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Zero couldn't believe what was happening. Yuuki was now a pure-blood, courtesy of Kaname Kuran. That wasn't what surprised him though. What did was the fact that they were siblings. They looked like each other, but he never would have guessed that they were related.

"I don't want to be friends with you anymore, Zero. I think that it would also be better if you didn't come to this school anymore"

Ah, he should have expected that. The chairman looked mortified at what he was hearing. At the same time so did Touga. Then again, they both knew what would happen now because of what she just said.

"Thanks for that I guess."

"What are you saying thank you for? I just said I hated you!"

"You just won me 1000 dollars."


A wind of black rose petals swirled around behind Zero. When they died down a figure stepped out from behind them. It was a girl of about 16 with ankle-length navy blue hair with silver highlights. She had gold cat-like eyes and had the school's day class uniform on. The others could swear that they'd seen her before.

"Where's Ichiru?" The girl asked.

"I don't know. Weren't you supposed to watch him?"

"I'm not his babysitter, Zero."

"Neither am I."

"Yeah, but you're his brother. You should know where he is."

"Do you know where your brothers are, Maiya?"

"No. I owe you 500 for the bet then. Ichiru owes you the rest."

"Yeah, but doesn't he owe you 250?"

Before she could answer a figure came in from the door and tackled Zero.

"Get off me, Ichiru." Ichiru got up and helped Zero to his feet.

"Grandfather sent a car to come get us." Ichiru said.

"How did he find out without anyone telling him?"

"He has spies Zero. You should meet them. One of them makes an awesome grilled cheese."

The others watched the conversation with confusion. Well, except for Cross and Touga. Since when has Zero had any family? They were all killed in the attack, weren't they? And didn't Ichiru hate Zero?

"Bye." Zero and Ichiru chorused, and then all three were gone.

The rest turned to the chairman with confusion on their faces.

"Chairman," Kaname started "What just happened?" Kaname was not happy. Something just happened, and he had no idea what it was. Nor did he have any control over it. Plus Yuuki just chased off Zero. All that work for nothing! He'd just gotten Zero to trust him, and maybe even develop a small crush. Now he was no-one-knows where with his brother who was supposed to hate him and some random girl. This was not a good day for Kaname.

"The story's complicated, and I'm not sure that you'll even want to hear it. Besides you'll have to ask Touga if you want the whole story." All of the eyes that were on the chairman turned to Touga. He sighed and nodded his head in the direction of the glares (Kaname, Kain, and Aido), and the pleading gazes (Yuuki and Ruka.)

"Zero is a pureblood-" Touga began

"That's not possible Touga-san," Kaname interrupted "If he was he wouldn't have been a Level E."

"If you'd stop interrupting me I'll be able to explain it better." Touga snapped. "Zero isn't a pureblood now, but he will be in about three to five days time. You've never heard of the Kiriyu pureblood line, for the family's protection. All the people in the family are born human. They remain that way until their coming-of-age. The ages are different for everyone. Zero's parents were killed because it was the day right before their coming of age, so they were still human. And since Zero was also still human he was able to be turned into a Level E."

"So where is he now?" Yuuki asked

"He's with his grandfather. He lived with him right after his parents died. There was a deal though. Zero was only allowed to leave his grandfather if he accepted. Zero would have to live with the person of his grandfather's choice. He would hide any ability he had unless it was for defense, he was to defend whatever lie his grandfather gave, and he had to pretend to like any person his grandfather choose. That person was you Yuuki. If he was kicked out or openly rejected by any of the people his grandfather chooses, he was to immediately to return to his grandfather's house."

"That doesn't sound so bad." Aido commented.

"You've heard of Voltaire right?" Touga started

"The really rich man that attempted to take over the world through his grandchildren?" Kain replied.

"Yes him. That's Zero's grandfather. The girl you saw was Zero's cousin who is the direct granddaughter if Voltaire. Those three are planned to help him try and take over again. This time trough businesses.

"Well…this sucks" Aido said. The rest couldn't help but agree.

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