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Chapter Fourteen

"Cub, what have you done?"

Hermione shook her head and pushed closer to Fenrir's chest.

"Where did you go for a month?"

There was an edge to Fenrir's voice. He wanted to be furious, but not while Hermione remained distraught.

"I went to the Order of the Phoenix," she muttered.

"What?" he snarled.

Hermione closed her eyes, preparing to lie to Fenrir. He would not perform Legilimency on her, but that did not make this any less difficult.

"I hate them, Fenrir," she began. "After what they did to me, I needed closure. Revenge."

"I would have given any of their heads to you, cub. You only had to ask."

Fenrir's large, blood-specked hand reached up to stroke Hermione's hair. He must have fed viciously the night before, but now he worked gently and patiently though the knots in her curls.

"No, I want my own revenge," Hermione said. "But they wouldn't fight me. They tried to welcome me back. Bastards.

"Now I've taken a different route. Now I've given myself up to the Dark Lord, and through him, I will make them... bleed."

For a moment, silence echoed off the surrounding trees, and then Hermione landed on her butt in the dirt.

"YOU DID WHAT?" Fenrir roared over her. Birds squawked overhead and flapped away. "Say it again! Gave yourself to who?"

When Fenrir was angry, he bared his teeth, still bloodied from last night. His chest expanded and fists balled, and his eyes darkened in fury.

It was the first time Hermione had ever seen it - she couldn't help but whimper.


"It would be different if you were in my pack," Fenrir spat, pacing circles around her. "But you have no protection this way. I can't protect you from him. No, to him, you're just a Mudblood mutt. A freak for him to use against Potter."

In tears, Hermione jumped up and intercepted Fenrir's pacing. With all her strength, she pushed on Fenrir's shoulders and knocked him back a step.

"I want to fight with you! And I will! There are people I love on this side, and I love you! This is where I belong, so deal with it!"

Hermione whirled around on her heel and marched away. When she looked over her shoulder, Fenrir was gone and she waited for a while. After she counted to thirty and Fenrir did not show again, Hermione dragged her feet forward.

Now she had to face Lucius.

Hermione shuddered. Just last night, she raped the man. At least, she felt it was rape. She forced him down on her and held him there until she...

He was not waiting for her when she reached the Malfoy Manor. She did not see him all the way to her room. She even had the chance to bathe, dress and find a quiet place in the library.

Although a thick book laid wide open in her lap, she never read a word. The storm clouds rolling in the sky were reminding her of Lucius and the feel of his lips between her thighs.

"Miss Granger." His voice was quiet and deep like far-off thunder.

As soon as she looked at him, Hermione flushed scarlet.

"Ah... hi," she said and gripped the book. "Last night... I'm..."

"Yes, last night," Lucius purred and walked to her. Hermione thought her shoulders must be to her ears by now with tension. "Stand... please."

Somehow, Hermione found her feet and her words.

"Lucius, I'm so sorry," she said tearfully. Why couldn't she stop crying today? "I'm really, really-"

Suddenly, his hands lifted Hermione's bum onto the windowsill, pushed up her dress and kneeled so his face was level with her quim. Despite Hermione's cry of surprise, Lucius hooked a fingertip under the crotch of her panties, pulled them aside and licked her firmly from perineum to clitoris.

"Lu-L-Lucius!" she shrieked, her fingers gripping the window frame and toes curling.

"Every time you apologize for what happened last night-" Lucius paused to kiss her reddening nub "-I'm going to do it again."

"Wait! Wait... Oh."

She couldn't remember much of Lucius' technique from the night before because of the wolf, but now she felt every... little... detail.

His tongue was smooth like velvet and slid easily through her growing wetness. When his stubble grazed her thighs, Hermione wailed with the overload of sensations. Lucius noticed and immediately hung her legs over his shoulders, so his stubble brushed against her repeatedly.

Rain started to beat at the window behind Hermione, although she barely noticed. Instead, her fingers stroked through Lucius' long hair and he purred against her.

"Miss Granger," he said and licked. "You've done well, little wolf. The Dark Lord is very happy with you."

Despite Lucius sliding a thick finger into her warmth, Hermione choked out words.

"He is? Why?"

Lucius leaned back to look at her, his finger still pumping into her slowly, and said, "They did not catch anyone during the ambush last night, but the Dark Lord retrieved Potter's wand. Now Potter will have to use a different wand, and it will not have the same bond to the Dark Lord's. Yes... he's pleased with you. As am I."

Hermione thought Lucius' pleasure came from a different source.

Thought would come later. For now, Hermione whimpered and reached out to Lucius. He took pity on her and leaned forward again with a smile. Hermione's breathy moan filled the library and she pulled her knees up to her chest, giving Lucius full access.

He took the chance to sink his tongue deep inside her and squeeze her inflamed nub. Hermione came onto his lips while screaming Lucius' name.

When she opened her eyes, Lucius's face was inches away and she could smell her juices on his breath.

"What if I said I was sorry again?" she muttered.

Lucius laughed.

For a moment, he looked normal. A happy man with bright eyes and a good life.

"Lucius," Hermione said softly, suddenly remembering. Her fingers reached up to push back his hair. "Will you tell me the truth? Did you kill Narcissa?"

His happy eyes dulled.

"I did," he said.


For a moment, he said nothing. Then Lucius sighed and pulled Hermione away from the windowsill.

"When you left, it had a great effect on me. I was... upset," he said. "When Narcissa saw me, she was angry that I felt that way about you. She grew jealous and finally vindictive. We fought. I didn't mean to kill her, but she blocked a jinx and fell down the stairs. When she reached the bottom, she was dead."

He waited, searching Hermione's gaze for a hint of judgement.

"Do you regret it?" she asked.

"I do not."

She knew this man had killed before. She knew he and Narcissa had hated each other. Looking at him, she found she could not judge for any of it. She had also killed before.

"The Dark Lord wants to see you," Lucius continued, looking troubled now. "In twenty minutes, he will meet you in the foyer. Do you have any questions?"

"Head down and mouth closed until spoken to?" Hermione said, her stomach suddenly tightening. She hadn't expected to see Voldemort so soon.

As she walked from the library, Lucius called, "There's no turning back once you take his mark, Hermione."

She peered over her shoulder at him.

"I know."

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