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Her hand trailed up his inner thigh, tracing the patterns on his wrestling gear as she went. "I've missed you so much, I was wrong to end things between us."

Chris looked up to meet the hazel eyes of his former lover, he had missed her too, more then she could ever possibly understand. He decided it was best to leave words behind for now as he roughly tangled his hands in her brown hair, pulling her in for the passionate kiss he had been craving since her lips started moving.

It was breath taking, her hot tongue dancing with his, fighting for dominance in the lust filled action. "God Steph I need you." He groaned, talking into her mouth.

She smiled against his words, "I'm yours." The brunette said seductively, breaking the kiss momentarily to rid her self of the cotton confinement of her t-shirt.

The site of her naked upper body made his mouth go dry, he couldn't help but wet his lips at what he saw.

Her smile turned into a smirk as she placed her hands on her hips, "Like what you see Jericho."

The only thing he could do was nod in approval before she laughed and climbed into his lap, reaching beneath her to gently stroke him through the soft spandex material. "I want you so bad." He growled, arching his head backward at the pleasure she was giving him.

Stephanie's lips met his ear, "Then take me."

He rolled her over in one swift motion, this was it he was finally going to have her again. She was finally back where she belonged.

"Chris," A voice boomed, and suddenly he could feel someone shaking him, "Chris wake up."

One eye fluttered open slowly, adjusting to the morning light creeping in the window, then the other. What was going on, did he fall asleep on Stephanie?

Chris was quick to take in his surroundings and realise he wasn't in his bedroom anymore. Where was he? It was early and his state of sleep had him rather confused.

"Wake up lazy bones we're about to land."

His eyes focused more and he moved his gaze to find the face that belonged to the voice. It was Trish Stratus, she was sitting there beside him and he suddenly knew where he was. He was on a flight to New York for the next Raw taping, not in bed with Steph; he had dreamt the whole thing.

"I'm up, I'm up." He grumbled, sitting up straight from the slouched position he had been napping in.

She smiled down at him kindly, "I hated to wake you, you looked so cute sleeping, but I didn't want to take the chance that you'd get left on the plane and woken up by some cranky stewardess, I know how the boys love to rib you."

He smiled back at her, "Thanks." Chris said softly, did she just call him cute? Was Trish Stratus flirting with him?

Chris watched the woman attentively, the sun striking her pretty face as she nervously tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear. "Um I don't know what your plans are for after the show but I was wondering if maybe you wanted to grab something to eat with me?" Her voice was timid and she didn't even look up, her eyes locked with the floor, "That is if your not too busy, or you haven't already eaten."

"No I haven't eaten yet, and no plans…getting a bite with you sounds good."

Trish looked up at him, a slight blush creeping in on her cheeks, "Really?"

Neither of them had noticed but the plane had already landed, "Yeah," He replied standing up and grabbing his bag from the overhead compartment, "So I'll meet you after the show?"

"Ok." She said with a smile, watching him as he brushed past her and down the isle with his carry on.

"Later Trish," He called out as he stepped off the aircraft. Maybe this was just what he needed.