#Panda Sign#

Shorter than what I usually write but then again it's just a prologue. I've decided that if I have an idea that I think would work out as an interesting story I'm not going to ignore it but put it down. No Need for Nerima's next chapter is basically done, giving it one last read through before I send it over to Nanya and Rippen Drakuzz to get some feedback before I post it, so expect it sometime next year.

I kid I kid, sometime by Halloween.

Obviously by its rating this story will be a bit more adult than my other work.

X x x x x x

Trembling his fingers hovered just over soft skin, his breath was rapid and short as he watched her sleeping face. Licking his lips he smacked them together and finally let his right hand fall on her jaw. She barely flinched at his cool touch, but she did not wake.

Gently, ever so gently, he push her chin up and turned her head to the side. Leaning in he drew in a slow breath through his nose. Her scent was incredible, so powerful, so sweet, so young and vital. How could he resist? How could he ignore this feast that was presented before him? He could well remember the first time he had seen her.

He had been searching for a new food source one evening when he had seen her. She had been running along the rooftops, he had followed from a distance then, observing, watching, and obsessing. The hunger drove him, it drove them all, even so he did not immediately feed. Patience was a virtue that had served him well for nearly three centuries. Waiting also made the end result all the more satisfying.

And the girl had others around her constantly, finding an opportunity was hard, finding an opportunity when the girl was a girl was another problem entirely. He had no taste for men or creating ghouls, although this half girl half man enticed him in ways he had never known. A meal he had never had before, variety they say is the spice of life, and for a No Life King there was little variety for the source, no matter how varied the meal could be. He was half tempted to let her turn and see if she became a draculina or a ghoul.

Focusing on the here and now he would save further reflection for later. Opening his mouth, his fangs gleaming in the moon light. The sharp points rested against soft flesh and he slowed to enjoy the gentle rise and fall of her chest as she breathed, the steady thundering her heart as it pumped blood through her body. He couldn't resist anymore and his fangs cut through the skin.

There was a sharp gasp and the girl let off a soft moan from the pleasure and pain as he started to feed. She was every bit as delicious as he imagined she would be.

X x x x x x

"Ranma it's time to get up!"

Responding with an incoherent mumble that sounded like 'Go away you annoying tomboy.' Ranma just rolled over and pulled her blanket up over her head.

"Come on, you've already missed sparring with your father, least you can do is eat the breakfast Kasumi made." Akane wouldn't let her rest and threw off the blanket to drag her out of the comfort of her futon before releasing the back of her tank top allowing her head to bounce off the floor. "Get dressed." Her perpetually angry fiancée slid the door shut and left her alone.

Grumbling she wasn't in any mood for the violent girl to come back in, so she got dressed in her standard red shirt and black pants before heading downstairs. Ever since the destruction of the Saotome home, they had been back to living at the Tendo's. She didn't understand the reason but Nodoka had suggested giving her the guest room while she and Genma found spots in Kasumi and Soun's rooms. There was no way to be sure but she had a gut feeling it was to try and get her in bed with Akane or one of the other girls.

Taking a seat next to Akane, Nabiki and Genma-panda sat on their own, Kasumi and Nodoka on another, and Soun somehow got his own. Well considering Happosai usually ended up there, she wasn't all that unhappy that the old lech was missing.

"Good morning son." Nodoka greeted as she sat down.

"Morning." She replied with as much enthusiasm as she could muster.

"Are you alright? You seem a bit pale Ranma-kun." Kasumi added before Nodoka could say anything further.

"Didn't sleep very good, did you know pandas snore very loud?" She joked and started to eat.

#I don't snore boy# The panda to her right signed. #And I wasn't even in the room#

"That's why I said you were loud." She added.

"Husband you are rather loud when a panda." Nodoka chimed in and smiled obliviously.

#You wound me.# The panda signed again while digging into his food.

"Here's some hot water Ranma-kun." Kasumi supplied and had a kettle prepared to dump over her head.

"Thanks Kasumi-san." The eldest Tendo girl poured enough hot liquid over her head to cause the change.

"You're welcome." Wiping some of the water away from his eyes he went back to eating, already feeling slightly better from his mother's and Kasumi's cooking.

"Well I'm off." Nabiki stood up. "Seeya." She said curtly

"Have a good day." Kasumi replied as the middle Tendo left.

"Shouldn't you two be leaving soon as well?" Nodoka asked.

"You're right Auntie, come on Ranma hurry up." Akane picked up her pace and finished off the last of her food. Following suit they said good bye and headed off for his daily dose of school.

Still feeling a bit off he stuck to the sidewalk rather than the fence overlooking the canal. Trudging alongside Akane he ignored the worried looks she would send his way every so often. Slinging his bookbag over his shoulder he wondered what kind of crap Kuno was going to send his way today. 'Least he stopped bringing that stupid katana after I tied it around him like a bow.' He couldn't stop himself from snickering.

Approaching the old ladle lady he gave her a wide berth, he didn't want another change of gender to start this cold fall day. "Stop being so paranoid Ranma." Akane admonished.

"Are you kidding me? For the past two years of my life that old lady's been dousing me with water."

"I guess you're right about that." Crossing his arms he nodded at her finally conceding a point to him. "That doesn't mean you shouldn't trust her not to purposely splash you. She is almost blind and you always end up getting in her way." Snorting he didn't push the issue and they finished the walk to school in silence.

"Halt foul cur!" Not even looking up at Kuno as he announced his presence Ranma tried to figure out if actually crippling the kendoist would be for the best. "Your pale face visage is unwelcome in these hallowed halls of learning nor is your continued harassment of the fair Akane and the beautiful pig tailed girl. Release your foul spell over them immediately or I shalt smite you!"

"Foul spell? Gee Kuno that's such a new one." He said sarcastically and handed his bag to Akane. "Actually have you ever been under a spell?"

"Hmmm, well there was that love pill, I guess that thing Shampoo did with my hair counts, then there was the reversal jewel, and hmm I think that's it. Ya know come to think of it you're the one all those spells get put on."

"That's true isn't it." Scratching his chin he barely noticed Kuno fuming. "I even get kidnapped more than you, guess a lot more guys go for the hot red head than the bulky tomboy."

"Quit fooling around Ranma, I'm not holding buckets today." Said tomboy snarled and glared dangerously at him for the insult.

"Yea yea." Waving his hand dismissively he stalked forward and tried to figure out a way to get some kind of enjoyment out of the future one sided and very short fight.

X x x x x x x

"HI!" Ranma raised his head up from his desk and watch the child teacher Ninomiya Hinako skip merrily into the room. "Good morning class! Are you ready to learn today?" Most of the students in the room gave off a response but he didn't even bother except to put his head back on his folded arms.

"Saotome-san are you being a delinquent?" Snapping himself into attention he tried not to think of how close Hinako was with that coin of hers.

"No no, just resting my eyes heh heh." He said nervously. The child like teacher pouted and furrowed her brow.

"You don't look so good, would you like to see the nurse?" She asked with her usual child like tone.

"I'm fine."

"Well ok then!" Skipping away from his desk she started her lecture. Resuming his previous position, he went back to sleep. Thankfully Hinako didn't seem to think draining him of his ki would help the cause of him staying awake in class. Probably helped that he was getting a good grade in the it.

It was a similar scene that played out for each subject till lunch break rolled around. Happily digging into the food prepared by Kasumi he deflected some questions from Hiroshi and Daisuke.

"Man you're so lucky that Hinako didn't drain you." Hiroshi shoveled some food into his mouth.

"Yea what's up with that? If it was one of us, we would have been zapped for sure." Daisuke added.

"Ooh ooh I hope she's not going to be another fiancée." Spitting out his food he glared at Hiroshi.

"Ew man, that's not kosher, she's like almost thirty. Then again Ranma does always get the hot ones, and there is no debating that Hinako as an adult is HOT." Glaring at his dark haired friend he stole some food for the thought.

"So what's the reason then?" Hiroshi asked and kept his food at a distance.

"No clue." He replied and finished his meal.

Well he did have a clue, being a moderately successful student, could have been straight A's if he wasn't so busy with martial arts challenges and multiple fiancées. Hinako had decided that is was her job, since he was her reason for being here, to help by tutoring him. The lessons were boring and he usually ended up cleaning her pig sty of an apartment but it was a welcome diversion from the usual chaos of his life.

"Hey Ranchan." Ukyo greeted as she took a seat on a desk nearby. "Still hungry?" She asked as she setup her grill.

"Always." He replied and stuffed his empty bento back in the bag. The death glare he got from Akane for talking with his oldest friend made him feel cold all over. The youngest Tendo kept her distance but there would be hell to pay later. Honestly he couldn't understand her anger, neither of them were ready to get married, so why should they rush things?

Finding out that she knew that the cure to his curse had been within reach soured him to going further with his relationship to the youngest Tendo. How could she keep something like that from him after everything they had gone through? It may not have affected her, but it had shook his feelings on her to the core.

X x x x x x x

"Kasumi, could you turn it to something else? It's just an infomercial." The eldest Tendo being the one with the remote was the one to change the channel. The one she ended up on was a full time news one.

"Oh dear." Kasumi said as they showed a reporter talking to a woman. "This is about those disappearances." Paying a bit more attention they both watched the view shift to a bed and a pile of dust on it.

"It's been two months now since this rash of mysterious disappearances started to occur and the police are still unsure what has caused these people to go missing, although there are similarities between all the missing. Officer do you mind explaining for the viewers at home?"

"As you know they have all been females in high school with no discernible connection between them. Relatives and friends say that the missing all report that at first they seemed pale and weak and then between one and two days later the only thing found of them would be dust in a human shape on their beds."

"Do you suspect foul play?"

"At this time we cannot make a statement as such, however with the large number of missing we have not ruled out that possibility." As the channel shifted to other news the two women shared a concerned look.

"Do you think that Ranma-kun?" Kasumi started but left the suggestion unfinished. Obviously thinking of Ranma appearing pale and weak this morning, not to mention female.

"I'm sure it isn't, my manly son would never be taken unawares." She replied firmly, the very idea of her Ranma would become a victim of something was absurd. That and all of them had been young girls and her manly son was a man even when a girl.

X x x x x x x

Feeling far more energetic than he had on the way to school, Ranma was now walking atop the fence once again, violence prone and uncute fiancée having gone off to one of her friends house meant he was alone. Which was nice, it gave him time away to collect his thoughts and prepare for the inevitable fight that might break out at any moment. He had really come to cherish these moments were no one was expecting anything of him.

"Where am I now!" A familiar voice cried out from an alley.

"Hey P-chan." He called out and Ryoga turned to look at him.

"Ranma? What are you doing in Kyoto?"

"You're in Nerima." He deadpanned.

"Really? I could have sworn I was in Hokkaido just the other day." The lost boy looked around with his usual vacant look at finding himself in a new location.

"That's an island." He said under his breath. "So what's up? Haven't seen you for longer than usual." He asked and hopped down to approach his rival.

"Oh, well I was at Akari's for a couple of days then- well you know."

"You got lost?" He suggested and Ryoga growled. "Sheesh touchy touchy, ya want to come to the dojo, Mom and Kasumi said they were making something special for dinner."

"Uh no thanks, I really should be getting back. Do you mind." Ryoga trailed off and looked around.

"Head that way." Pointing to his right.

"Thanks." Ryoga nodded and immediately headed off in the opposite direction.

"What an idiot." He muttered and wondered if he should have picked a fight with the pig boy. It would certainly had made him feel better to get a good spar in. Shaking his head for wasting such an opportunity he quickened his pace to get back to the dojo.

"I'm back!" He called out kicking off his slippers and depositing his bookbag on the floor.

"Welcome back Son." His mother said exiting the kitchen. "Where's Akane-chan?"

"She went off to Yuka's house for something. Didn't tell me nothing."

"Oh, I hope you made sure she got there safe and sound." Great she was worried about him being ultra manly today.

"I'm sure she could handle any mugger dumb enough to go after that tomboy." He joked and ducked into the kitchen to get something to drink. Nodoka followed and he could feel the disapproval through her gaze.

"You do know that many young girls have gone missing lately?"

"Yea." He could already see where this was going.

"And Akane-chan is a pretty girl."

"Trust me Mom, I feel sorry for anybody if they tried something with that gorilla girl." Downing a glass of water he choked a bit before pouring himself another.

"Be that as it may it would be manly for you to take care of your fiancée, even if she is in no danger."

"I will next time." He agreed hoping not to get another manly lecture.

"That's all I ask. Now go get your homework done before dinner."

"Good a time as any I guess." Exiting the kitchen he grabbed his bag and wondered who would interrupted him today. It was bound to happen with how calm everything had been. Sitting down in the tea room he unloaded his books and flipped on the tv to see if anything good was on.

"Saotome." Nabiki greeted as she entered in the room to sit down, without asking she grabbed the tv remote and started to flip through channels. Groaning he knew it would happen sooner or later.

"I was watching that."

"So?" Rolling his eyes he opened up his math book. "Is super jock is studying?"

"Trying to." He got out through gritted teeth.

"Well don't let me stop you." Nabiki said far too happily and turned up the tv. Whatever was on had some high pitched females shouted about something and all too quickly his patience ran out.

"Ya mind turnin that down?"

"Oh of course." Nabiki hit the volume button once. "That good?"

"A little more."

"How about for 500 yen?"

"Are you kidding?" He leaned over the table glaring at the girl.

"Do I look like the kind of girl who kids?" Nabiki leaned right back over with a blank look on her face.

"Forget it." He snapped and gathered up his books to go find a better spot.

"Hmm, I wonder what got into him." Nabiki said as she watched him go. "Oh well."

X x x x x x x


"What?" Stopping his kata he looked over at his old man.

"I heard that you're still being seen with that Ukyo girl." The elder Saotome said and took a lotus in the dojo.

"So?" He asked trying not to let his annoyance show.

"So it's not proper that you hang around other women while you're engaged."

"Ucchan's my friend, I'll talk to her or get food from her all I want, if some moron that is sitting in front of me hadn't arranged a marriage and then stole her dowry you wouldn't have ruined her life." He snarled and started up his kata again hoping to calm himself down.

"That's uh water under the bridge boy. What matters is your engagement to Akane and the honor of the two families."

"Just shut up old man, don't lecture me on honor when YOU are the reason I'm in this situation." Stepping beside Genma he tried to kick his father in his thick skull but the sometimes panda rolled out of the way.

"There you go again, making excuses and blaming everyone but yourself." Genma continued to lecture him but now prepared to defend himself if he should attack again.

"It's not an excuse when it's true." Grabbing the fire bucket he threw it at Genma turning him into a panda.

#If you remember# Flip #You said you liked# Another sign appeared #Okonomiyaki better# Snatching both signs from his panda father and breaking them over his head he punted the panda out the door.

"I was six you idiot!" He yelled at the panda as it rolled. Glowering he stormed off to go take a bath muttering darkly about stupid pandas and their gluttonous stomachs.

Luck was on his side because he didn't have to wait for his turn, no one walked in on him, and the hot water actually worked. Which was why he was in a pretty good mood when he came back down and found Akane doing homework with p-chan sitting in her lap. Narrowing his eyes at the pig, Ryoga had the good graces to appear embarrassed.

"Hey- p-chan." He greeted with false cheer.

"Don't start picking on him Ranma." Akane warned.

"I wasn't, I was just saying hello. Hadn't seen him in a while. I was even starting to miss the little porker." Sitting down he wondered just how Ryoga got turned around enough to end back here. It was baffling how easily and how often Ryoga got lost, sure he could in times where it counted show up at the right time but just walking through a house he could get lost.

"So what did you do after school?" Akane asked.

"Came back here, did some homework, ate dinner, worked out, listened to the old man complain about something that was his fault, and then I took a bath why?"

"Oh nothing." Shrugging he didn't know what was up with her. Akane seemed mad but she hadn't blown up about anything which was out of character for her. Disregarding any concern he yawned and laid down next to the table.

"Ranma wake up." Blinking he opened his eyes to see Nodoka's smiling face looking down at him. "You shouldn't sleep on the floor."

"Huh?" Sitting up he noticed that Akane was gone and the sun was setting.

"You fell asleep."

"I did?" Looking at a clock he noticed that it was over an hour later from when he had first laid down.

"Go get some sleep son, you should feel better after a good nights sleep."

"Yea." Rubbing his eyes he headed up to his room. 'Wow I must be more tired that I thought.'

X x x x x x x

Not for the first time and not for the last time, Ryoga wondered about his ability to get lost. Somehow he had found his way to the Tendo dojo while looking for Akari, he had even followed Ranma's directions precisely! In predictable fashion he had been splashed by water and seen my Akane who gathered him up despite his protests. The strange thing was that with his more sensitive nose he had smelled something strange on Ranma. Even being able to get a good sniff when his rival had fallen asleep didn't do anything to solve the mystery.

Normally he would be ecstatic for being able to sleep with Akane, even with her tendency to flail around and club anything within reach. In this instance she had batted him off the bed and he had gotten lost again. Which was ridiculous, the door had been closed and he had not opened it, how could he just walk out of a room without any exits?

Trotting forward he stopped when he came to a wall. Picking a new direction he came across a large warm body. Giving a few sniffs he found that it was Ranma. 'How'd I get here now?' Well at least he knew where he was so he decided to just sleep here. Who knew where the next place would be if he moved again. As soon as he laid down and closed his eyes he noticed the smell again. Only this time, much stronger, and completely distinct from Ranma.

Looking around his eyes couldn't find the source but he heard soft footsteps and then a dark figure loomed up over top of Ranma. Unsure of what to do he stayed quiet and tried to figure out who Ranma had angered now. After all who was he to begrudge someone their revenge on Ranma? He had snuck in at night as well way back when he first found Ranma again.

Being a small lump and off to the side the figure didn't notice him at all as it lowered down to kneel over top of the Saotome boy. Watching an arm reached out and opened up a bottle of water and gently poured it on Ranma's stomach. It took a moment for the water to get through his clothes with how slowly it was poured but when it did the quick transformation to female occurred.

Now even more confused Ryoga watched intently as the figure leaned in and sniffed Ranma. 'What is this some kind of pervert?' The persons hands rose and shifted Ranma's head up and to one side exposing her neck. He nearly gasped when the man pulled out a long sword and laid it on the floor.

"I'm sorry my dear, but I have no need for a fledgling draculina. But don't worry, you won't feel a thing." Looking around wildly he tried to figure out what he should do, as a pig he couldn't do anything, wait that wasn't true was it?

X x x x x x x x

Leaning forward he was about to bite down on the girls neck when a high pitched squeal came from his left. Snapping around he found a small piglet had bitten down on the girls ankle. 'Damn I was careless.' Turning back to the girl's face he was going to say something about how she should not worry and he would have this nuisance taken care of shortly when he stopped short at the startling blue eyes that met his red. He was about to cast an illusion and dominate her mind when something impacted his head, hard.

Staggering backwards the girl was on her feet instantly. 'Double damn, I'll have to return some other time.' Turning he leapt through the window and out into the cool night air to retreat for the night. He could always find a new girl to feed on until this one grew complacent again. But giving up on this one? He could not, her blood was the most wonderful blood he had ever fed on.

"Come back here!" Looking behind he saw that the girl was in hot pursuit. Smiling he changed his plans, as strong and powerful as this human was, she was no match for a midian in the dead of night. (1)

X x x x x x x x

Breaking some tile as she pushed off Ranma snarled as she kept pace with some pervert. That little annoyance Ryoga had bit her, he'd pay for that later, but she had to thank him for waking her up when this pervert had been leaning over her. She had no clue what he had been planning to do, but she had to find out. This was also a point of pride, few people could beat her in a foot race, and she now viewed this as a challenge.

Moving into a more metropolitan area she had to push herself even harder to keep pace, it would have been very easy to lose him now that there were tall building for him to hide against. Being in a thin white tank top and boxers really didn't help the situation and she was freezing. Seeing the guy duck into an alley she followed suit. Landing at the entrance she stopped noticing that it was a dead end. Stalking forward she looked left and right trying to find him.

"Yo, come out and tell me why you were in my room." She called out as the alley came to an end the only thing that he could have hid behind was a metal dumpster. "I got enough perverts, rivals, and fiancées busting in on me, I don't need anymore."

"I'm here." A voice breathed from directly behind her. Spinning she just caught sight of a pair of red eyes before a fist impacted the side of her face sending her sprawling backwards into a wall. Recovering and regaining her feet she took a stance. Wiping at the side of her mouth she realized she had bit her lip. "That won't do at all, I've spilled some of your blood." The voice seemed to come from everywhere at once.

"Can't have any of that." It said from behind once again and in a flash she had jumped up to twist in mid air before kicking out. Her foot connected with his head and drove him into the wall this time. Landing she resumed her stance and watched for any movement. But he just stood there laughing slumped against the wall. "My you are strong." he chuckled.

"I'm the best, now ya gonna tell me what you were doing in my room or what?" She asked and didn't let her eyes leave him. Every fiber of her being told her that this guy was strong and he put her on edge like no one else ever had. Not Ryoga, not Herb, not even Saffron came close to this guy. It didn't help that her body was screaming at her to run, because she did not run from a fight.

"Such a wonderful night this turned out to be." Slowly he drew himself up, showing that he was at least three heads taller than herself, and straightened his clothing. "Maybe I won't kill you after all." Narrowing her eyes she nearly missed the momentary flicker of his body before she was grabbed by the throat and lifted off the ground.

Gasping she grabbed his wrist and kicked him repeatedly in the side of his chest using amaguriken speeds. He took the several hundred hits without a care and she could barely reach him making each hit weaker than it should have been. Driving upwards she started to hit his arm with her knees having no effect. Attempting pressure points met the same fate. Gasping for air her vision started to tunnel and her attempts at getting free grew weaker and weaker.

Releasing his wrist she gathered all the confidence ki she could and threw her hands forward. "Mokotakabisha." She whispered and the blue ki exploded in the guy's face. As the aftereffect cleared away she could see him standing unharmed, though he did look shocked. 'I'm not confident enough.' She realized.

"I'm not cruel, I wished to spare you this trauma." As her arms and legs fell limp he moved her closer to his body and brought his other hand up to run through her hair. Too weak she could only bat weakly at his hand. "Red, the color of blood." He seemed to verbally smile and smacked his lips.

"So it is." A new voice echoed down the alley followed by the heavy and rhythmic tapping of a pair of boots on the concrete. The grip on her throat slackened and she was suddenly twisted around to have her back against his chest. Regaining the ability to breath she noticed that his grip had changed so that his arm went across her upper chest and underneath her right armpit.

"Go away, this one is mine." The guy hissed behind her.

"I'm not here for her." The new guy said with a strange joking tone to his voice. Opening her eyes fully she found an even taller man walking forward. It was hard to make out in the low light but two reddish orange eyes glowed brightly and made the rest of him even harder to see. "I'm here for you."

"Me?" The man asked and she felt his arm loosen. Trying to take advantage it instantly became harder than stone locking her in place. "I've heard of you, dog of Hellsing. Scum who hunts your own kind." Still trying to get her breath back she waited for an opportunity.

"Insults from a man cowering behind a woman. You're no better than one of those trash instants." Gasping she felt a blade pressed against her stomach.

"You work for the humans, are you allowed to let one die?" The two glowing eyes narrowed and he reached into his coat to pull out an absolutely huge silver gun. Bringing up his other arm to cross his body he let the barrel rest on his forearm.

"What's one human?" Gulping she felt the arm holding her loosen again and the blade dropped away from her stomach. (2)

"Now wait a minute, can't we work something out? Just between us nospheratu? I'll give you the girl and you forget about me. You'll never see me again." Ranma wasn't about to wait around for these guys to make some deal but she could feel this guy's grip loosening and it was almost at the point where she could make her move. No longer at arms lengths, her attacks would likely cripple him at this range if she used all her strength.

"Trash who prey on children aren't worth listening to."

'NOW!' His arm had loosened enough. Using her left arm she hit him in the face with her elbow causing him to reel back. Shifting position she hit him again, and again, and again each time sacrificing speed for the power to cause real damage. Trying to pry his arm away she stopped, her breath catching in her throat.

Looking down she saw the blade pressed into her stomach, buried almost to its hilt, she could even feel that it was coming out her back. Her eyes widened and she watched in horror as it was twisted and pulled from her body. A gurgling scream came from her mouth as she clutched the wound, her body erupting in pain.

"Die then you little bitch!" The man snarled and threw her away to crash through the front of a metal dumpster. Instantly there was a roar of gunfire that echoed in her new metal tomb. Clutching her stomach in a desperate attempt to stop the bleeding she flailed about to get out of the dumpster. Sucking in small gasps of air she slipped in her own blood as she tried to stand causing her to fall to her knees.

The man who had stabbed her, screamed in pain before it was suddenly cut off. Scrambling forward she knew she had to get to a hospital, had to get out of this alley. Falling forward to her knees she felt tears start to form, the pain overcoming her senses. Using one arm to put pressure on the wound she crawled forward with the other. 'This can't be how it ends, not for me, not lying in some alley, stabbed by some freak. I'm Saotome Ranma and I don't lose.' Gasping she felt a powerful presence loom over her.

"Tell me girl, are you chaste?" He asked, the joking tone now gone from his voice.

"Wha?" She asked weekly, only pausing her crawl to collect the breath necessary to ask, wondering if it might be something that could save her.

"Are you a virgin?" Nodding she didn't stop, too concerned with trying to breath than to wonder why he would ask that at a time like this. Nearly halfway to the alley entrance she had to stop. Coughing up blood she fell on her side, tears now falling freely.

"That wound was fatal from the start." She could barely hear him, let alone be concerned with the man content to watch her die. All that mattered was going forward which she did by pulling herself forward with an arm. She wouldn't give up, wouldn't die here, couldn't die here.

Her head fell to impact the ground and she continued to gasp, unable to breath. Laying with one arm outstretched her tears mixing with the blood now pooling around her. The wall of light that she saw looked so inviting, it looked safe, it even felt warm. If she could get there she would be saved, could live another day, see her family and friends again.

A white gloved hand drew her attention as it gently took hold of her own. "So my question to you is- will it be death?" Moving he lifted her up into a sitting position, she didn't even feel the pain anymore, all she felt was cold.

"Or life?"

X x x x x x x

Hellsing timeline is during the Anime after episode 2 and will follow that timeline loosely although incorporating some elements from the manga based on my judgment. Ranma is a month after the end of the manga.

(1) - Midian – another name for Vampire, as is Nospheratu, No Life King, Draculina, the context should make such references obvious. A small note I am spelling Nospheratu as such on purpose, normally it's spelled with an F rather than a PH

(2) – Alucard is under orders to protect humans so in this case he was bluffing to try and avoid the situation that happened with Ceres. He of course wasn't taking into account that Ranma would strike first. Who would expect some tiny red head to be able to do the things Ranma can? Ranma's refusal to give up is also the reason he was willing to save her since he values humans who are strong willed.

Ranma in a fair fight is an incredible difficult opponent, Ranma caught unaware isn't much harder to beat than a normal person. I really don't buy into the god Ranma complex that permeates post manga fics. Fighting a medium strength vampire barehanded in the middle of the night was a recipe for death even if he had been prepared. As for the wound it basically ripped up Ranma's internals, lung, diaphragm, stomach, liver, intestines, you name it he got it.

Yes Ranma has grown a bit cynical with his relationship to Akane. He does still love her but feels betrayed that she would keep him from a cure when she knew he would went to extreme lengths to get it. I believe this to be just another example of the Tendo girl's conditional love for Ranma when there isn't a dangerous situation going on around them. Not to say that she doesn't love him, but she doesn't take it seriously and takes it for granted that Ranma will always be around.

Nodoka is of course manly obsessed and uses the seppuku pledge as a tool to try and mold him into what she thinks he should be. While obsessed I don't believe she is incapable of realizing the world around her. Such as even though Ranma can become something the opposite of manly she is able to see beyond that and judge Ranma by his actions.