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Warnings: This is an alternate Dexter since it is a crossover. Season 2 spoilers for Dexter. Blatant hints of Slash. Oneshot drabble.

He's quite meticulous for someone so young. I'm almost jealous.

Harry Potter, the darling blood analyst of the FBI, twenty-seven years old and a newly minted citizen of the good ol' U.S. of A. I don't know whether I want to kill him or fuck him.

When he strolled in behind Agent Lundy I was curious. It's not every day that someone so young commands such respect. He walks like a wolf in sheep's clothing. A predator hiding in a petite, unassuming package. Delicious.

Then he locked eyes with me. He knew.

Like Doakes, he knew almost immediately who I was. What I was.

A Monster.

I have to admit it scared me at first. Would I have another shadow? Would he be the one to expose me? If I slipped in front of him could I break the Code to protect my secret?

And just like that I was hooked.

I tore apart his past hoping to find a loophole, a way to kill him without breaking the Code of Harry, forgetting for a time, my troubles with Rita and Deb, the stress of having Doakes following me everywhere. His green eyes haunted my every waking moment. He even followed me into my dreams. I was so fixated on him that I failed to see the federal agents circling me like sharks in bloody water until after Harry had drawn their attention away from me. Protecting me. God, that turns me on. Who would have thought that someone would want to protect someone like me? The only ones who have done that to the degree Harry has are dead now. Hell I killed one of them myself.

We've been dancing around each other ever since. He'll have to leave soon. The Bay Harbour Butcher case is drawing to a close and he has no good reason to stay.

Unless I give him one. Now. It's time to show my hand.

From the moment I saw him I knew he was a predator. His work over in England were masterpieces. There wasn't much to go on, his entire life is mostly a mystery. Where did he disappear to for over seven years? If it wasn't for a birth certificate and a few other scattered records here and there I would have to doubt that Harry James Potter even existed before 1999. What I did find however sealed the deal for me. A terrorist, brought low, in such an artful way. Beautiful. His followers were quick to join him. Harry certainly wastes no time.

He gets it. He understands. I never thought I'd find someone like me but in him I have. He follows Harry's Code down to the letter.

Enough. We've both thought about it for long enough. He's mine now. He just doesn't know it yet. It took a lot of digging to find his dirty little secret.

I just hope he's ready to learn mine.

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