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My Bestenemies Baby

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Summary: Hermione finds Ron in bed with Lavender Brown during their graduation party and takes her revenge by sleeping with the enemy, unfortunately in their drunken state neither Hermione nor Draco think to cast a contraception charm.

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Chapter One

"Uuugghh..." Hermione groaned as she woke up with sunlight shining happily in her eyes. Happy was the last thing Hermione was feeling, what with the killer hangover and the hazy memories of the previous night. She groaned as she recalled last night's events.


***Flash Back***


"Hey... Harry..." Hermione grinned at her friend as she slurred her words together.

"Mione, you ok?" he laughed, never having seen her drunk before tonight... the seventh year graduation party.

"Never better! Have you seen Ronald anywhere? I can't find him" Ron and Hermione had been dating for almost 3 months now.

"I think he went up to bed already" Harry supplied.

"What? That's silly! It's our gradution, haha, grad-u-a-tion party! He can't go to bed already! I'll go get him" Hermione grinned before stumbling off towards the boys dorms.

When she reached the dormitory she saw that Ron had his drapes closed and that there was no sound of his normal snoring or loud breathing coming from behind them, she thought that that was odd and maybe he wasn't there but she went over to the bed and pulled open the heavy cloth to reveal that her boyfriend was indeed in bed, but he was not alone!

There, panting underneath him, was Lavender Brown! At first the scene didn't register in her brain, when it did, her jaw dropped and she stood there for a second before turning away and walking from the room in complete shock, before either of them noticed her presence.

They did get a bit confused when they had finished and they noticed that the bed hangings were open slightly, but they assumed they just hadn't managed to close them all the way in the heat of the moment.

When Hermione got downstairs she still had a completely shocked look on her face but everyone in the common room were to occupied to notice her dazed expression. She just kept walking, and walking through the school corridors hoping to find something, anything, to distract her.

And distraction came, strutting down the hall like he owned the world, bottle of firewhisky in hand.

"Granger" he drawled. "You're looking lovely this evening" he said with a sneer as he gave her a once over.

"Fuck you, Malfoy" Hermione said half heartedly

"You want to fuck me, Mudblood?" he smirked.

And then Hermione had an idea, she grinned, what better way to get back at her cheating good for nothing boyfriend then fucking his worst enemy?

"Maybe" she said coyly biting her lip seductively.

Malfoy was so shocked that his surprise momentarily showed on his face before he masked it with his trademark smirk.

"I wouldn't say things like that Granger, I may just take you up against a wall before you even have time to think 'no'" he growled. Hermione could tell he was slightly flustered and was shocked... he wanted her!

"Sounds like a plan to me" she said taking a step closer so that she was only standing about half a foot away from him. "And I wouldn't be thinking no" She whispered her butterbeer scented breath wafting over him.

That's when he lost control of his calm facade and slammed her against the wall his mouth covering hers. He pulled his lips away from hers for a second.

"I've wanted to do this for long" He groaned breathlessly against her lips.

She heard the firewhisky bottle hit the floor he grabbed a handful of her hair tilting her head up for better access. Her lips parted instantly when she felt his hot tongue sweep across them and suddenly it was plunging inside her mouth tasting and licking. It wasn't like any kiss she had ever had. She moaned against his lips and the sound caused Malfoy to press himself harder against her so that she could feel every angle of his body and his growing arousal was pressed against her stomach.

She dragged his bottom lip through her teeth and ground herself against his erection. He pulled away from her lips, resting his forehead against hers, he panted, catching his breath. She did it again and he groaned, grabbing her behind and lifting her so she could wrap her shapely legs around his waist, his erection now pressing against her core causing her breath to catch.

He kissed her again and she ran her hands through his fine silky hair as their tongues battled for dominance. She slipped her hands from his hair and ran them down his neck she kept going until she reached the middle of his shirt which she then ripped open, buttons flying everywhere. She spread her hands over his defined chest ran them up over his shoulders and down his chiselled abs.

Draco slipped a hand between them as they kissed passionately and pushed his hand, fingers splayed, up her thigh until he came to her panties which he pushed aside to plunge a finger inside her. She broke the kiss panting hard and moaned at the feeling of his digit pushing into her. He added another finger and gently rubbed her clit with his thumb, it felt amazing, her head fell back against the wall as she struggled to keep her breathing regular, she ground her hips against his hand trying to feel him as deep as possible.

Her breath hitched and she started panting even harder as she felt a coil of heat in her centre, an occasional whimper or moan forcing its way through her lips. He worked her faster and a wave of pleasure crashed over her making her vision blurry and a heavy moan fell from her lips as Malfoy reclaimed them with his own.

When she had recovered from her first orgasm of the night she reached between their two bodies and hastily tried to undo Malfoy's pants, after her hands had stumbled for a bit she finally got them undone Malfoy supported her weight with his hands as he pulled his hips away from her so that she could push down his trousers, along with his silky black boxer shorts.

She took his long hard length in her hand and pumped it once swirling her thumb around his head spreading a drop of pre-cum over it, he moaned and his hips bucked. She positioned him at her entrance and he immediately pushed into her hard and fast. The feeling of his hot length inside her so soon after coming down from orgasm was enough to have the heat curling inside her again and she pushed her hips against him trying to bring him deeper inside of her.

Malfoy wasn't going to last long, his thrusts were already becoming erratic, and as she came for the second time, he came with her; her slick walls milking his cock as he spilled his seed deep inside her.

He collapsed on the ground too weak to do anything else after coming so forcefully. He kissed her again, this time slower and, if possible, even more passionately. They lay there kissing lazily as they recovered their bodies racked with the aftershocks of their pleasure making. Once they were sufficiently recovered, they dressed and sat against the wall, passing the bottle of firewhisky between them silently.


***End Flashback***


That was the last she could remember of the previous evening, and most of that was a bit hazy.

She flung her arm up to shield her eyes, and it was then she realised that she wasn't in her own room.

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