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Chapter Twenty Two

When Draco arrived home Hermione told him about her encounter with Lucius at the Hospital. His first reaction was to make sure Hermione was ok, and that Lucius hadn't hurt or scared her, but once he'd ensured that she was fine he was mad; the nerve of his father, confronting Hermione and asking for forgiveness after killing their unborn son! How could you ever forgive someone for that? Maybe if it had been accidental, but there had been nothing accidental about the curse Lucius had cast... spur of the moment and unplanned, maybe, but it definitely wasn't accidental. There was no way Draco was ever letting his father back into his life, let alone near Hermione and his surviving child – he would do everything he could to ensure the safety of both of Hermione and their daughter and that meant not allowing Lucius near them. Ever. He needed to let Lucius know in no uncertain terms that he would never be part of Draco's new family and that he needed to stay the hell away from the people he loved. Draco disapparated suddenly from his home in muggle London, appearing inside the grounds of Malfoy Manor a moment later, without a single word to Hermione about where he was going.

Draco strode through the hallways of the grand manor with purpose, his anger only growing deeper the more he thought about his father's actions. He didn't pause outside the doors to father's study or knock as he usually would have, he simply pushed open the heavy double doors and strode into the room, his anger plain on his face. At some point, he wasn't sure when, he had drawn his wand and when he saw his father behind the huge mahogany desk he drew his arm up, pointing his wand directly into his father's shocked face. For a moment he was too mad to say anything so he stood there for a moment, his breath laboured and shaky.

"How. Dare. You?" He started , emphasising each word. "How dare you come near my family after what you've done already?" He questioned, continuing "You will not be seeing, or speaking with, Hermione. Ever. Again." He spoke clearly despite his clenched teeth. "DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" He spoke slowly, his voice shaking slightly with rage as he demanded an answer from Lucius. His father was silent, still shocked by the sudden presence of his son, but after a moment he composed himself, clearing his throat.

"If staying away from Hermione is what I have to do to regain you and your mothers trust, then that's what I'll do." He answered almost pleadingly.

Draco laughed, "Regain our trust? Oh no, you lost any form of trust or respect forever the day you decided to hurt my family; the day you murdered your own grandson". Draco took a shaky breath before continuing, "You'll stay away from Hermione and my daughter so that you can continue to enjoy the luxury of having a heart that beats and lungs that breath." He raised an eyebrow at his father, questioning his understanding of the situation.

Lucius looked almost hurt for a moment before his gaze hardened, "I will have my family back together, Draco. I don't care what I have to do to make it happen. That's all I ever cared about; everything I ever did was to protect my family."

Draco scoffed, "Tell that to all my unborn siblings. You know, the ones you murdered?!"

"Do you know how many witches die in childbirth, Draco?" Lucius asked his son, before answering his own question, "A lot more than you might expect. Your mother almost died giving birth to you, Draco" He explained, "and for the first few years after you born she was constantly unwell. You and your mother were all the family I needed; the risk of losing your mother for second child was not a risk I was willing to take."

Draco quirked his eyebrows in disbelief, "And how, may I ask, do you fit the murder of my unborn child into to this fucked up explanation?"

Lucius sighed, "I don't suppose I can. It was an attempt, however misguided, to retain our family's pride, the Malfoy – and the Black – bloodline has always been pure; the idea of a halfblood child marring our family's pedigree was not one I liked, and the idea that the Malfoy fortunes would go to an illegitimate child ... I mean, could you imagine if Granger decided to give the child her last name? A 'Granger,' heir to the Malfoy fortune; it was unthinkable." Lucius wore a look of disgust on his face as he considered this possibility.

"You know what?" Draco replied, "I actually believe that your logic is so twisted that you probably actually believe that. But it doesn't matter what fucked up reasoning you use to try and explain your actions away. It doesn't change the fact that I will kill you if you ever hurt the people I love again." And with that final threat, Draco disapparated back home; if possible, he was even angrier with his father than he was when he left. As soon as he was home his wand dropped from his hand and he sunk down onto the floor, exhausted.

Hermione heard the pop of apparition and rushed to find out where Draco had disappeared off to.

"Draco! Where have you been?" She called out to him before she got to the lounge room, when she stepped through the doorway and saw him kneeling on the floor she gasped and rushed to kneel beside him. "Are you ok? What happened?" She picked up his wand and directed him to get up and sit down on one of the couches. She set Draco's wand down on the table in front of him and flicked her own wand towards the kitchen, a glass of water appearing a moment later floating towards them. Draco sighed and leaned back against the couch cushions taking a sip of water and waving off Hermione's concern. "I'm fine, really." He assured her, "I'm just so angry with my father! It's like I keep expecting him to simply be sorry and admit that all the horrible things he's done were mistakes, and that he'd take them back if he could. But every time he has a chance to apologise he comes up with all these flimsy excuses for the things he's done; every time he apologises it makes it clearer that he's not sorry at all for what he's done, he's only sorry that consequences of his actions weren't what he was hoping for." Draco sighed; he knew that he would never forgive his father no matter what form his apology took, so he didn't know why he was still getting upset over his father's lack of sincerity. "The fact that he's not really sorry for his actions makes me scared that he'll try to hurt our daughter again." He looked into Hermione's concerned eyes, "I won't let anyone to hurt you, Hermione," he dropped his gaze, pushing his hands under her t-shirt to rest on swollen stomach, "either of you." The depth of feeling Draco felt for Hermione still surprised him; he looked up to her face again and knew without a doubt that there was nothing he wouldn't do for this woman.

"I know, Draco" Hermione whispered gazing up into Draco's eyes as he leaned in to press his lips against hers. She closed her eyes and threaded her fingers through his hair as he cupped her face with his right hand, his left sliding around her stomach to the small of her back, drawing her closer. The kiss grew deeper and Draco groaned the feel of her warm skin under his hands and her soft lips against his, he moved his hand up to cup the back of her head and he realised that he'd even come to love her unruly tangle of hair.

There was no rush; they both took their time exploring each other, hands sliding over warm skin as they removed each other's clothing. Once the barrier of their clothing was removed, Draco pushed Hermione back to lie on couch and sat back to admire her. Hermione blushed as his gaze lingered on her nude form, heat coiling within her as she watched his eyes darken with lust. Draco moved back on the couch further and bent down to brush kisses over her stomach, she parted her legs for him as he moved lower lightly kissing along her inner thighs only moving his attentions to her centre when she arched her hips with need.

Hermione pushed herself up onto her elbows to watch him work between her legs, his tongue alternating between making long slow strokes over her clit and delving inside her. He pushed two long fingers inside her and quickened his pace as her need grew, her hips thrusting towards him as he flicked his tongue backwards and forwards over her clit. He bent his fingers as he moved them inside her rubbing against just the right spot until she was writhing beneath him. He didn't stop even as he felt her come, merely slowing his pace and lightening the pressure of his tongue, drawing out her pleasure until she cried out in beautiful agony, her inner walls clenching around his fingers making Draco groan with need.

He was throbbing with the need to be inside her and he grasped Hermione by the small of back, pulling her up so she was straddling his thighs. Their lips met as Hermione sank onto him, she could taste her pleasure on his lips and tongue their moans mingling as she arched her back, pushing him deeper inside her. Draco could still feel the aftershocks of her orgasm, her muscles tightening maddeningly around him as her sensitive clit brushed against him with each thrust. His body grew impatient with the slow pace and his hips bucked meeting her downward thrust causing Hermione's breath to hitch, she reached down between them pressing her fingers against her pleasure centre, flicking her fingers lightly she pushed herself over the edge and she came again moaning against Draco's neck. The feeling of her body clamping tightly around him was too much and Draco couldn't hold on any longer; he jerked, his seed spilling into her pulsing body. Draco pressed his lips against her forehead before disentangling themselves from each other and sitting up to get dressed.

They had only just finished pulling on their clothes when Narcissa walked through the front door, causing them both to flush and take a step away from each other guiltily, both immensely glad she hadn't walked in a few minutes earlier. Draco's mother raised her eyebrows at the two of them taking in their flushed cheeks with a knowing smile, "Hermione, Dear, your t-shirt's on inside out." she said simply before sweeping through the room towards the hallway and the guest bedroom where she was staying.

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