Author's Note: I know this is a weird style, but bear with me. I wrote it first for , and I had copied and pasted to save a little time. It didn't turn out looking like I had planed, but hell, it's great anyway. I wrote my first draft in class, that's why I don't mention Digimon. That one kid beside me always reads over my shoulder. Anyway, it's Impmon talking if you can't tell.

Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon. I don't own anything anymore. Well, maybe my thoughts, but I think the voice in my head may have called dibs on that already.


Crazy? No. Bitter? A strong possibility. Confused,

of that there is no doubt. But by no means am I

insane. Do you believe is so beacause I am not up to

your standard of 'normal'?

Taken out of my setting and thrown, defenceless

mind you, into another. Forced to coenside with

creatures completely unlike me. A species who

terrified, experimented on, and tried to destroy me a

young age. How do you expect me to be? Up to your

un-matchable standard of average. I'm sorry, but I

just can't do that.

We're two different beings. You should be able to

figure that out. At least, I believed it to be

impossible to miss. But obviously, there was a way,

for you found it.

You don't understand anything I say, do you? I can

tell by that blank stare on your face. You can't

compriehend a word of it. Or maybe you just don't

want to understand. That's typical of your species,

thinking that everything not exactly like you is far

below your level.

Trust me, little boy, I'm at a level neither you

nor your species will ever reach. It's completely

impossible, you're all so primitive. Nothing but

hairless apes tricking yourselves into believing you

are so amazing.

Why do you just stand there? Do you ever reply when

one of my species are talking to you? My god, you

patetic child, say something! What, do you think your

to good to talk to me? Is that it?

I should kill you for simply thinking that. Really,

your species has to learn we're not any where near

under your intelligence level. But I'll spare your

life, just to show I'm better than you. Don't expect

the same treatment next time, though.

You see, when there is one thing that's the same in

both locations. Every creature has defences to

protect it from preditors it will encounter on

everyday basis.

But man will introduce a new species into an

eco-system they should never have entered. The native

creatures are destroyed beacause of lack in defences

against it. Such a shame. Humans bring something in

to help, and it only can end in death. Well, it's

nothing new, now is it?

Such is the case for you, child. Humans have no

natural defences against what they brought on to

themselves. I'm far to powerful for any of the

artifical shields to block. But that's not

surprising. You have never encountered anything such

as I, and rightly so. We never should have crossed

pathes, little boy.

So if I kill you like I'm planning on, don't take

it personally. It's just human-worked nature taking

it's course.