Hinata didn't know how or why she let her friends talk her into going out that night. Hinata remembered leaning against the wall in Sakura's room with Sakura, Tenten, Temari and Ino, "Can't we just stay in tonight?"

Tenten shook her head, "No Hinata we are going out tonight."

Ino agreed with Tenten, "Hinata we haven't seen you in over a year, we want to go out with you."

Hinata sighed she knew it was useless to keep arguing with them she was outnumbered and she didn't want to reveal her real reason for wanting to stay inside. Walking town he lie streets of Konoha Sakura, Tenten, Temari and Ino were filling Hinata in on their lives since she was gone. She was so engrossed on what they were saying she didn't realize where they were going until it was too late. She was standing in front of the one place she never wanted to return. "W-What are we doing here?"

Sakura smiled, "There is a party inside."

"H-He doesn't throw parties."

Sakura started pushing Hinata into the house, "I know that's what Naruto is for."

Hinata tried her best to stop Sakura, "I c-can't go in there."

Ino rolled her eyes as she held open the door, "Hinata it was over a year ago besides the break up was mutual."

Hinata almost forgot the lie she had told her friend and now she was not only trapped in her lie but in this house. They was now way out without drawing attention to herself, but she couldn't stay at the party. She decided to sneak off and hide out for the rest of the party, being in this house many of times before she remembered the one place where no one would find her. She snuck down the stair case to the basement making sure no one saw her; she went through the dark basement to a storage room in the back. She remembered that there was a spare bed in the room full of shelves and boxes; she flicked on the light as she entered.

She jumped when she heard the door slam behind her; she jumped again when she heard someone groan behind her. She quickly spun around and gasped, "Oh no!"

She froze still hoping not to be seen because a few feet away from her in the small storage room lying on the bed was the one person she was trying to avoid. Sasuke sat up and started rubbing his eyes as he woke up from his sleep; he stopped rubbing his eyes when he saw Hinata pressed up against the wall. "H-Hinata?"

She quickly covered her face, "N-No you're dreaming."

Sasuke couldn't believe what he was looking at he slowly got off the bed as Hinata reached out for the door handle, trying to get out of there. She pulled on the handle but nothing happened, Sasuke took notice. "YOU CLOSED THE DOOR!" Sasuke ran and grabbed the handle that Hinata had just let go off, "FUCK WE ARE STUCK IN HERE!"

"W-What do you mean? Just break it down!"

Sasuke's initial surprise faded as he realized what was going on, "How am I supposed to break it down you know this stupid door is made of some stupid metal, even if I could break through it with my chidori there is the possibility of taking my house down with it."

Hinata was freaking out, "So it's only a possibility we need to get out of here."


Hinata looked away from Sasuke, "Y-You don't have to yell at me."

Sasuke kicked the door before going back to lay on the bed, "What the hell are you doing here anyway?"

Hinata didn't expect him to talk to her as she sat across from him on the floor, "I came to see my friends and family…I didn't know we were coming here."

Sasuke stared up at the ceiling, "I bet if you did you wouldn't have stepped one foot in here. I know it's not because you missed me."

Hinata mumbled, "Why are so mean?"

Sasuke threw his hands in the air, "I don't know Hinata maybe it is because I haven't seen or heard from you in over a year and now you come to my house and expect me to be nice to you. After what you did I shouldn't even talk to you."

"T-Then d-don't talk to m-me."

Sasuke just rolled his eyes and turned his back to Hinata, starring at the wall all this emotions ran through him alone with a whole bunch of memories. He decided to remember the first day we met the shy Hyuga.


Sasuke had been walking through the forest trying to find a good place to train when he walked by a man yelling at a girl. The man was much older and looked very frustrated as he yelled, "This is so annoying, we have been coming here every day for a week and you haven't gotten any better with your training. How long is it going to take before you become any stronger?"

The girl was starring down at the floor, "I'm s-sorry f-father I-I will d-do better."

"You can't because you are too week, you can't even train correctly. It's moments like this when I ask myself why did you have to be born first. We are done training, I'm going home!" he man walked off leaving the girl alone to cry.

Sasuke just shrugged and kept walking but the girl's sobs stopped him, part of him wanted to keep walking but another part wanted to help her. Sasuke didn't know what was happening he just couldn't stand to hear her cry anymore he looked down and saw something to make her stop crying. He looked at it as he debated on what he should do next, he groaned and took it. He walked over to the crying girl who was now sitting on the ground; he gave her what he had for her. The girl was still trying as she looked up at Sasuke, Sasuke immediately recognized the girl. She had been with Naruto when they found Sasuke and brought him back to Konoha after he had successfully killed Itachi.

The girl took the flower out of Sasuke's hand, "Why are you giving this to me?"

"To make you stop crying, it's annoying Hinata."

She immediately felt embarrassed letting him see her like this, she couldn't believe that he knew her name, "I'm sorry Uchiha-san."

Sasuke fists clenched, "Whatever just stop crying you're a ninja. Ninjas don't cry so grow up." Sasuke felt uncomfortable being around her so he walked off leaving a very confused girl. The next day Sasuke was hard at work training; he was starting target practice when he figured something was wrong and threw a kunai into a tree.

Hinata jumped out of the way of the kunai and out of the tree, Sasuke groaned "Are you a fan girl?"

Hinata took a step back, "N-No..."

"Then why are you here?" Hinata just handed Sasuke a little white box, Sasuke looked at his confused before opening it up. Inside were two rows of four little containers of creams. "What is this?"

"A-A m-medical kit with creams for different ailments….I made them myself."

Sasuke closed the box, "Why are you giving me this? You like me or something?"

Hinata immediately shook her head, "N-No I j-just made it to t-thank y-you for yesterday."

Sasuke shrugged and put the medical kit in his pocket and immediately returned to his training when he turned around again Hinata was gone. Sasuke never thought that after that day he'd see the Hyuga girl again but he was wrong.

~End Flashback~

Sasuke mumbled to himself, "If I never gave her that fucking flower none of this would have ever happened."

Hinata felt deeply hurt by his words, "S-So you regret everything?"

Sasuke turned over to face Hinata, "Yes, don't you?" Hinata looked down at the floor and shook her head. This was the moment Hinata had dreaded since she left; when she left she never wanted to see him again because she knew what was going to happen. Before he said it Hinata knew it was coming, the question she had been trying to hide from for months. Sasuke knew he shouldn't but he couldn't stop himself form asking, "Then why did you leave Hinata?"