This Is Not My Life

By LeaCharmedOne aka BambiScott

Summary: Peter Petrelli wakes up from a coma to find out the powers and the people he thought he knew are all fake. Is Peter dreaming or is this is real life? AU Paire Mayinder Trathan Eylar

Disclaimer: I do not own heroes I'm a fan of the show and want to write something fans will enjoy.

AN: I'll be using a lot of characters from different seasons and what not so try to follow along. This will be my first heroes chapter fic which means its more then one chapter and I will do my best to finish this fic!


One week ago.

He rushed into the hospital grabbing the first doctor he saw. His brother was wake! They had all lost hope since it had been one month already since the accident. The blonde next him grabbed his shoulder.

"Nathan. He is wake. It will all be ok."

Her blue-green eyes sparkle at him as he nods his head going to the room. He poked his head in seeing his baby brother watching tv and eating blue jello. What a relief Peter was finally awake now they could be a family again.

Peter smiled at his brother who walked into his hospital room. The doctors hadn't told him much and now hopefully he could get some answers now that his big brother was here.

"Hey Pete."


Peter mumbled as his brother hugged him. The tight hug lasted a little longer then usual. Peter looked at the door way seeing a blonde hair women smiling like a school girl. Nathan walked over to the women grabbing her hand almost dragging her into the room.

"Someone couldn't wait to see you." Nathan winked at Peter before heading to the door. "I'll give you two a couple minutes."

Peter looked at Nathan in a confused manner as his brother shut the door. That left him and her alone which was very strange. She smiled at him so he gave a big smile back not sure about the look in her eyes.


"You remember me!"

Claire screamed in excitement as she ran and jumped on the hospital bed hugging Peter who was still in shock at the women's actions. After Claire leaned back out of the hug though her arms still wrapped around Peter's neck she touched his cheek while just looking at him.

"I missed you so much baby."

"What did you just call me?"

Peter questioned not sure what was happening till Claire started to kiss him. Peter's eyes grew huge as he let her kiss him not sure what he was doing after all she was his niece.


Peter sat up from laying on the couch running his hands through his hair looking distraught. What was happening to him? Was he crazy? His whole life felt empty now because of this problem. Peter looked at the man then looks at his hands putting them to his face not sure what was happening.

"So you're telling me I don't have powers. All the people I think I know are not the way I think they are. Oh yeah and Claire isn't my niece she is my girlfriend. What kind of drugs do you think I'm on?"

The doctor looked at Peter who was now looking out the window turning back once and awhile. This was common among his patients who just woke up from a coma after a horrible accident.

"Peter for the last time. You woke up from a coma your brain mixed wires while you were out. Whatever dream you had while in the coma uses the people and places you know to create something new. Whatever you dreamed up the powers, the family even the Company as you call it. Its all fake Peter that wasn't your life before the coma and its not your life now."

Peter looked back out the window looking down on Kirby Plaza. If this wasn't the life he remembered living would he be able to make his life work?

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