Mobile Suit Gundam 00/Kidou Senshi Gundam 00 - Denial

By: Ominae

Rating: T


All characters of Gundam 00 are under the copyright of Seiji Mizushima, Sunrise and the Manichi Broadcasting System.


Marina wonders if she does love Setsuna at all or not after her encounter with Mileina Vashti. SPOILER: End of episode 3, Season 2.

Briefing Room, Ptolemaios 2, somewhere in the Strait of Homuz/Persian Gulf

Marina stared at the blue water underneath the Strait of Homuz en route to the Persian Gulf in the Ptolemaios 2's briefing room, being able to get a good look at it as the room's projector screen doubles as a window that allows anyone to get a look at the outside world.

Do I love Setsuna?

The Azadistani princess had been asking the burning question herself after her encounter with Mileina Vashti, Ptolemaios 2's new bridge operator.

Conference Room, Ptolemaios 2, somewhere in the Strait of Homuz

Are you two lovers?

The brown-haired bridge operator poked her head inside the conference room, asking Setsuna and Marina herself.

"No!" Both the Kurdish Meister and the Azadistani princess replied in unison.

"Darnit!" Mileina huffed. "My woman's intuition was off."

Her father and Ptolemaios 2 mechanic laughed out loud. "Come on, Mileina."

"PAPA!" Mileina shouted at her father, following him from behind.

"That's not funny..."

Briefing Room, Ptolemaios 2, somewhere in the Strait of Homuz/Persian Gulf

Marina felt her heart was rapidly beating, recalling that event after she requested a meeting with Setsuna and some of the other personnel of Celestial Being.

But even though I said that...

Her mind was now wondering on Setsuna and his well-being after the two had been the last to leave the conference room.

Why does my heart beat so fast? Do I love Setsuna?

Marina's cheeks turned red at the thought, betraying her true feelings.


She continued to stare at the window, seeing little to no fish swimming alongside the Ptolemaios 2.

Will you come back with me back to Azadistan, and help me do reconstruction work for my country and my people?

A teardrop then emerged from Marina's right eye.

Why did I deny it? Was it because I was scared? Or was it because of social class?

Marina sighed sadly, wishing things didn't turn out like this.

Better yet, Marina wished that the problems plaguing her country didn't exist in the first place at all.

"I wish that Setsuna and I would be able to see each other in another light instead of this." Marina whispered to herself, hoping that someone would at least talk to her.

"There you are..."

Marina didn't turn around to see Setsuna, who entered the briefing room.

Another teardrop continued to emerge, this time from both of her eyes.

Setsuna, will you allow me to love you if we can go back to Azadistan together?


PS - Was able to come up with something like this for a Setsuna/Marina story. Will have another one up soon. Just let me know how it went.