It had been a few weeks since Remus had forgiven Sirius for pulling a prank without him, and James and Peter for trying to pin all the blame on the Black heir. In that time Remus had become more edgy and withdrawn. It was barely noticeable, but Remus knew it was there, knew what caused it, and was quite sick of it.



(Between Remus and James)



That's… great.

What's wrong?

Nothing, I'm just… here for your entertainment.

Really, what's wrong?


Pads said you had a friend who was gay?

Um… yea?

So, you're not- you don't-

I'm not a homophobe, if that's what you're asking. And I don't think it's weird. What about you? Do you think it's sick and depraving?

No… a little?

Why? What's wrong with liking someone who has the same bits as you?

No one!


Nothing! Nothing's wrong with it!

No one? What?

Nothing! Nothing.

Why did you say no one?

Uhm… I didn't- I mean-

Why are you getting froopy? Quit being un-Moony-like!

It's just- I mean- It's good-

Just spit it out! It's me!

You know all those unfinished sentences I've been saying this year? Or writing?


Do you pay any attention?

No! I know what you're talking about!

okay. Well, I've been trying to tell you something… pretty much all year.

Yea? Honestly, you can tell me!

No, I know. It's just… hard.

Is it some werewolf thing? 'Cause I really don't think we'll be surprised. Sirius probably knows more about you then you do!


You know what I mean, what with all the reading Sirius has done and stuff!

Yea, Sirius might just be the problem.

It's just- I think- well, I don't think, I know, but anyway-


I think, well, I know-


I'm… I think- KNOW, know, I know that I'm… I'm not attracted to… curves?

you're not attracted to curves.

Uhm… no?

You do realise that is absolutely useless, don't you.


So you going to tell me what you meant by that?

I prefer phallic to feminine?

Say it in teenage-real-person speak!

So you mean… like Sirius?

Yea, say it like Pads would say it!

I like cock.

You could have just said "I like guys" ages ago.

Hey, it's kind of a big thing for me! I'm already a… you know, I don't have to be… that as well!

You can't even say the words.

Yes I can!

Go on then.

Werewolf, homosexual.

And how long did it take you to write those two words?

Shut up.

Now say you are!


Come on! You can't can you!

I- fine. Homosexual werewolf. I am a homosexual werewolf.

See! That wasn't so hard was it!

Yea, this last period has been a trip through the roses!

So who do you like?


When I said what's wrong with liking someone who has a cock when you have one, you said "No one!" so obviously there is someone!

So now when I say something it means the opposite?

Only when you say it when I was asking another question. It's- oh Merlin.


It's- oh it all makes sense! The conversation by the lake, the wanking, you CHECKING OUT DIGGORY'S BUTT!!!!! You- oh. oh. oh.

I never checked out Diggory's butt!


Oh what?

You're- oh.

James, please!

You're- are you… in love?

Uhm… why- what- why would you think that!?

Near the beginning of the year… you said I didn't know what love is…

HOW do you REMEMBER that!?!?

I KNEW you were lying!!! I KNEW it!!!!!!

It's… it's just-

Who? Whowhowhowhowho?


Look, the bell's going in, like, 2 seconds, so you can tell me now, in private, or at dinner, where everyone can listen in.

I- no- I-