Okay, just a quick note about the story:

It is set a couple of years after Oblivion. Game addicts like myself may also recognise a couple of the characters from the game. These obviously do not belong to me, they belong to Bethesda. Finaly, I have the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages to thank for the info. Now, let the story commence! :)


On the very last day of the Last Seed in the 435th year of the 3rd era, a Redguard was born in Bravil, in dark and dingy alleyway in the southern most point of the town. His mother was a scrawny thing, her collar bones protruded sharply from her weak frame. Ebony hair fell to the floor as she sat hunched on a crate, cradling her babe. She gulped back several tears of pain as she carefully lay the baby down on the floor. The effort of putting her newborn down took much of her energy. She leant against the wall of a filthy house and panted, spasms crossing her face. The baby beside her began to bawl, in the screeching way all babies do. She extended her boney hand and grasped the child's tiny fingers. A ring with a small black stone set in the middle of it glinted in the moonlight as she clung to her baby's hand. It's crying ceased, but instead it began to whimper, sensing death creeping upon his mother. With what little energy she had left, the woman slowly got to her feet. Her ragged clothes hung limply on her body. A wave of coughing caught her as she straightened herself. Bent double, a hacking cough gripped her, making her weaker by each passing second. Several guards who were patrolling the streets looked curiously down the alleyway, but turned away once they saw the lady; they had seen this many times before. As their footsteps echoed into nothingness, the woman sunk to her knees. She picked up her young son and cradled him in her arms. She looked lovingly into his face, and then gasped at what she had not seen before-the young boy had curly black hair, like many Redguards, but his eyes, his eyes were as golden as the sun. They shone like the rays at dawn and glinted with happiness, joy and many other things his mother had not experienced for a long time.

"You going to be a special one you are." she said soothingly. The baby gurgled contently at the sound of his mother's voice. Once again the woman was overcome by coughing. By the time it had finished, she was drained. She slumped against the opposite wall and stared at her son. His arms flailed helplessly as he lay on the ground. He turned his head and smiled when he saw her. The wind began to pick up. Obviously sensing he was cold, the woman wrapped her child in her scraggly shawl. She coughed into her hands once more. As she drew them away, she saw they were spattered with blood. Sighing she took her son into her arms once more. She placed him onto her lap then stared up into the sky. The night would end shortly, and with it her life. Her past would be unknown to her son. She hoped that it would remain that way. She murmured a quick prayer to Akatosh then carefully got to her feet, holding her son in her arms. She staggered into the main square, the Lucky Old Lady statue stared at her kindly. She leant against it for a moment for support then continued on her way. The sun was creeping into the town by this time. The woman began to breathe heavy, rasping breaths. She quickened her pace and collapsed on the doorstep of the Loche household. She placed her son upon the doorstep. She kissed him upon his forehead and murmured in his ear,

"May the gods bless you with the life I never had, my son." She stood upright and watched her son as he wriggled in the shawl. Finally, the woman tore her gaze from her baby and staggered away, never to be seen again. Later on that morning, Ursanne Loche discovered the newborn boy on the steps by her door. Without a second thought, she took him in as if he had been her own all along. Little did she, her husband or the boy himself know what mixed up past and future the abandoned babe would have.