This is for Fanfic100 on live journal, the prompt being 'Weeks'. None of this belongs to me, it is copyright of The Tee and Charles Addams foundation and Paramount Pictures.

For the care of the Warden, Texas State Penitentiary

Intended for Mr Gomez Addams

No. 166637666

My dearest,

I have so much to tell you. I find that every little instance in the day, any small event that happens I wish to share with you. It is becoming quite the infatuation and in your absence, I find I am exhausting myself mentally documenting every little thing I wish to share with you.

Firstly, with the conveyed air of the coquette you so adore about me, I wish to tell you that I took possession of the gifts you have sent me and that I enjoyed them very much. The postman looked nothing but embarrassed, for he is but an adolescent and though I know you continually insist he holds a candle for me; I wager today that any such flame was diminished when he handed over the package.

I must say, my darling, I had no idea that in your absence you would be so inventive with your gifts. I imagine you think I need things to entertain myself and for such adoring consideration, I thank you. My inventiveness is only equal to your own and I promise, I will keep you awake when you return home.

Nevertheless the children are entertainment and time consuming enough, what with Wednesday having started school. She enjoys it very much, particularly the academic aspect but unfortunately she has had some trouble with the teachers and the children who have been calling her awful names. Of course, Pugsley is adept to this but I still tell them, 'Some people are rude and intolerable but must be tolerated if they cannot be destroyed. And we must always destroy them in the most subtle way possible. ' ( I do not doubt you will agree)

And while of course my advice never falls of deaf ears with our vicious little spawn, Wednesday is so wonderfully measured in her way of thinking that she never acts without taking everything into account. I am so woefully proud f her, Gomez. But Pugsley has already twice been suspended for hurting another pupil. I firmly believe that whichever path they choose to take and whichever advice they choose to act on, they are right. Of both I am immensely proud. Especially now that our little boy has mastered the art of TNT, which we only purchased him this Christmas past.

We had fun today, sitting at the edge of the swamp on a blissfully grey day. In your absence of these past few weeks, I have taken to reading as much as I did in the days before I met you. So I took with me a copy of Faust as well as the picnic Mamma and Lurch had packed for us and the children played at the edge all day, smothering Thing in the mud until he writhed for air and then letting him up. You would have enjoyed it.

More than that though, I have decided upon all of the festivities for Christmas and the wonderful winter holidays that will soon be falling upon us. Cousin Pyro has promised to join us for an all round glum celebration, joining us for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Sadly, your absence has created in me this uncomfortable wish to fill my days with endless plans. I need to have you here my love so I can fill my days with you.

In all honesty, mon cher (I hope this insists upon you as much as it does in reality) I miss you terribly and only want you to see how well our little family is coming along. Even in the few weeks of your absence they have grown and I hate to think you will miss any of it.

But more importantly, my wonderful companion, you must return to your husbandly duties and the empty side of the bed. I cannot bear to be without you.

I beg of you, finish your business soon and wrap up the liable accusation so that you can return to where you belong.

Yours always,