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Day one:

"Kuchiki-san what are you going to for Halloween?" Orihime asked Rukia, in class four days before the celebration.

"Halloween? What's that?" Rukia asked intrigued. She had figured it was a weird human holiday. She loved learning about weird human holidays. But Ichigo constantly ignored her inquiries. She had yet to think of asking her buxom friend.

"Kuchiki-san doesn't know what Halloween is?!" Orihime asked in shock. "Well it's a very special time when everyone cosplays and pretends to be someone else and you get to go house to house ask for candy and you get some free candy, its called trick-or-treating! All sorts of yummy candy like gummies, Pocky, rice crackers, yukan, chocolate, toffees, litchi candies, plum candies, and so much more! If you're lucky you might get a jar of bean-paste! Which taste REALLY yummy with strawberry Pocky!" Rukia noted not to mix bean-paste and Pocky. "People usually decorate their shops and house in celebration! It's also a very scary time of year where people want to get scared by scary things for fun, like ghosts, monsters, vampires, and other scary things." Orihime counted off each thing with her fingers as she went on, with a large smile on her face as a reaction to Rukia's.

"Oh! So that's why there are so many black and orange things everywhere!" Rukia's eyes grew bigger with each explanation Orihime had to give on Halloween. Rukia was delighted with her new revelation. Would Ichigo cosplay? She wondered what she could cosplay as. Maybe as the human's idea of a ghost. All she would need is a white sheet… How much candy could she get… hmmm….


By the time school was over Rukia was hardly able to contain herself. She wanted to ask Ichigo so many questions about the strange holiday.

"Ichigo are you excited?" she asked as soon as they began walking back home.

"For what?" Ichigo asked dully, sounding anything but.

"What do you mean for what?" Rukia asked appalled. "For Halloween of course! BWHAHAHAHAHAHAH!" She cackled in a creepy voice that sent shivers down Ichigo's back, while crossing here arms in front of her chest and throwing her head back.

Ichigo simply rolled his eyes at the petite shinigami, just assuming that she would get over the whole Halloween thing if he left it alone. He was wrong. Very wrong.


Later at dinner, Rukia was asking Ichigo's little sisters about scary stories and their past Halloween experiences.

"Ichigo use to scare us all the time when we were little!" Yuzu said nostalgically. "But he doesn't any more; it used to be so much fun! He was the master of scary. But it all stopped when he started high school; that's when he became mean." Yuzu told Rukia.

"I'm not mean, I just grew up!" Ichigo protested.

"I bet it wasn't hard to scare you guys with that ugly scowl he always has on!" Rukia mocked, taking another bite of curry. The table erupted in laughter at Ichigo's expense.

"Yeah he would scare us all the time. Yuzu and I would try and get'em back but he would never fall for it." Karin added in an unemotional voice.

"I bet I could scare you," Rukia pointed a chop stick at Ichigo.

"What? You scare me, I don't think so. If my little sisters couldn't what makes you think you can?" he said, challenging the raven haired midget.

"Yeah you sure about that? I think I could scare you! And make you scream like a little girl" Rukia said now pushing the chop stick in to his chest.

Ignoring the chopstick Ichigo continued, "I'd sure I'd like to see you try!"

"Fine you on"

"Fine. You got till the day before Halloween to try to ACCTUALLY scare me. And if you can't then you must surrender all your Pocky to me!" Ichigo smiled thinking of all the Pocky she had stored, and he soon would get.

"And if I scare you then you have to come trick-or-treating with us!" Rukia countered.

"Deal." Ichigo said sure of himself.

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Four days until Halloween.