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Chapter 20

"Hello, Yugi." A soft, warm voice greeted.

Looking around, he teen noticed he was in a place he did not recognize, and that he himself was floating. The soft voice came from the woman in front of him. She had long layers of black and yellow, with purple sparkling eyes.

"Mom?" he whispered with uncertainty, his eyes already starting to water.

The woman smiled warmly at her son. "Yes, sweetie, its me."

In an instant, he was wrapped in his mother's arms, unsure and uncaring of how he got there. He hugged her back tightly, as if she would disappear if he released her.

Despite all the nights he wished her dead and proclaimed his hatred for her, it all disappeared seeing her now.

"I'm dreaming, aren't I?" he asked, pulling away from the embrace alittle.

His mom smiled warmly, as she nodded. "Yes, sweetie. I am here in your dreams." she said, once again using the endearment she use to call him when he was younger.

He looked at her. "Where are you? Why have you never came to find me?" he felt like he was five years old again. Though he was far from it.

Her smile wavered alittle, but the warmth was still there. Of course, she had expected the question, didn't mean it was going to make it any easier to answer.

"Where I am is not important, sweetie." she said, pulling her son to her again for another embrace, before pulling away to look at him again. "My, you've grown into a cute and handsome young man." she said, fondly.

Yugi blushed. "Mom." he whined in embarrassment.

He looked at her. "Please don't try to change the subject. Distractions never worked when I was younger, you should have known it wouldn't work now."

She smiled sheepishly. "What I said was the truth, but I thought I'd try." she sighed before speaking again. "You were right when you told your vampire that I loved you and wouldn't have left without taking you with me." she started. "Of course I wouldn't want you to be where I am."

"Where are you exactly?" he asked. He had a feeling that he already knew, but he was hoping that he wasn't right. He was dreading that she would confirm his suspicion. Where else could she be that she couldn't want him to be, or that would prevent her from seeing him?

For the first time since their reunion, the woman in front of him looked away. That was confirmation enough.

"How'd you get there?" he knew the answer already.

"Before you were expected home that night, I went out for a walk to pass the time. I don't remember much. I just remember walking and a twig snapping but before right when I turned around..."

He killed her. He killed his mother for no reason. And he let him live after their last encounter. Next time, he won't be so merciful.

How dare the bastard live after what he did. He growled in his head.

"I have to go, sweetie." his mother's soft voice brought him out of his thoughts. "It's time for you to wake up. Your vampire will worry if I keep you too long." His eyes widen in fear at the thought of his mother leaving.

She chuckled as she looked at him, he noticed that her form was disappearing. "Don't worry, sweetie. I'll be seeing you soon."

With that said, Yugi saw she had fully disappeared. With a shake, the younger was sitting in bed, panting. His heart was beating frantically. He sensed Atemu's presence before he felt arms pull him close and his head rested on the other's chest.

"What did you dream about?"

"My mom." was the soft reply, as he wrapped his arm around the vampire chest, to be closer. "She came to me in my dream and told me that my father…killed her that day before I came home."

The vampire could sense that the younger was angry and sad. He held him tighter.

"Do you want to stay in bed a little longer or get ready for the day?" the vampire asked. He thought a distraction might help.

Reluctantly, the teen got up from bed and walked to the bathroom closing the door behind him.

He walked out twenty minutes later, a towel wrapped around his waist, water dripping down his back and hair. He felt a lot better; more refreshed after his shower.

At first glance, the vampire had to stop himself from jumping the smaller. He would have to learn to control his hormones better especially when the smaller looked like this. He fought the urge to throw him on the bed and lick every ounce of water off his sweet skin.

Soon enough, the two males were dressed and laying down in bed. Atemu was watching Yugi eat breakfast, which was French toast, grapes, and a glass of milk. Atemu noticed that Isis had become more diverse in what was given to the smaller. Probably trying to expand the food he ate.

After breakfast, the two laid down with a peaceful content atmosphere. A knock on their door snapped them out of the trance.

The vampire sensed who was behind the door. 'Come in.'

Seconds later, six males walked into the room, with hesitant steps.

Soon, they were standing at the foot of the bed.

The vampire had sent Bakura a telepathic message to tell him to gather everyone and meet in his chambers. He knew Yugi would be happy to see them. Let alone, Bakura had be bugging him about how much Ryou wanted to see Yugi again, ever sense the group found out he was back.

"Good Morning, Yugi." came the warm greeting from Seto. "How are you this morning?" From the question, Yugi couldn't help but wonder if the vampire had told the group about the dream. It would explain their presence. He shook his head inwardly. It didn't matter. He missed them and he was happy he could finally be with his friends again.

The teen smiled back, now sitting up in bed. "I feel a lot better. How are you?"

"I am-we are a lot better after hearing you were back and safe."

Yugi's smiled wavered slightly at the words. He had been back for the past few days. And he hadn't contacted either of them.

"I'm sorry for not letting you know that I was back."

"It's okay, Yug." Joey said, with a grin. "Isis told us."

Yugi nodded his understanding. He guessed it was because of her they knew.

Joey left out her implied message. From the males snuggling up when they walked in, they already knew part of it. The other part was still in question.

"Aibou," Atemu said, causing the smaller to turn to him. "I'm sure you and the others would like to spend some time together. Why don't you all go play in the garden?"

The BloodLover smiled, hugging the vampire tightly. He missed the other smaller's turning to their taller's asking a silent question. Of course they nodded with smiles.

"Don't forget about the meeting tonight." Marik said, causing Yugi to look at Yami. He was now off the bed and standing by Joey. "Meeting?"

"You can come." he said, with a playful smirk. Yugi blushed and nodded.

"It's mandatory now." Bakura said, in what some would describe as a snapping voice.

Crimson eyes lingered to his friend. "Not for them." he answered simply. "I been told you they didn't have to." Of course he knew they would.

"So why do we?" Bakura asked. By now, the others were gone, laughing as they walked down the hall.

The vampire rolled his eyes. "You know why. Because I said it."

"Why do we have to listen to you?" Atemu sighed. Why was Bakura asking stupid questions? To piss him off? He did make a habit of that on a daily basis.

"King." Atemu said, as if that explained everything and it did. Atemu was King, therefore he made the rules and he could change them whenever he felt the need.

Bakura left the room, muttering about stupid vampire kings and how they shouldn't be allowed to change the rules so frequently. A laughing Seto and Marik behind him.

Hours passed by quickly, and before long the sun set and the sky was once again dark.

Atemu walked through the double doors, and into the golden room. There was a long table in the middle of the room, in front of his throne. He walked over and sat down at the end of the table.

Everyone was already there. His eyes lingered instantly to Yugi who he hadn't seen since that morning. He sensed that the younger had arrived not too long ago.

He knew the teen ate lunch with the others in the garden.

"What's this meeting about?" Atemu asked Seto who was sitting two seats away from his left. He saw that Isis was sitting next to Yugi. He wasn't surprised. He had to remind himself to talk to her after the meeting.

It didn't take long for the meeting to be over. The King looked over at the BloodLover, whose eyes were staring in front of him, looking at a girl with short brown hair, wearing a red dress and red post heart earrings.

Yugi continued looking at her though the girl was oblivious to it. She was too busy talking to the girl next to her, who had blonde hair and blue eyes.

There was a look of recognition and confusion on his face. He recognized her though he couldn't pin point why. He focused on the conversation.

"…we all know he loves me," he heard. "He just doesn't know it yet." the girl grinned.

With those words, Yugi felt a fire in himself ignite unlike one he had ever experienced. He was sure his eyes changed color thought he was unsure what color that might be. A part of him hoped that no one noticed.

Her voice. He knew it. He had heard it about three weeks ago. He was the girl who kissed his vampire and it seemed she still hadn't learned.

The vampire was his. And she wasn't going to take him from him.

A hand on his shoulder ceased his angry thoughts, bringing him back to reality and out of his own mind, only to look around and see that the room was empty except for Isis who was standing at the end of the table. He turned slightly to see Atemu. No doubt the other had felt his rage. No other reason for the smirk on his face.

"Did you want to meet me in our room?" he asked him.

Yugi thought for a moment before nodding, getting up. "I need to calm down." he replied as he walked out the room. Of course he didn't notice the electricity that lingered in the room.

Atemu looked at Isis, feeling the strong current still around despite the smaller's departure from the room.

Isis touched her necklace before her features turned into a knowing smile, looking at her King.

"You wanted to talk to me?" of course they both knew she knew the answer to that.

He nodded nonetheless.

"Are you talking about the BloodLover?"

The vampire nodded again.

"Something occurred." she said, looking at him, while touching her necklace. "Manipulation of emotions. Control." her words were cryptic.

"How?" he said.

"By Yugi of course."

He glared at her.

She laughed. "His powers."

"And that is what happened not too long ago?"

She nodded. "The anger he felt caused them to resurface, changing the atmosphere of the room." she said. "Just like the need he felt for you caused it to be channeled into you. To make you feel it."

'To make me want him.' he thought. Not that he needed anything to influence him.

"Yes." he said, reading his mind.

A thought struck him. "What about his blood?" he asked.

"Since the transfusion?" she asked. "It's still the same. He still has the blood of the tainted innocent."

"What does it mean to have the blood of the tainted innocent?" a voice asked.

The two vampires swiftly turned to the source of the voice to find Yugi standing in the doorway.

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