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1. My Piece of Forever

It was annoying to watch Jacob drool over my daughter like that. It was disturbing, watching him look at her with puppy dog eyes and croon whenever she said anything to him. It was remarkable how repelled I was to all this, but I couldn't DO anything because someday I just had to give my daughter to him, because he and her were supposed to be soulmates - my darling little Renesmee and my best friend, Jacob.

Edward wasn't as uncomfortable at this future of Renensmee's at all because he owed Jacob, he really did. No only did the gratitude fall upon him, and he realised that even if he tried to rip Jacob and Renesmee apart, both of them would probably kill themselves at the loss. Renesmee was as infatuated by Jacob as he was to her.

But the ages? Renesmee was already big enough to be a five year old, though only two weeks had passed since the arrival and departure of the Volturi, when they came to kill Renesmee because they thought she was an immortal child - a creation completely forbidden in our fantastical world, but instead they went back dejected, nearly attacking us, as Renesmee was proved not an immortal child. And Jacob was physicall 16, going on 17, but looked 25 due to his status as a werewolf ; no, a shape-shifter as clarified by Aro, one of the three brothers leading the Volturi.

The memory still brought shivers upon me.

My piece of forever was better than awesome. I had centuries, milleniums, lifetimes, to spend my love and life with Edward, my vampire husband, and my Renesmee. I also had my forever to spend time with Jacob, Seth, Quil and Embry the werewolves, and my other family, the vampire family - Esme, Carlisle, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie and Alice. I even had time enough to see my parents live on, probably even produce more children.

Being Bella Swan...of wait, Cullen, was perfect.

That as only half the fun. The other half was that I had Edward.

Maybe I had subconsciously removed th shield from my mind, because Edward had just frozen from his piano playing and robotically turned to look at me, because he had read my mind. He smiled my favourite crooked smile and turned to look at me.

My breath went away as if I were still human. How could it not, assessing the soft yellow eyes fringed by voluminous black lashes? Or the pale skin that held together the eyes, a beautiful straight nose, a set of breathtakingly pink lips and prominent cheekbones? How could I not melt on the spot, as my unusually sharp eyes saw his brawny muscles or his messy but hot bronze hair?

Edward grinned and ran over to me at superhuman speed, never breaking eye contact. He picked me up, cradling me in his thick arms and whispered an old love poem, swinging me around and smiling the whole time. His skin was so warm and so soft that it sent a wave of electricity inside of me that completely undid me - I clutched at his neck and pushed myself closer. He moaned in anticipation and bent down, forcing his lips on mine, and I kissed him back as he held me tightly, both of us in our happy place.

I was completely out of this world but I was brought down when someone cleared their throat.

Damn Emmett.

When I turned around, Carlisle and Esme were talking louder than usual about the weather, smiling. Rose and Emmett were apart, shaking and staring at the TV, determinedly keeping a straight face; Emmett looked as if he was about to explode with the laughter pooling inside of him. Alice had her back to us, sprucing the vases another time, also shaking slightly And Jasper - Jasper was just trying to look unconcerned but something told me that he had been staring at us wide eyed just a few moments ago. As for Jacob, he wouldn't have noticed if aliens came to earth and zapped us all to smithereens the way he was snoring, Renesmee curled up beautifully beside her.

I sighed. Any moment spent with Edward was always interrupted, unless we were back at our cottage in the woods, and Renesmee was here or at Jacob's place.

"Would you like to go back to the cottage?" whispered Edward teasingly.

I sighed again."Not tonight Edward, not tonight." The truth was that I just wanted to be here for some time, because this place felt more home than my cotage not for the wrong reasons, but because my vampire instincts had mademe realize the preciousness of my family, and I wanted to at least be around them. I think I was being protective.

"Why?" moaned Edward.

I let him read my mind. I want to look out for these guys....

"They'll be safe Bella."

It's my instincts, ever since the Volturi came, I'm scared for everyone.

He smiled. "We'll be fine."

I know we will, I thought.

This was how the time just passed by. It was probably six in the morning by the time Renesmee woke up, yawning, and Jacob's incessant snoring ceased. His first priority was Renesmee. She just sat up, raced around the room and said jubilantly, "Good Morning everyone!"

There were a few "Good morning, Nessie"s and a few noises of acknowledgement, and Renesmee looked a little put out with the small amount of attention she was getting.

Jacob, sensing this, said a roaring "Good Morning, Nessie!!", picked her up and threw her in the air. She laughed a mature peal of laughter, like bells, flipped in the air and landed on the floor in a graceful leap. She chased Jacob around at superhuman speed and laughed again.

She saw Edward and me standing together and grinned widely.

"Mommy! Daddy!" she smiled, running up to us and jumping into my arms.

"Did you have a great sleep, Nessie?" asked Edward. He was smiling.

Renesmee nodded and put her hand on my forehead, and I saw what she was thinking. Her dreams were vibrant and colorful, and she was dreaming about the day she first saw me, and understood that I was her mother. She was recalling, in her dreams, the difference between when I was human, and what I am now - a vampire.

Edward was fidgeting. He too read her mind and saw what I saw, and it made him a little uncomfortable just thinking about how I was before, and how I am now.

The morning just kept on passing slowly, and Seth, Embry and Quil went in and out, treating the house like Werewolf Headquarters, and I could see Rosalie despised it. I had no objections at all because even though werewolves were my mortal enemies, they were my human friends and had helped us a lot in the days that we were in danger because of Renesmee. Jacob had, at least, reclaimed his birthright as an Alpha, and formed a pack of his own, and I was glad to see that it wasn't only Leah, him and Seth anymore...it was Quil and Embry now as well.

It was afternoon, and Seth had just entered, treating himself to the leftovers from the meal Edward made for Jacob and Emby last night, when they had been running patrols making sure that Sam didn't choose to attack right now for any reason. Seth was one of the purest people we ever met, and he was too innocent to do anything wrong. He was nice, innocent and obedient, a calm, truthful person who always held no grudges, but learnt to accept and like anything that came his way. He had sleek black hair that was short, russet coloured skin and was well built, and naturally, he was tall, brawny, funny and most of all, he looked up to Jacob.

Seth just loved us. He was great friends with the Cullens since the year Victoria had come back for me, and when I was pregnent, Seth helped here and there, and sure left a mark on us all. He didn't bother knocking these days, and we never minded; Seth was as welcome here as anyone else in this household, and he just worshipped Edward's culinary skills when Edward was man enough to get away from me for a second or so and prepare food for guests.

As Seth just started eating, the last person I would have expected to come in through the doors, came behind him.

Leah Clearwater.