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(a/n): Author's Notes

One Saturday morning, Eiji and Momo were together…

"Momo! I'm bored! Let's do something fun!! :3" said Eiji.

"Like what, Eiji-senpai?" asked Momo with his mouth stuffed with fries…

Eiji was thoughtful for a while then suddenly beamed.

"I know! Let's trick Ochibi!!"

"Nani? How do we do that?"

"We make a fake secret admirer love letter!"

"Oh, oh! And we can ask him to meet with a fake admirer girl at the park!" added Momo.

"Hai! You're a genius, Momo!"

"But, Eiji-senpai, who's gonna pretend to be Echizen's admirer??"

Again, Eiji was thoughtful…

"Aha! Fujiko!!" shouted Eiji in a sing-song voice.

"Eh? Fuji-senpai?" asked Momo.

"Yup! We'll make him wear girly clothes and make him wait at the park! Ochibi will be shocked and get pissed off!! Tehehe…"

Momo and Eiji laughed in an evil way…

"Bwahahaha! Mwahahaha!"

Then Eiji suddenly stopped and said, "Oi, Momo! We should start making the letter!"

"Oh, yeah… I'll go get a pen and paper." Said Momo.


"Hihihi! We're done! Let's go to Echizen's house now, Eiji-senpai" said Momo.

"YEAH!! LET'S GOOO!!" Shouted Eiji.


They reached Ryoma's house and quietly placed the letter infront of the door, rang the doorbell and hastily hid in a bush…

Nanjiroh appeared at the front door. He looked at his left and right then saw the letter on the floor. He Picked it up and read…

"To: Ryoma. Eh? Ryoma!" he called out, "There's a letter here for you!"

Ryoma appeared and asked, "From who?"

"I don't know. I just saw it infront of the door…"

Then they shut the door closed.

Under the bush, Eiji and Momo laughed their evil laugh. They got up and went to look for Fuji.


Ryoma opened the letter and read…

Dear, Ryoma-kun,

I think that you are such a nice, cute person. I want to meet you face to face and spend some time with you. I'll be waiting at the park today at around 3 p.m. I hope you come. I'll be waiting for you at the benches.


Your Secret Admirer

Ryoma stared at the letter. O.O

What's Ryoma gonna do next??

-to be continued-