PMC to take down our mutual enemies or not?" The blond questioned with a raised brow and Snake grunted while crossing his arms over his chest.

"From what Otacon explained, you guys are pretty much rewriting my DNA to keep me from aging further right?" Snake questioned with a deep scowl on his face and Naruto shook his head.

"Negative, we are repairing the damage by replacing the infected genes with those from an unaltered source of Big-Boss' DNA." Naruto replied and Snake grunted feeling that wasn't much better…

"C'mon Snake, you could get weapons and equipment, think about how much easier it'd be for us, besides, these people aren't with any country or government, we'd still be more or less free." Otacon reminded and Snake considered that for a moment before grunting once more.

"Fine… but I heard your also replacing my blood?" Snake questioned while Naruto started walking away, the brown haired man grumbling as the group followed behind the blond.

"In order to remove your Nano-Machines as well as FOXDIE, such a thing is required. Upon the destruction of your Nano-machines, Solid-Snake will be as good as dead in the eyes of The Patriots. Thus freeing you and allowing you to more easily move around compared to if they were looking for you." Naruto replied in explanation and Snake frowned before nodding his head, seeing how that would be useful to him for more than merely hunting Liquid. "Now then, allow me to show you just what kind of organization and support will be backing you now Snake…" Naruto then urged while walking towards the Hangar-Strut, Snake raising a brow before following when he saw the amused look on Vapor's face.

'Something tells me I'm going to be really surprised… and more than a little glad I won't have to actually destroy this Outer-Heaven like the last batch…' Snake inwardly decided as the group made their way through the, enormous in Snake's own opinion, Mother-Base. Soon coming into an especially massive section of the Hangar Snake felt his eyes widen, Otacon plainly gaping in shock, at the sight that awaited them. Several Metal-Gears namely REX, RAY, JACKAL, ZEKE, and RAPTOR all stood tall, the AI-Weapons in front of them, tanks and other vehicles at the sides, and what looked to be an entire army of men and women stationed in front of them.

Slowly walking forward, Snake couldn't help a shiver while Otacon blinked. "REX?" Otacon demanded in shock at seeing the smaller and less dangerous version of his creation standing at the side of ZEKE.

"Well, this is certainly one army I wouldn't want to fight…" Snake noted mostly because of the Metal-Gears, and then mentally groaned upon seeing The Major and her GAMA-Unit. 'Great, even more Ninja…' The brown haired man thought to himself while Naruto turned from looking at his amassed army and faced both Snake and Otacon.

"Gentlemen, allow me to be the first to welcome you to the ranks of… Outer-Heaven."