A/N: Okay so here is a preview of Black Sheep's sequel, Don't Look Back. This time it isn't about Renesmee, but Karen. It starts a week or so after the end of Black Sheep, when Karen and Alice are shopping in Paris…

Acquaintances (Karen's POV)

"Votre totale est $1463.79."

The French woman behind the counter stared doubtfully at the half-dozen heavy bags slung over Alice's thin shoulders, and even more doubtfully at the shiny credit card that was extracted from under the layers of tissue paper and handed to her. But the card was accepted, the receipt signed and with a dazzling smile, we left the store with two more bags to add to our already-huge load.

"I liked that store; where should we go next?" I asked Alice, who seemed to know Paris like the back of her hand.

"Well there's a nice little place where they sell plainer clothing, in case you need to drive around Forks or something."

"Sounds good to me. I don't want to know what the good citizens of Forks will think if they see me drive by in a ridiculously fancy silk dress," I winked at Alice.

"Oh they'll never be staring at you, they'll be staring at your car," Alice grinned and motioned for me to follow her down the sidewalk "Lime green convertibles aren't very popular in a town like Forks."

"That's a lime green hybrid convertible," I corrected "I don't see why we can't protect the environment at the same time. We are the ones that are going to be around for eternity after all."

"Karen, you know you'll never convince the men of that."

"I know," I sighed dramatically "It's a lost cause already."


I had only been a member of the Cullen coven for almost a month, but already the men of the family (Carlisle, Emmett, Edward and Jasper) were arranging for me to get my very own car. Edward had tried to convince me to go with something ridiculously new, very flashy and no doubt extremely pricey. Years undercover in university had kept me inconspicuous for so long, why not have some fun? Except I wouldn't let them buy me anything that wasn't available in North America yet, so a green hybrid convertible it was.

Even though it was a dreary, overcast day, the streets were still crawling with people: mostly tourists. The scurried about, usually in groups of three or four, with cameras and maps in hand, pointing out little architectural marvels, or shops that looked appealing. This was the first time I had been in Paris, and if Alice hadn't forced me to focus on the task at hand (finding me a new wardrobe). I would have been just like the rest of them

"Here we are," Alice said not two minutes later, pointing at a quaint little 'boutique' with a simple display of jeans and shirts.

"Aww, that looks sweet!" I said, indicating a blouse decorated with a pattern of rosebuds "I could see Esme wearing that."

"So could I," Alice winked at me with a laugh.

I was looking forward to shopping somewhere with only two digit price-tags, but that hope was interrupted by a musical voice from behind us. One that made us whirl around to find the speaker.

"Alice Cullen? Is that you?"

"Hello Heidi," Alice said acidly.

A/N: I hope you like it! I think it will end up being much better than Black Sheep.

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