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Meant To Be

Chapter 18

Harry stretched his arms over his head, Wynter in held tightly in his hands as he zoomed her around the living room, her laughter echoing in the small hidden cottage on the outskirts of a muggle town. He so enjoyed making his little girl laugh and it was so easy to do so, any little thing made her happy. She was always happy, and now so was Harry and it was because of Tom.

As hard as it was to believe that Tom could do such a thing to him, it did. He found himself enjoying his company when he came over to see Wynter, talking to him, and now being in his arms when they made love. Because he realized that was what it was now, it was no longer just sex between them especially with the agreement they made. It originally had been agreed that once a week to just keep them suitably maintained, but of course like their kisses, it evolved into two times a week, then three. Now it was like every other day, and there was no argument when they did. Both Harry and Tom easily fell into bed with each other as any other couple did.

Harry paused as that thought processed in his mind. Did I really just think that we were a couple? He shook his head to clear it, but he couldn't stop the speeding of his heart nor the butterflies in his stomach. He brought Wynter down and cradled her close. "It's not possible is it?" he asked her.

Wynter looked up at him with her big green eyes and yawned, then gave him a sleepy smile.

Harry smiled, "Tired, are you? Guess it's time for a nap." She yawned again and nestled herself against him as he walked into her bedroom to sit in the rocking chair to rock her to sleep. "It's never going to be simple for us, is it?" he said softly to her as he rubbed her back, "I guess it's the curse of being a Potter, nothing's ever easy." Wynter gazed up at him with sleepy eyes but filled with adoration for him and Harry smiled down at her and gently nuzzled her. "Not that we want it to be easy, right. We would be so bored." Eventually, she fell asleep and he placed her in the crib, tucking her in. "Sleep tight, baby girl."

Harry softly backed out of the door and gently closed it and headed back to the living room. He was startled when he sensed someone there and his hand was halfway to his wand before he realized who it was. Tom stood there in the process of taking off his outer robe, Harry had obviously caught him off guard.

"Hi," Harry whispered.

Tom glanced around, "Hi," he whispered back.

"I wasn't expecting you today, you startled me," Harry whispered again.

"I was able to get away, so I came over...why are we whispering?" Tom said in a whisper.

Harry laughed, "Sorry," he said normally. "Habit I guess. I literally just put Wynter down for her nap."

Tom looked at the clock on the wall and his face fell, "Oh...can I...?" he asked.

"Sure, just be quiet. You don't want to wake her."

"Okay," Tom said going back to a whisper.

Harry smiled and Tom deposited his robe on the couch and went down the hall to see his daughter. While he waited, Harry picked up toys off the floor and put his lunch dishes in the sink to clean.

"She's out," Tom said from behind him.

"Yeah. Sorry, you missed her. She'll be down for a few hours."

"That's okay, it's my fault. I didn't look at the time."

"Mmm," Harry hummed as he washed another plate, "Are you going to go back?"

Arms encircled him and pulled him back against a firm chest. "No," Tom whispered in his ear, before kissing his neck.

Harry blushed slightly and tried to pull away, "Tom, you're distracting me. I have to get this done," he said gesturing to the dirty dishes.

"It will be there later," Tom muttered.

"I don't want them to be there later." But of course, as always, Tom accomplished what he wanted, he was very good at that. For a moment, Harry basked in the attention of Tom's lips on his neck and his hand sliding up his shirt.

He turned off the running water and turned around toward Tom, "You are impossible," he muttered before Tom's mouth captured his in a heated kiss. He pulled away after a minute and walked out of the kitchen, "I have so much stuff to do."

"Yes you do," Tom said, catching his arm and pulling Harry against him.

"You are not on my list," Harry commented dryly.

"Then put me on top," Tom said in his ear.

"How about the bottom," Harry said and turned and pushed Tom so that he fell onto the couch where he straddled him.

Tom rose an eyebrow in amusement but said nothing as he settled back against the couch, sliding his hands against Harry's thighs, caressing them through his jeans. "I don't do bottom," Tom said, a slight warning in his voice. He did not like giving up control.

"You will today," Harry said, ignoring the light threat and kissing him deeply.

"I'm still fucking you," Tom muttered between kisses.

"I know," Harry said and started unbuttoning Tom's shirt.

"You are very forward today."

"I'm in a good mood. Now be quiet and kiss me."

"Bossy," Tom said with a smile and complied.

Shirts were taken off, followed by pants until they were skin against skin, gliding against each other eagerly. Harry leaned forward to give access to Tom's probing fingers and they gently eased into him, slickening and widening his hole for his cock. When he was deemed prepared enough, Harry lifted himself on his knees and scooted up so Tom's cock was positioned at his entrance and gently guided it inside him.

They both groaned as Tom slid fluidly into him, filling Harry up to the hilt.

-You feel so good- Tom hissed in Parseltongue.

Harry shivered as the soft hisses reached him and he fully sat in Tom's lap; just reveling in the fullness. -You do too- Harry hissed back unconsciously, his eyes slipping closed. -I feel so full- His eyes snapped open as he realized what he just said and was met with red tinted blue eyes full of lust and desire. Tom grabbed his hips and pulled them down as Tom pushed up and unbelievably, he slid in even further. "Oh God!" he gasped.

"Ride me, sweetheart," Tom whispered gazing up at him.

Harry flushed slightly then hesitated for a moment, unsure of how to proceed. Making a guess, he curled his legs on either side of Tom slowly rocked himself. He gasped again as pleasure shot down his spine and spread all over making him shiver so he did it again and picked up the pace, creating those waves of pleasure for them both. Putting one foot on the floor, Harry slowly lifted himself before dropping back down to impale himself on Tom's cock. He cried out at the sudden intense pleasure and did it again to feel it again.

"That's it," Tom encouraged, holding onto his hips, groaning as he was engulfed in the tight, hot heat.

Harry mirrored the action again. Up and down, then again and again. Up...down...up...down... he went, holding onto Tom's arms to hold himself up as he set a steady pace for himself. "I-Is this okay?" he asked softly, he had no idea if he was doing it right or not.

"Does it feel good?" Tom whispered into his ear. Harry nodded, unable to say what he was feeling because it felt really, really good and how could he say something like that? "Then you're doing it right."

"But...what about you?"

"I'm inside you, what do you think?" Tom said and playfully bit his ear.

Harry blushed and turned his face away in embarrassment and Tom chuckled in amusement. Not wanting to be bested by him, Harry grounded his hips down and a sharp hiss escaped Tom's lips. Harry smirked triumphantly but it didn't last long as Tom rolled his own hips upward causing a gasp to come from him and unable to hold it back, he groaned.

"I can play too," Tom said as he ran his hands over Harry's sensitive nipples and down his sides.

"Ah! That's not fair," he gasped.

"I don't do fair," Tom whispered against his throat, placing a few kisses.

"No, I suppose not," Harry said dryly, but he smiled and leaned down for another searing kiss.

They settled into an easy pace as Harry grew more comfortable in his new role complete with heated kisses, twirling tongues, and rolling hips as they tried to please each other. It was hard work, Harry found, to be on top; while yes it felt really good, he felt his body starting to tire, but with Tom's continued encouragement, he continued to bounce on Tom's cock with enthusiasm.

The pleasure built up slowly, bringing him oh so close; he could feel the pressure building up inside him, ready to spring loose. Harry rocked his hips, grinding himself down as he felt his impending orgasm and judging by the tight grip Tom had on his hips, he was close too. He continued to bounce as the pressure and pleasure built and built and built until...

The door bell rang.

Harry turned toward the door, startled and his brain quickly caught up with him. "Oh fuck! It's Saturday!" he breathed stilling his movements.

"So?" Tom asked.

"So? Ron and Hermione come over on Saturdays!" he exclaimed. He eased himself up, allowing Tom to slip out of him and reached for his clothes.

"Tell them to go away," Tom said irritated and tried fruitlessly to get Harry to come back.

"I can't do that. They don't know about you and if they find out, then they'll tell Dumbledore..." Harry trailed off.

They both know what would happen then. Not only would Tom not be able to see Harry, he would never see his daughter again. Like hell that was going to happen. He signed grudgingly and got up, still painfully erect, and started putting his clothes back on that Harry threw at him.

At the door, the knocking persisted, both Ron and Hermione calling Harry's name.

"Coming!" Harry called, voice muffled by his shirt as he put it on. He turned to Tom, "You need to leave." He glanced around trying to find a way out, but there was none. It was times like this he wished they had a back door. He glanced at the window.

"I am not going out the window!" Tom hissed at him as he followed Harry's gaze.

"Well, then you need to hide," Harry said taking Tom's arm to lead him down the hall. A click from the door alerted Harry that Hermione had unlocked the door and he panicked and opened the nearest door, which happened to be a closet.

"Harry! You are not putting me-"

Harry shoved Tom inside and closed the door as the front door opened.

"Harry?" Hermione called out looking around.

"Hi," he said breathlessly, his back to the door.

"Everything okay, mate?" Ron asked.

"Yeah, yeah. Everything's good. Just cleaning up."

"Do you have someone over?" Hermione asked cautiously.

"No, why?" Harry asked, then spotted the robe on the couch, Tom's robe. He groaned internally and cursed himself for not seeing it before.

"You seem a little... flustered."

"Do I?" Harry asked, his mind racing as he moved over to the couch and casually picked up the robe and draped it over his arm, "Well...I just got back from the store so I was putting stuff away."

"Oh," Hermione said, "Need any help?"

"No, everything's put away already," he said and placed the robe in the coat closet by the front door. He turned around and blushed as he saw Ron sit down on the couch...right, where he had been riding Tom a few minutes before. He closed his eyes and tried to calm himself down. "What is it?" he asked Hermione as he saw her looking around.

"When we were outside, I thought I heard voices..."

Harry nearly freaked out at the words, "N-No one is here, just me. I was talking to myself, you know, listing the things I had to do. I tend to do that a lot."

"Oh, okay. So what have you been up to?"

Harry breathed a sigh of relief as the topic shifted, "Oh nothing much, just keeping busy..." he said and settled into an easy conversation with Ron and Hermione, yet he was distracted by what was sure to be Tom's death glare penetrating through the closet door.

"Did you read about the Cannons yesterday? It was so close!" Ron said, turning the topic to sports as Hermione got up to make tea.

"Oh, I know, I couldn't believe it! Just one more shot and they could have made it to the finals."

"Ugh, so close..." Ron said hanging his head.

"Well, there's always next year."

"Yeah...Say, didn't you say you had found something the other day..."

"Oh yeah! It was a poster of the Cannons, but it wasn't moving. I thought it was weird being in a muggle store."

"Did you buy it?" Ron asked excitedly.

"Yeah, I was going to give it to you."

"You didn't have to..." Ron said, scratching his head in embarrassment.

"It's okay. You're a bigger Cannon's fan than I am."

"Where is it?"

"It's in...the...closet," Harry said slowly.

"I'll get it," Ron said getting up.

"No!" Harry exclaimed jumping up in a panic, "I got it."

"Um...okay," Ron said looking at him strangely, but he sat back down.

Harry smiled slightly and went toward the closet door cautiously, completely aware that Tom was behind it. He's going to be so mad, he thought and opened the door slowly. Behind the door, Tom stood holding the rolled up poster Harry was looking for and glaring at him.

"Sorry," Harry mouthed at him and looked at him apologetically as he took the poster from him. He glanced back at Ron and Hermione and saw that Ron was flipping through a magazine that was on the table and Hermione was still in the kitchen; both distracted. He quickly opened the closet wider and pulled Tom out of the closet and pushed him toward the hallway. Tom took the hint and went the rest of the way himself, but not before stealing a kiss from him.

Harry blushed slightly and closed the closet door, "Found it!" he announced unrolling the poster in front of his face as he tried to calm himself down.

"Awesome!" Ron exclaimed as Harry handed it to him, "and you found it in town?"

"Yup, it was just sitting in the back gathering dust, no one knew what it was."

"Glad they didn't," Ron said admiring it.

Harry nodded and glanced toward the hallway, wondering what Tom was doing.

"You are not hanging that up in our room, Ronald," Hermione said coming into the living room with the tea tray, ignoring Ron's "aw" and put off expression. "Harry? You okay?" Hermione asked as she set it down and handed him a cup.

"Yeah, fine. Why?"

"You seem distracted."

"Do I? Sorry."

"You know, if you're busy..." she trailed off.

"I'm not. Everything's fine."

Hermione nodded but didn't look convinced. "Anyways, is it true that you don't want to come back?"

Harry looked at both of their serious faces, "Dumbledore told you?" He asked. At their nod, he sighed, "Yeah it's true. I just...I have Wynter to think about now, and she needs me. I'm not going to just go out there and risk my life, while she's by herself and Merlin forbid that something happens to me? I mean I know she has you guys, but...I know what it's like to live without parents, I don't want to do that to my daughter. I told Dumbledore all this when he visited last week."

"We know mate," Ron said, "You don't have to convince us."

"Ron's right Harry; we are on your side. Really, we weren't very surprised when Dumbledore told us that you were pulling out of the war. It's kind of expected; you being a single parent and all."

"Yeah, Dumbledore understood too, but he seemed, how do I put it...put out," Ron said.

"Yeah, he did seem that way when I told him. I do feel bad that I'm letting everyone down. I am supposed to be the Savior and all." Ron and Hermione nodded in understanding and he continued. "But I never did ask for this, I was pushed into it and I didn't complain because I wanted to help. But now I have Wynter and she's my whole world and now my top priority."

"I get it. But I don't know how the rest of the order is going to take it," Ron said.

"Dumbledore hasn't told them yet?" Harry asked.

"No," Hermione said with a shake of her head, "I guess he's waiting for the right moment."

"That and he has to make some sort of excuse as to why Harry's not coming back. He can't tell them the truth, " Ron added.

Harry grimaced, "I didn't think about that. He already has so much on his plate with Voldemort too." He sighed, "Now I really feel bad."

"Don't be. We aren't doing much anyway."

"What do you mean?" Harry asked confused.

"He means that there has been little to no activity from Voldemort or his Death Eaters in months," Hermione explained, "there are raids once in a while but they seem kind of pointless like it's for show...I don't know how to explain it."

"I bet he's planning something big," Ron said, rubbing his hands together, "but we'll be ready."

Harry looked down and bit his lip as he thought. He hasn't done anything? Why? He wasn't sure what to think of it, Tom was very ambitious, he knew that ever since he met him during his second year, so it wasn't like him to not be doing anything. Ron did have a point though, he could be doing something big...No stop it, you're not a part of it anymore...but it's not like I stopped caring...ugh... It was so confusing, all because he was currently sleeping with said person making the big plans. And it wasn't like Harry could ask him, that was one of their unspoken agreements; Tom wouldn't bring his "work" home and Harry wouldn't needle him with questions or yell at him with what he did. The cottage was neutral territory for them both.

"Harry, you don't have to worry okay," Hermione said, laying a hand on his arm, "we'll figure things out."

"Yeah, we're not so bad that we have to rely on you all the time. Just focus on your cute daughter," Ron said with a grin and Harry grinned back.

"Speaking of, how's Wynter?"

Harry's face lit up, letting the previous conversation go, "She's great! She's getting so big, I keep having to buy her new clothes."

"Aw! How cute!" Hermione gushed, "Where is she?"

"Taking a nap."

"We missed her? Aw," Ron said with a pout.

"We can still see her though," Hermione said getting up. Ron jumped up eagerly and followed her.

"You can't just wait, can you?" Harry teased.

"Of course not, not when it comes to my god-daughter," she said and opened the door to Wynter's room.

Hermione and Ron went straight to the crib and looked in on her and started gushing about how cute she was, Harry on the other hand immediately noticed that the rocking chair against the wall was moving slightly. No, no, no! This can't be happening! Please don't tell me... he turned slightly and looked behind him...to see Tom against the back wall, hiding behind the door.

Harry's eyes widened as he realized his friends and Tom, aka Voldemort, were in the same room! Tom only shrugged and smirked, (or was that a smile?) and Harry knew that Tom was amused at the situation, he would be too if he weren't completely panicking. He turned back to see if Ron and Hermione were looking, and seeing that they weren't, made a shooing gesture behind him to get Tom to move.

"She is getting big," Hermione gushed in a whisper.

"I know," Harry said from behind her, watching out of the corner of his eye as Tom moved slowly away from the wall and inched his way to the door.

"How old is she now?" Hermione asked, turning slightly, "6 months?"

Tom froze behind him and Harry quickly came forward to block their view of him. "Yes, she's 6 months. Well no, more like 5 1/2 months."

"Wow," Hermione said turning to look down at Wynter as she slept and Harry let out the breath he had been holding.

Tom crept up behind him as he made it the rest of the way to the door, "You owe me," he breathed into his ear, grabbed Harry's ass and was gone out the door.

Harry couldn't help the little yelp that escaped his mouth when Tom grabbed him and Ron and Hermione turned around toward him.

"Harry? You okay?" Hermione asked.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm fine," he said, his cheeks turning red. Damn you, Tom!

"Are you sure mate? You don't seem like yourself," Ron said.

"Ron's right Harry. You've been really distracted today."

"No, no. I'm fine. Really," Harry said trying to reassure them as he followed them out of Wynter's room and back to the living room.

"You know if you have someone over, you can just tell us," Hermione said.

"There's no one here," Harry said frustrated.

Ron and Hermione looked at each other and gave each other a look, and then Ron moved over to the jacket closet to retrieve their robes. "You sure?" Hermione asked turning to Harry.

"Yes! What are you doing?" Harry asked as they put their robes back on.

"Going home so you can be alone or not alone," Ron said with a knowing smile.

"Oh my god! For the last time, I do not have a boyfriend!" Harry cried out in expatriation.

"There is nothing wrong with seeing someone, Harry."

"Yeah, even though you have a daughter, nothing should stop you from being happy. And you are- happy; I can tell." Hermione said.

Harry stood there speechless; he was really touched that they thought that way, but they didn't know the truth. The truth that he was seeing and sleeping with the enemy behind their backs. He was frightened what they would think of him if they found out. He didn't want to disappoint them. "I'm not..." Harry said eventually, the fight no longer in his voice.

"Well, then when you're ready to tell us, we'll be here to listen," Hermione said with a kind smile.

"Until then, you can be with your not-boyfriend," Ron said teasingly.

"Oh god," Harry groaned covering his face with his hands.

"We'll see you mate."

"Bye Harry." With that, the door closed and they were gone.

Harry dropped his hands from his face and stared blankly at the door. That did not just happen, he thought. Oh god, what am I going to do? Wait, wait. Don't panic, just because they think I'm seeing someone doesn't mean that they know it's Tom. He nodded to himself, besides they are right, I can see someone if I wanted to. I mean, I'm out here all by myself with Wynter, I'm bound to meet someone out here. Harry nodded to himself again and calmed down. Everything would be fine, he just hoped this wouldn't come back at him and bite him in the ass. He sighed and walked to his bedroom when he knew Tom would be.

Opening the door he found Tom on his bed, his back propped back against the headboard, reading a newspaper that he got from who knows where. Tom glared at him from over the newspaper, but he ignored it and walked to the bed where he collapsed face first.

"Are they gone?" Tom asked, and Harry heard the rustling of the paper moving.

"Yeah, but now they think I have a boyfriend. I'm not sure if that is a good or bad thing."

"Are you cheating on me, Harry?" Tom said, his voice serious.

"You would be the boyfriend, asshole," Harry replied. Tom said nothing, and Harry turned his head to look at him to find him looking off, lost in his thoughts. Harry sighed and closed his eyes. "I guess I could find someone in town to pretend to be my boyfriend. It would get them off my back. We can go out a few times and-"

He was cut off by abruptly being turned onto his back and Tom's face inches from his own, blue eyes narrowed. "I don't share," Tom said flatly and kissed him deeply.

Harry gasped in surprise and was immediately invaded by Tom's talented tongue. They pulled apart for air and gazed at each other as they caught their breath. "I said pretend you know," Harry said breathlessly.

"Shut up," Tom said and kissed him again. Their tongues dueled together as they fought for control until Harry gave in and just let Tom kiss him. They eventually trailed off down his jaw to his neck where Tom sucked lightly. "You still owe me," he murmured.

Harry couldn't help but smile in remembrance; he bet he was the only one to stuff the Dark Lord into a closet. "I know."

"It's not funny."

"Yes, it is."

Tom glared down at him before pulling away, grabbing Harry's waist and tugging him so that their positions were reversed. Harry glanced down at Tom in slight confusion, as he was now straddling him; it had happened really fast.

"You have to finish what you started," Tom whispered against his throat, trailing little kisses downward as he unbuttoned his shirt.

"Oh," Harry said a little flustered, "okay." He sucked in a breath as Tom reached his nipple and pulled it into his mouth. He groaned and grabbed Tom's hair in the back to pull his head back.

"Ow," Tom complained.

"Deal with it," Harry said and leaned down to kiss him again; grounding his backside down onto Tom's already hard erection, or it could have already been hard from earlier. The thought made Harry almost giddy and he rocked his hips harder.

Tom growled and becoming impatient, with a swipe of his hand, he used his magic to make their clothes disappear onto the floor. Harry gasped as the cool air hit his warm skin and quickly sought Tom's warmth by wrapping his arms around Tom's neck and pressing himself close to him.

"So eager," Tom said huskily.

"Shut up, I should be saying that to you," Harry murmured and Tom hummed in slight agreement.

Harry smiled mischievously before taking a finger and lightly running it over the head of Tom's cock that was in front of him and trailing it down the hard length; he really enjoyed watching Tom's expression change from amusement to surprised arousal. He was really surprised at himself for being able to do this, it wasn't really like him, but it was worth it to see the look on Tom's face. Feeling courageous, he took two of his fingers and slid them into his mouth, sucking on them to coat them with saliva, then reached behind him to his entrance to see if he was prepared enough; with his other hand he continued to stroke Tom leisurely.

He watched the red in Tom's eyes become more prominent so that they were a mix of blue and red, a sure sign that he was turned on as if the erection in his hand wasn't proof enough. It was only this way that Harry could one up him, make him speechless, drive him crazy...it was well worth it though.

Harry lifted himself to his knees to get better access, sliding his fingers inside of himself as he gazed down at Tom; lightly giving him teasing kisses. He felt Tom's hands, warm on his skin trail down his sides and his back, before Tom's fingers joined his own, reaching deeper inside him. Harry blushed and turned his head away slightly in embarrassment, he glanced at Tom out of the corner of his eye and saw a slow smirk spreading on his face. No! I can't back down now, focus. He took a deep breath and let it out before pushing back against the fingers and moaning as they moved deeper. Harry ground himself down onto them for a moment before taking his fingers and Tom's out, taking a hold of Tom's cock and positioning it behind him, he slowly took it deeply into himself.

"Ah!" Harry cried out as his sweet spot was rubbed against.

"Merlin, Harry. You took me all in," Tom hissed against his ear.

"I've had a lot of practice," Harry said breathlessly, wrapping his arms around Tom's neck. Mimicking his position from earlier, he placed his knees on either side of Tom and started to bounce in his lap, creating that earth shattering pleasure.

-Feel good?- Tom hissed, placing his hands on Harry's hips to guide him up and down.

-Yesss- Harry hissed back, rocking his hips and doing anything to make him feel good.

-Good- Tom said and lightly sucked a nipple into his mouth, bathing it with his tongue.

Harry gasped at the stimulation and whimpered as Tom continued to lap at his sensitive nipples. With the pleasure they created together and the fact that they were still aroused from earlier. It didn't take them long to come and when they did, it was as strong and powerful as ever.

Afterward, they laid there next to each other, just listening to each other breathing.

"We should do that more often," Tom muttered after a while.

"We do it often enough."

"Not what I meant."

Harry knew that, and he agreed. Riding Tom was one hell of an experience and was really, really good. Of course, next time they had to make sure they were not interrupted. The thought made him smile, then laugh and he kept laughing.

Tom looked at him strangely as Harry lost control, "Are you dying?"

Harry shook his head and tried to calm himself down. "You were really cutting it close today," he finally said.

Tom smiled slightly, "I know. I've never had to sneak around like that before."

"No? I have, but not like this, there usually was danger involved."

"And that wasn't dangerous?" Tom asked.

Harry thought for a moment, "Yeah, maybe it was. We'll be more careful next time."

"Definitely," Tom agreed, "I still can't believe you locked me in a closet."

"I'm sorry, I panicked," Harry murmured.

"You owe me."

"What do you mean? I thought I already paid you back," Harry said looking over at him.

"Oh no, riding me is not enough to pay me back for the trauma I experienced in there."

"You were not traumatized in there," Harry said incredulously.

"So traumatized," Tom murmured pulling Harry back against him so that they were spooning, a position that they had been in many times before.

"You were not."


"Oh suck it up," Harry said with a laugh.

"Comfort me," Tom muttered against his neck, but Harry could feel the smile on his lips.

"I thought you were supposed to be a Dark Lord."

"Not right now."

Harry smiled and settled back against Tom. He was right, there was no good or bad in this house, only them. Tom, him and Wynter, their own strange little family. And Harry was fine with that.

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