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It was a sunny August day in Boston, about 75 degrees, blue skies, Cody Martin sat by the 23rd floor window of his family's suite at the Tipton hotel, looking at the sun reflecting from the glass of the surrounding skyscrapers onto the park below. It was 10am, and owing to it being school holidays Cody's twin brother Zack was still fast asleep in their room. The boys mother, Carey had left to go grocery shopping about 30 minutes previous, the TV was left on in the suite and Cody eventually decided to make his way toward the couch and see what was on, currently CNN was on, airing a report about a terrorist bombing which had taken place at a mall in Arizona a few days previously. "The FBI and homeland security officials are still investigating the bombing which killed 10 and injured 25 in Tucson, Arizona on Tuesday, they believe the group is likely a domestic terrorist organisation, however they have no leads as to which group is behind the attack or what their motives were. There is speculation that this bombing may be linked to a failed bombing of a mall in Salt Lake City last month, where security officials discovered a suspicious package containing an explosive device which failed to detonate" The Reporter was speaking whilst images of the burning building in Tucson flashed across the screen. Cody, being interested in politics had taken a keen interest in the bombing, and he wondered what ideology could drive a person to do something so extreme. "Among the dead in Arizona was 13 year old Twin Thomas Allen, whose brother Greg remains in a coma" continued the reporter. Oh god, that's horrible thought Cody, he couldn't begin to imagine in the twins' parents would be feeling, and he felt sick to his stomach when he began to think about how he would feel if Zack was injured in a bomber, or really, if Zack was injured in any way, Cody began to develop a lump in his throat and tears began to well up as he thought of it. Cody suddenly felt the urge to go into his bedroom, he needed to see Zack, oddly enough, and he felt he had to check that Zack was ok.

Zack was indeed ok, and still sleeping like a log, and Cody managed to assuage his depressing feelings by deciding to himself that as long as Zack was alive, and the they were together, he would be ok himself. Cody would never admit it out loud to anyone, but he loved his brother, in a fraternal way of course, and Zack was the best friend he had ever, and would ever have, together they always had each others backs, no matter how many brotherly squabbles they had.

By now it was 11.30am, Carey still hadn't gotten home, Cody assumed she had gone to get some lunch and window shop for a bit, and Zack still slept like the dead, and so Cody decided he would go downstairs and talk to Maddie and possibly London if she was around. Cody quickly sprawled a note for Carey or Zack explaining his absence from the Suite and headed for the elevator.

When the elevator stopped on the 23rd floor and the doors opened who should Cody meet but London "Oh Hi London, how are you?" asked Cody

"Terrible, my new nail-polish is the wrong shade of pink!" replied London in a genuinely upset tone, while stamping one foot on the ground "oh, im sorry London, that sucks" retorted Cody with just a subtle hint of sarcasm in his voice. "So London, what takes you down to the lobby today then" said Cody, moving the conversation along

"Oh I need someone to tell me how fabulous my new hat looks, and how hot I look in this outfit" replied London. Cody secretly thought to himself that it was true, he had always had a thing for London, but he knew it would never work out, after all, he was a geeky nerd with little muscle tone, and London was a gazillionaire heiress. By now the elevator had reached the Lobby and Cody said "well, good luck with that" in his cheerful tone, before leaving and heading toward the candy counter.

"Hey Maddie, hows it going?" asked Cody

"Oh hey Cody, yeah I'm going OK, I mean, I'm working though, so it could always be better" replied Maddie

"Yeah, well at least you have something to do; I get up way earlier than Zack and so I'm usually stuck with nothing to do and no one to talk to for hours and hours, say Maddie did you see about that bombing in Arizona?" continued Cody

"Yeah I did, what a tragedy, whoever did it is just clearly some evil son of a bitch, I cant understand why someone would want to murder so many innocent people" replied Maddie

"Yeah, me neither" said Cody, and the two discussed the bombings and other current events for the next 30-40 minutes before the conversation dried up and Cody decided to head back up to the suite to see if Zack and woken up yet. "Well, I better head back upstairs Maddie" Said Cody "oh actually, by the way Maddie, what time do you finish work today?" asked Cody

"4.30, why?" replied Maddie

"Want to go to the Mall with Me, Zack and London, you know, hang out, get some dinner and maybe see a movie?" asked Cody hopefully

"Yeah, sounds good, I'll go up to your suite when I finish here then, see you" and the two parted ways.

Back upstairs Cody called London in the penthouse and got a positive response from her regarding the plan for the afternoon, and Zack, having finally arisen from his deep sleep also agreed. Cody was looking forward to the afternoon, him and his three best friends in the world, what could be better.

I've reuped chapter 1 because i wanted to post a message to people on here: and this is please, don't just read this first chapter and stop, i know it starts off kinda slow, but it does get really good later i'm told, so i'm just wanting to please ask people to stick with it because i've noticed from the stats that lots of people are reading this chapter then not reading anymore, so please, i just wanted to post this message! anyway, enjoy! please!