This Is Not My Life

By LeaCharmedOne aka BambiScott

Summary: Peter Petrelli wakes up from a coma to find out the powers and the people he thought he knew are all fake. Is Peter dreaming or is this is real life? AU Paire Mayinder Trathan Eylar

Chapter Summary: Peter talks to Isaac and finds out the truth.

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I'm in no way trying to offend gay relationships. I just like to pick on Peter.

Chapter 7 He Wasn't Different

Ok. Maybe he wasn't different. Peter thought as he walked into Isaac's loft spotting painting supplies scattered around everywhere in sight. His eyes dart to the counter where he sees a flashback of needles laying there. Drugs? Isaac had been into heroin in his coma life and seeing his loft it looked like he was the same person in either world.

"Hello?" Peter calls out knowing there is a back room where Isaac must be hiding. Knowing him hiding was a good thing. He sits down on a stool waiting till the man enters the room. "Isaac?"

Isaac strolls out of the back with buckets of paint as he looks at his friend. "Took you long enough to show up." He states placing them on the floor walking closer to where Peter is at.

"It wasn't like you came around either Isaac. So what's your problem?" Peter questions hoping to get anything out of his so called best friend.

Isaac shuts his eyes putting his hands to his face before opening them. "You're amnesia boy so I'll let that slide." He sits down across from Peter before looking around his eyes go straight to a picture of them. "So how are you anyways?"

Peter looks at him as he eyes the picture himself. This was getting to be a common question he would rather not deal with. The only thing he knew about this real life Isaac was that they had been best friends for years. He figured out he still drew comic books when Micah had showed him one when he was watching the kids yet again.

"I'm great just wondering why everyone in my life who is important has been able to see me since I woke up besides my best friend." Peter harshly stated at him hoping he would reveal the truth sooner or later.

"I was busy." Isaac muttered as he got out his paint brushes fixing them so they all faced the same way. "You just showed up too remember."

"Busy!" Peter glared at Isaac wondering if he thought he was a comic. "We been friends since we were teenagers."

"Try since we were six."

Peter rolls his eyes at him hoping to get any answers at all. "Doesn't matter. A best friend shows up when the other one wakes up from a coma."

Isaac only shrugs and goes back to his brushes. "So I hear everything is well on the Petrelli front." Peter eyes him as if he were telling him he wasn't done with the fight though Isaac clearly doesn't want to continue he changes topic. "Gabe called me about Elle and Claire's accident. I'm just glad they didn't get hurt worst than they did."

Peter nods remembering the dream he had had before his brother woke him up to that drama. "Yeah. I need to ask you something."

Isaac stops working on his brushes and shakes his head. "I can't tell you what happened Peter?"

"Why? I should know."

"No you don't."

"Yes I do." Peter looks at his friend. "Come on Isaac."

"NO!" Isaac slams his hands down on the table meeting Peter's eyes with his own. "I won't tell you. It…it." Isaac looks at him with a look of shame on his face.

Peter can sense something was off as the way his friend is looking at him. "What is it?" He knew the next words out of Isaac's mouth would be the ones he had been waiting to hear. The ones he had been searching for since he woke up in this strange world.

The truth.

"I put you in that coma Pete."

"What?" Did he run me over? Peter looks at him not sure how to answer that till he sees a picture of Isaac and Simone. "Where's Simone?"

Isaac's hands start shaking as he now looks everywhere but at Peter. This was all getting out hand. Peter takes Isaac's hands holding them down for a second till the man looked at him. "What happened?"

"You loved her." Peter looks at him not sure who he meant. "Simone." He states seeing his friend's confusion. "She was like your sister but she liked you more then that I'm sure of it." He looks to the picture then back at him. "When you found out that she had been using again you came to for me help but…" He shakes his head lowering it knowing the outcome of the ordeal. "I told you to wait that we would get her help right after the press conference I was doing at comic con."

Peter looked around the room now piecing together the scene he had in his head from the coma life. "You shot her?"

He looks at Peter giving him a what the hell look. "No. Guns don't play a part. You didn't listen and came over that's when she tried to seduce you after all she was high and I hadn't been the best companion."

Peter looks at him now shaking his head hoping he didn't do anything with her. "I didn't?"

"Please," Isaac gives him a look. "Like Mr. Boy Scout would do that. She slipped you a pill made you high as hell that's when you decided you could fly."

Peter lowers his head. So everything about his powers was a lie. He really thought he was in a messed up reality but from what he was hearing this was real as real life could get. That's when it hit him. He had remembered what happened to him in some aspect. He in his coma life remembered being on a building's rooftop yelling at Nathan that he could fly.

"I jumped off a roof?"

Isaac nods then shakes his head. "Now you are remembering after I tell you. You called me and said you tried to make her stop but couldn't and now you were flying boy. When I pulled up I was just in time to see you jump."

Peter shakes his head knowing that he cause Isaac pain just as he had done in his coma life. "What happened to Simone?"

"Shot up all the heroin before you could stop her. She was dead before you wanted to jump." Isaac runs his hands through his hair then looks at Peter. "You couldn't save her and that killed you Pete. You wanted to help save everybody."

Peter sits there lost in thought till he states from out of nowhere. "You haven't seen me cause you hate me for killing Simone."

"What?" Isaac grabs Peter's hands looking at him right in the eyes. "No. Simone killed herself you didn't. I haven't been around because that day I lost the two most important people in my life. Just because you were in a coma didn't mean you weren't gone. Now you don't remember much and I'm not sure I can be your friend to help you get it back."

Peter nods at his friend trying to understand if he had been put on the spot as he just did with Isaac. He finely felt like he got some sense of himself because of what had happen. "Ok so we forget all of it and go back to the way things were." He stands up. "So do I help you paint or something?"

"Sure." Isaac grins getting up walking over to an easel looking back at Peter. "Now strip down so I can get to the painting."

"What?" Peter shouts looking at the painting that was half way done. It was him bare chested with the painting not complete under his belly button.

Isaac rolls his eyes as he hands him a picture of Peter and Claire at the beach. "I was drawing the picture you gave me awhile back. God everyone knows your gay anyways." Peter glares at him ready to yell back before Isaac cuts him off. "I mean hell with that emo boy hair cut you got going on you're a bright sign saying gayness over here."

Peter sees his friend's playful smile which makes him have to laugh himself. "Bar?"

Isaac grins nodding at Peter. "Bar."



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