Game of Life

What am I doing? I'm doing exactly what it looks like. I'm ignoring you, playing my Gameslave. It's my escape. Some people have music, some people have shows or movies, I have games. In a game there are rules, rules that can be plainly read. Those who break the rules lose and those who play fair win. Your enemy can't win no matter what he does. If a game is hard, no trouble. You just keep practicing and you will win it. The positive outcome is always available.

In the real world there are also rules, but they aren't any official walkthroughs. No one knows how to play it, and we are all doing it wrong. It's the biggest MMORPG where the only way to log out is to go to sleep or be in a coma or death. And most of the time those won't always guarantee you back in.

If reincarnation is real, we would have multiple lives where the punishment for wasting a body was to start all over again with your memory wiped clean. Your brain like a memory card, you only save what you like and you can only save so much until it's full. Then, you have to delete the least important thing to you.

In a game when you met people it mattered. Someone new could tell you something valuable or give you something cool for little or no cost. If you wanted the extra special cool stuff you had to play long for it, or learn the code to cheat your way to it. Either way, you had to work to make things easier.

And nothing would be impossible. When you came across something new you were slowly introduced to it. Once you had a handle on things they upped the challenge. You were never overwhelmed and if you were stuck, you could always go to the walkthrough or again, find what makes the game tick and cheat your way to oblivion. The only challenge that doesn't follow the rules is the boss. But again, no big deal because you only deal with him once. Then all what's left of him is a stupid memory. One you only have to relive by choice.

The smaller enemies, minions and such can only boost your stats and make you stronger. So in the end, as annoying as they are, are still serving a good purpose. Unlike in real life were all they do is waste your time and put you in places were it can be impossible to continue any further to your goal.

In games, it's easier to make friends. With or without them your courage never fails you. When someone dear to you dies, it was never in vain. They always died for a reason, and it was always for the better. You always managed to face your worst fears and beat them.

A lot of main characters manage to go on with one or no parents. No matter where they started, and it doesn't matter how low- You could start on the streets with little to no money, or the shittiest parenthood... The only way you can go is up.

I will find a way to beat this game, I've never lost one before.

Gaz is not my favorite, but I noticed she is often portrayed as a negative character in fanfiction (I'm no exception either). I wanted to write a side to her that everyone knows is there, but doesn't think about it consciously. She's human, she has fears and weaknesses but she chooses not to show them thinking it would only play against her.

Something I see a lot in my fellow gamers.