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The next Monday, during tennis practice…

"Eiji-senpai! What are we going to do?!" Momo shouted while shaking Eiji's shoulders roughly.

"I-I don't know!!" Eiji replied sobbing.

"Hey! The two of you. Pay attention to practice. Run 10 laps around the courts." Ordered Tezuka.

-while running-

"Momo, let's just talk to Ochibi about it. Lets ask for forgiveness!" Eiji suggested.

"That might be a good idea. We shouldn't have done that to him, Eiji-senpai." Momo said.

"Yeah. But anyway, it was fun seeing his expression! Hehehe." Eiji said.


After tennis practice, Momo and Eiji approached Ryoma...

"Ochibi! We're really sorry for what we did to you last Saturday..." Eiji began.

"It's our boredom's fault!" Momo accused.

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"Thats fine Eiji-senpai, Momo-chan-senpai. Oh, and I heard your test tomorrow is English. You guys should study that subject for tomorrow." Ryoma said hastily and left them before they could reply.

"Momo, Ochibi is being very nice to us..." Eiji said after a while.

"Yeah, Eiji-senpai! I guess he won't do anything to us anyway!" Momo said relieved.

"You're right about that, Momo! Let's go study for that English test tomorrow! Ochibi isn't mean after all!" said Eiji and they headed home.


The next day...

"Echizen! Thanks for reminding us about our test today!" Momo said.

"We almost forgot we had exams today! Thanks to you, we got to study, nya!" added Eiji.

"…No problem." Ryoma replied simply and walked away.

"See you at practice later, Momo!" Eiji said.

"Okay! Good luck with your test, Eiji-senpai!" Momo said.


After classes…

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" Momo and Eiji screamed.

Oishi approached them.

"What's wrong, Eiji, Momo?" Oishi asked the two.

"We were clueless during the test!" Momo explained.

"What? I thought you studied?"

"That's the problem, Oishi! Ochibi told us to study the wrong subject! We had a different test today! Ochibi is mean!"

"Eh? Ryoma? Why would he do such a thing? He needs some scolding!" Oishi said.

"YEAH!" said Momo and Eiji in unison.


Tezuka and Oishi talked to Eiji, Momo, and Ryoma…

"Echizen, why did you do that to your senpai?" asked Tezuka firmly.

"They started it, buchou… They were fooling around tricking me and stuff." Ryoma replied.

"Ah! So the two of you started it, huh?" asked Oishi.

"No we didn't!" shouted the two.

"Don't lie, Momo-chan-senpai, Eiji-senpai." Ryoma turned to Oishi, " Oishi-senpai, ask Fuji-senpai, he was part of the foolish thing they did to me." Ryoma said confidently.

Tezuka called Fuji.

"Fuji, is it true that Eiji and Momo were fooling around and tricking Echizen?" Oishi asked Fuji.

"Yes, it is true." Fuji replied.

Eiji and Momo frowned.

"Eiji, Momo! 20 laps around the courts!" Tezuka shouted.

Ryoma stuck his tounge out to the both of them and turned around to leave.

"Echizen! 10 laps around the courts for taking revenge!"

Ryoma froze where he was standing and shrugged. Momo and Eiji laughed their evil laugh.

"No laughing! Plus five laps to both of you!" Tezuka scolded.

The sides of Ryoma's lips twitched. Fuji tried to sneak out but Tezuka caught him.

"Fuji! 10 laps around the courts for joining Momo and Eiji!" Tezuka shouted.

-while running-

"Ochibi! We're equal, now!" Eiji said.

"We all got scolded!" Momo said cheerfully.

Ryoma back handed the two and hit the floor.

"Hey! Ochibi! That's mean!" Eiji complained rubbing his forehead.

(a/n) Momo is unconscious. Hehehe…

"Eiji, Momo! No slacking off! Plus 10 more laps!" Tezuka shouted.

"Heh." Was all that Ryoma said and continued running to catch up with Fuji.

-real end-