Chapter 2

Kurt looked up from his borrowed magazine as the doctor came into the room with three others. He recognized the blond woman from Kitty's description but he was less certain of the two men. While both wore blue uniforms, the heavier man's pressed service uniform with general's stars contrasted sharply with the rumpled, untucked shirt the taller man wore over matching pants. No insignia or patches gave away anything else.

He glanced at Kitty. She appeared engrossed in working out equations on a notepad, but Kurt knew her too well to assume she was unaware of their visitors.

"Mr. Wagner, Miss Pryde," the general started, "I'm General Hammond, commander of this facility. I apologize for not coming in earlier, but the doctor insisted on letting you rest."

"And it is not wise to anger the good doctor." Kurt grinned.

"Smart man." The tall man grinned back. "Colonel O'Neill. Just got back from fishing. I hear at least one of you have already met Captain Carter?"

Kitty finally looked up, "Hi, Sam. I think I've got part of the formula worked out, but unless I can figure out how much and what kind of energy went into that explosion--"

"Ah-ah." The Colonel interrupted, "I thought you were supposed to be resting."

"I am."

"You're working."

"Would you prefer pranks?" Kurt asked. "Kitty does not take bed rest well."

"Speak for yourself, Fuzzy. Or do I have to remind you of that time you fell--"

"Katzchen! These people do not need to know about that!"

Hammond stepped in. "People, enough. I need to know how you got into this facility."

Kurt glanced towards Kitty, who shrugged, tapping the notepad

"We do not know," he said.

Kitty picked up the explanation. "The explosion we were caught in probably had something to do with it, but I think we have a bigger problem. I think it sent us crosstime."


Kurt frowned at her, "Are you sure?"

"Parallel Earths." She answered the general's question first. "And no, but according the doctor, Moira never married. And you have to admit, we've been treated a lot better here than if it had been the military from our timeline."

"Aren't you treated well there?" Janet frowned.

The pair looked at each other before Kurt answered, "It is...complicated."

"How so?" Hammond asked.

Kitty sighed, "Look, our world is at a...a transition period. People are afraid. It doesn't take much to trigger violent or extreme reactions. And there's always the bastards who try to profit from it."

"What about you? Are you involved?"



Kurt answered first, "I was an acrobat until people outside the circus discovered my appearance was not a costume. They believed they needed to rid the world of a demon. I was rescued by a man who wished for peace."

"Miss Pryde?"

"I learned what the cost failing would be."

"What was it?" O'Neill asked.

"Did this world have a Holocaust?"

The silence, broken a moment later by a string of cursing from O'Neill, was all the answer she needed.

Jack paced in Hammond's office wishing there was a goa'uld or a certain NID officer he could shoot.

"She's a kid!

"I know."

"I've heard of them, General."


"Comic books, Sir."

"Comic books?"

"Is there an echo in here?"


"I'm serious, sir. Charlie used to read them."

"What do you know?"

"Not much, but they were part of the title hero group. Kurt's pretty memorable and hard not to recognize. I don't remember much about Kitty, just that she was a kid in the books."

"How would comic book characters appear in the Gateroom?"

"Beats me, that's Carter's department." He picked up one of the photos displayed on the desk. "Although from what I heard earlier, Kitty's pretty smart, too. It'd be interesting to see what she and Carter could come up with."

"Do you believe they are a threat?"

The colonel thought about that, "I think they could become a threat."

"I'll take that under advisement. Just remember, SG-1 is scheduled to go to P3X-382 in two hours. Dismissed."

Jack nodded on his way out.