Summery: A modern day aurikku/tuna. Idea thought of while I was talking to my best friend. We wondered what it would be like to use the phrase I once said to her. "You're my forty year old stalker."

Disclaimer: Gin owns no rights to the characters in this piece of fiction. The idea however, is another matter.

"Yunie, hurry up! We're gonna be late!" A young shrill voice shouted as she stood by the door glancing back inside as if watching for her companion. She had blond hair and was very slim for twenty-two. Her father often used to accuse her of not eating right in collage until he came for a surprise visit and noted how full her cabinates really were. He never said a word about it after that point.

Another woman, maybe a year or two older in age ran down the hall making her way for the open door. Her short brown hair fluttering in the wake of her passing. "I'm trying, Rikku." She answered the first girl. "But Tidus said he had something important to give me. He wouldn't tell me what it was over the sphere though."

The door closed with a slam as Rikku closed it and made her way down the stone steps for the waiting car. "Him again? He had to call you here? Why couldn't he wait for the party?" She whined.

As she started the engine and Rikku climbed into the passenger seat, Yuna gave her answer. "I honestly don't know. He seemed rather frazzled when I talked to him though. Like he was worried or something."

Rikku grinned. Her teeth shone from the setting sun that was pouring through the front window making them appear to be glowing. "Maybe he's going to ask you tonight." She teased.

The car swerved for a moment and Rikku was forced to hang on or risk being thrown around inside the vehicle. "Don't say that!" Yuna scolded. "You know I have been waiting for that since high school." She added softly.

Rikku giggled in girlish delight. She was always so eager to see her cousin in a wedding dress. When her cousin and Tidus began dating back in high school six years ago, she knew it was meant to be. Collage graduation was three days ago, and Rikku had taken the time to plan this big party to celebrate. Any reason to have a huge bash was a good one to her. Also, she knew of Tidus' secret. He had talked her into having the party in a public place so that as many people could see him propose as possible. He hoped that by doing so, Yuna would be less likely to turn him down. What better place then the public sphere pool in Luca? It had cost a bit of gil to rent, but it was going to be worth it.

"I'm sorry, Yunie. I promise not to bring it up again." Her smile faded as she pretended to cross her hands over her heart. Yuna simply rolled her eyes as she pulled the vehicle into the parking lot.

"There sure are a lot of people here. Are you sure you only invited a small few?" Yuna asked as she looked around worriedly.

"Don't worry about it! What's a few extra? Besides, it only means we can have more fun. Not to mention that I left the guest list up to Tidus. He wanted that part. I took care of the food and games."

Yuna refused to comment further as she turned off the vehicle and they stepped out together. The stadium had a sign set up directing them as to where they should go. Rikku saw it first and pointed. "Summers Party? That's us! It looks like we go this way." Grabbing hold of her cousin's hand, she dragged the older girl through a set of double doors where they were greeted with a round of happy applause. "Congratulations, Yunie! Now, I expect you to have a good time!" After hugging Yuna, Rikku ran off to join a friend of her from her home island.

"Gippal! I'm so glad you could make it!" She shouted as she wrapped her arms around his neck in a breathtaking hug. He had refused to attend collage saying it was a waste of good time that could be spent making money instead of spending. Otherwise he also might have been celebrating his graduation as well.

"Hey, hey. Calm down, Cid's girl. I was kinda shocked when blondie asked, but then again, I would have crashed this party if I had to." He pulled back out of her embrace and checked out who else had chosen to show up. His single good eye widened as if he had just seen the most beautiful creature alive.

Rikku sighed as he let her go. She loved Gippal, really she did. But his roaming eye was a bit of a problem. She wished that for once he would look at her the same way he looked at those other, older woman. "Go talk to her, Gip. I know you wanna." Pushing him slightly, Rikku tried to smile. He didn't need to be told twice. Within seconds he was crossing the room.

Truth was, it did hurt her to see him chasing so many random woman. They had grown up together, known one another since before they could walk. When he had gone to school two years before her, she watched him walk away until he was nothing more then a dot in the distance. It was with much excitement when she had her chance to walk with him. As they grew in education, they also grew closer. Or so Rikku had thought. Gippal loved being with her and hanging/playing with her, but only as a friend. She had learned that revelation when he began high school before her and got his first real girlfriend.

Smiling sadly, Rikku looked around the room trying to find someone else whom she could talk to. The expression turned into one of confusion as she spotted her Uncle Braska. It wasn't as if she was confused by seeing him, but more of the man talking to him. Holding her head up, she prepared to cross the room and find out.

She was stopped before she even got to take three steps. "Oh Rikku, here you are! I wondered where you went." Her cousin's hand wrapped around her arm forcing Rikku to turn around.

"Oh, hey, Yunie. I was just going over to talk with your pops. He was...." She trailed off as she glanced over her shoulder.

"You okay, Rikku? You know who Jecht is. You have seen him play many times." Yuna asked unsure and ready to see if Rikku might have been running a fever. She had been doing a lot of activities lately.

Rikku opened her mouth as if to speak before closing it once more. Her right hand reached up and scratched at her cheek lightly. Her green eyes scrunched together in deep thought. "But I saw..."

Before she could even finish that last argument, Tidus came up and wrapped one arm over her shoulder. "You ready?" He whispered into her ear.

Forgetting about the mystery man she had seen, Rikku grinned. She knew this was her cue. Without another word, and even so far as to forget what was bothering her to begin with, Rikku took off for the higher level of the stadium. She passed Gippal (who was still talking to that girl he saw), ignored her own father as he tried to ask what was she rushing for, and up the stairs until she could see everyone below.

From this vantage point, she spotted Tidus among everyone and focused the spot light they had placed there earlier during the day. Flipping the switch, she pointed it so that it shone directly on her cousin. Yuna squinted and tried to look around around to see if anyone had an answer to what was going on. She stopped quickly as she watched Tidus approach; a small black box in hand.

The party ran late into the night, and it was after midnight before people began to leave. As much fun as she was having, Rikku knew it would be in her best interest to go as well. After Tidus' proposal, she had not had a chance to say one word to either member of the newly engaged couple. In fact it seemed as everyone was busy trying to talk or congratulate them that they didn't have time for her. Pursing her lips together, she made the decision that it was time for her to leave.

But she wanted to say goodbye to her cousin before going. That wasn't about to happen though. Yuna was still surrounded by people who wanted to see her new ring yet again. With an aggravated sigh, Rikku walked outside the stadium. It wasn't until this point that she forgot how she was going to get home. Yuna had driven them both here and was supposed to be her ride home.

"Why me?" She whined as she lifted her head up to the stars above. They stayed silent, not giving even the smallest of answers, not that she expected them to. "Looks like I'm walking." Shoving hands deep into her skirt pocket, Rikku turned and took the first step back to her apartment.

As she walked, she realized this really wasn't so bad. There was a chill in the air, but not so bad to make it unbearable. She was almost home when a cat jumped out from the alley she was about to cross in front of. She jumped back in surprise and released a slight gasp of shock. Rikku then laughed at how silly she must have seemed being scared by a little cat.

"What was I thinking it was? Come here, kitty." Kneeling down she tried to get the cat to come closer. It would have none of it and only ran faster away. "Well that was kinda rude. What did I ever do to it?" Standing up once more, Rikku ran her hands over the back of her skirt before trying to continue on her way. She didn't get anywhere because two men stood in her way.

The looked to be about twenty-four or five in age. Both of them had bodies that appeared to have been toned by years of lifting weights. "Looks like a kitten got lost. We should help this kitten find her way home." The taller of the two said as he stared her down.

Rikku gulped as she took a step back. She could fight if she had to, but there were two of them to only her. "I'm sorry. But I'm not lost. I know my way home." Suddenly she knew why that cat had run. If she were half as smart, she would have done the same. "I, uh, have to go now. If you would excuse me..." Spinning around, Rikku tried to run. She knew of another way to go so that she would not have to worry about these two males who blocked her way.

She squeaked in surprise as her arm was grabbed and she was pulled backwards. "I don't think so little kitten. I told you, we want to help you home." Rikku whimpered as tears began to form behind the lids of her eyes. There was no way she could defend herself now. Not when they were holding her arm. The grip tightened as he tried to pull her and drag her behind him.

"I believe the lady said she didn't need your help." A new voice interrupted them before they got anywhere with their prize.

Rikku tried to see who it was, but her arm was held so tightly that she was unable to get a good look. All she could see was red. It seemed the the guys were trying to fight off whoever it was that was defending her because she could hear grunts and punches being thrown. Secretly she worried for the newcomer. She hoped that he could defend himself without getting hurt. Her fears were alleviated moments later as a figure landed on the hard cement ground near her feet. She almost smiled until she felt the cold blade of a dagger against her throat.

"Make one more move man, and she gets it." Her would be abductor threatened. He turned them both around so she was able to get a good look at her savior now. Her green eyes widened as she recognized him to be the man her uncle was talking to at the party.

"I would advise you to put that away. A boy such as yourself should not be playing with such sharp objects." The man took a step closer before seeing the distress on Rikku's face. The man who held her dug the blade in deeper causing just the barest trace of blood to be shed. He stopped right away. "I don't even know her. What makes you think that I would care if you hurt her? Of course, hurting an innocent girl could get you into a lot of trouble."

Rikku's kidnapper faltered. She could feel his body shaking behind her. He was scared, and with good reason. She was frightened of this man, and he was helping her! Albeit, in a very odd way. "I know what you're doing. And I'm telling you, it won't work on me!" The abductor shouted. He was shaking even worse now.

The other man stood his ground, only moving to raise one brow in question.

"Look, if it's all the same to you guys. You can let me go and fight among yourselves. I have things I need to do." Rikku tried to attempt. "I'm sure you don't need me here to watch you two beat one another to a pulp, right?"

The man in the red coat laughed at her while the other held her tighter. He had his prize, he wasn't about to let it go easily. "I don't think so, kitten. Nice try though." He whispered hot breath into her ear before kissing the side of her face.

Rikku grimaced as she tried to pull away. This man was disgusting! The laughter of the other man died quickly before they were both knocked aside. The weapon was forced from her attackers hand and to the ground. Now that she was free, Rikku ran to grab it herself. She held it out in front of her in case anyone came close.

The first male who had been knocked out, began to come to. He groaned as he lifted his head. Looking around, he saw Rikku with the dagger and his friend losing in a fist fight with the man who had done him in. With wide eyes, he got to his feet and took off running. It didn't take long for his friend to join him.

Rikku's savior faced her now. She dropped the weapon from it's place in front of her and prepared to hand it over. "I guess I should.." She began.

"What were you doing out this late alone? You should know that was just asking for trouble like this." The man in the red coat snapped.

Rikku huffed. How dare he accuse her? Like it was all her fault! "Excuse you! It's not like I had a choice." She huffed again breathing deep through her nose. "I didn't ask them to attack me! I wouldn't even have been alone if I could have helped it!" Stomping her foot, she faced her apartment once more and left him behind. She didn't have to stand there and be reprimanded by him of all people. She didn't know him, nor him her. So she was well within her right to ignore him.

The man watched her go, a frown set upon his features. 'So childish.' He thought.

He didn't sleep well that night. After last night's fight, he wasn't sure what had really happened. Truthfully, he had no idea why he even followed the girl to begin with. It was as if he knew she was going to end up running into trouble.

He got out of bed early, just after the sun rose, and went over to see his friend. Braska would be able to give him the advise he needed.

Today was warmer then the one before, so he chose to leave his coat behind. He looked back at it once longingly, before closing the door behind him on the way out. The late morning sun shone down warming him from the outside in. Yet it was not enough, for some reason he still felt so....chilled. Maybe it was because of that girl last night. She had no right to snap at him as she did. He was only doing what he did best; protect those who were weaker.

He made his way into the center of the city to catch the subway to where his best friend lived. It would be at least a forty minute ride before he arrived. Braska loved the edge of the city where there were less people and according to him, more room to breath.

It seemed Yuna decided to sleep in so Braska was forced to open the door himself. He seemed rather happy to see who stood on the other side. "Well, it's been a while since you came to see me in my home. I was starting to think you may have forgotten where I live." Braska joked.

"Morning, Braska. I actually came to talk. You are the one person I can depend on not to tell others what I say." The man entered the doorway as Braska held it open farther inviting him in.

"Anything for you. Would you like some coffee? It just finished brewing."

"That would be great actually. I could use some." He waited until both cups were filled and Braska had a seat across the table from him before speaking. "My sleep had been troubled last night. I thought that if I came to you, I could seek some respite."

"Hmm, I see. You do know that I normally charge for this." Braska said as he rubbed his chin. At his friend's deep scowl, he began to laugh. "I'm kidding. I would never do that to you. But anyway, moving on. Tell me what it is that is bothering you." He stood to refill his mug before sitting down and listening intently.

After the full story had been told Braska stood and paced his kitchen a few times deep in thought. He never would give any sort of advise without first thinking it through. "This girl, she sounds awful familiar to me. In fact she sounds very much like Cid's daughter. A little firecracker if I ever saw one. But you know, you weren't completely in the right either. If you followed her as you say you did, then why did you not offer her a ride? You can't blame the girl for having no other options."

The man stuttered before deflating and hanging his head in shame. His friend was right. He was partly to blame. He should have offered before she was attacked. Not scolded her after the fact. "How do I always end up being the bad guy?"

Braska laughed lightly before patting his friend on the shoulder. "Don't be so hard on yourself. We all make mistakes. Yours just happen because you don't want to be involved, only to end up deeper then you think."

Sighing, his guest stood and thanked Braska before leaving. There was much he wanted to think about. Moments after the slamming of the front door, Yuna came out of her room. She was running a brush through her brown hair as she finished her morning routine.

"Up late again, I see. Must have been quite a party." Braska teased his daughter.

"Oh, Father. Stop that." Yuna giggled before turning serious. "What happened just before I came out? I heard the door slam."

Braska hummed before answering. He sat back at the table and sipped his now cold coffee. "It seems your cousin got attacked last night while walking home."

Yuna went white, and dropped her brush to the floor. She was supposed to have driven Rikku home last night. She had completely forgotten because of the night's events. "I have to go see her!" She shouted before grabbing her keys and running out the door.

Braska jumped from his seat ready to stop her, but he could hear the sound of her car already pulling away. Slowly he sat back down. "Kids these days."

Rikku woke up the next morning to hear loud banging on her apartment door. Whomever was at her door sure sounded frantic. She rubbed her eyes and wrapped a robe around herself before answering it.

"What? Do you have to wake me up so early?" She whined as she tried to shield her eyes from the rising sun. She was thrown against the door seconds later as a set of arms wrapped around her neck.

"Rikku? Rikku, are you hurt, is everything alright? I was so worried." Yuna was crying and hugging her as her hands roamed all over Rikku's face.

Rikku pulled back as she tried to escape her cousin's scrutiny. "I'm fine, just tired. Why are you here anyway?" She moved back and headed for the kitchenette to start breakfast. "You hungry? I can whip some eggs or something." The blond offered.

"Rikku! How can you think of food after what happened last night? And why didn't you wait for me? Do you even know how close you were to getting hurt? Father told me all about it this morning." Yuna followed her and stood in the doorway as she scolded.

"This morning? What time is it?" Glancing around, Rikku found the clock she was searching for. "Two twenty-five?" She exclaimed. "I didn't mean to sleep so late! I guess breakfast is out then, huh?" She giggled as she scratched the back of her head. "So, you up for some lunch then?"

"Rikku! How can you be so casual? You were attacked last night!" Yuna threw her hands above her head in exasperation.

Having just opened the fridge door, Rikku peeked her head out from above the top. "Look, if it's all the same to you, I would rather forget about last night. Obviously I'm fine. Nothing happened really." Her head was hidden again before backing up and using her foot to shut the door. In her arms she had the fixings for a sandwich. Dropping them on the counter, she began making her lunch. "My offer still stands if you're hungry."

Yuna sighed before sitting at a stool behind the counter. "What am I going to do with you?"