A/N: This has been a project I have wanted to pursue for several years now but I have finally figured out what I have wanted to do with it. This story is derived from Sailor Moon mixed in with the events of Ronin Warriors.

Now before you say, aw hell another Sailor Moon and Ronin crossover where Sailor Mars and Ryo are together because they both control fire and blah blah blah (which there is nothing wrong with that)…let me explain for a moment. This is a side quest for a few select members of the senshi. The Netherealm is that which controls all the evil that exists. Four members of the Sailor Soldiers team up with the Ronins in an effort to squash Talpa and his Dynasty, in turn ridding the world of the enemies from the Negaverse, Black Moon, and so on and so forth.

These four senshi are not tied to the likes of the Ronin themselves. Their opposing power is what holds the key to the end of Talpa's reign. They are the key to the end of the Warlords, or the beginning in uniting the nine mystical armors.

Sailor Venus, Minako Aino, is Anubis' match. His armor stands for cruelty while she stands for love. This story is mainly centered around this pairing.

Sailor Mercury, Ami Mizuno, is Sekhmet's match. His armor stands for venom and decay, while she stands for purification and growth.

Sailor Jupiter, Makoto Kino, is Cale's match. His armor stands for darkness and death, while she stands for light and birth.

Sailor Neptune, Michiru Kaioh, is Dais' match. His armor stands for deception while she stands for honesty and trust.

The story begins with the Ronin getting back together after Talpa banished them all to their armor's birthplaces. When the black castle of the Dynasty entered the horizon, Sailor Moon and Mamoru had just married and therefore four of the senshi broke off to investigate. Sailor Mars, Uranus, Saturn, and Pluto stayed behind to guard the couple in case of an attack on the Moon Princess.

Perhaps the story is more interesting now? Take a look! Potential M rating in later chapters. I'll warn you. =)

Loyalty and Love

The five, sub-armor clad Ronin Warriors took to the streets of Japan. Rubble and destruction littered the once populated roadways where they tread. The Dynasty, center of all the evil and hate in the universe, had descended upon planet Earth, hell bent upon conquering it and using it for its own dark purposes.

These young men with minds and hearts set on the downfall of Emperor Talpa, the leader of the Dynasty, were the only hope that was left for the planet. Without them and the magical powers that they had been granted, the world would be doomed to become part of Talpa's dominion.

Ryo of Wildfire, Sage of Halo, Cye of Torrent, Kento of Hardrock, and Rowen of Strata approached one of the massive red gates to the castle that rose high in the sky. These five young men were owners of mystic ancient armor that enabled them with super human strength, agility, and powers unique to each set of armor. The evil emperor had scattered the quintet to the birthplaces of their armor and they had only just reunited. Having awakened the powers of their armors, the Ronin were embarking on the invasion of the castle.

"Now how do you expect to get that gate open? Kento's strong, but he's not that strong." Rowen commented as they stopped at the foot of the enormous gateway.

Kento scoffed, rubbing his hands together as he placed his hands against the closed doors. "I am so that strong, and I'm going to make you eat your words Rowen." He taunted as he pushed with all of his might on the gate. He gritted his teeth and the doorway slowly cracked open, granting them entry to the world beyond.

"Piece of cake." He commented as he straightened. Rowen rolled his eyes and Cye chuckled.

"You should know better than to challenge him on anything to do with strength or food Rowen."

The blue haired Ronin waved him off, looking to Ryo for the command. The red sub-armored male stood looking into the opening that lay before him. He feared bringing his fellow Ronin into this mess, but he could not possibly do this alone. He had no other choice. They would win or die trying to.

Ryo looked up and nodded his head to the other four. "It's time that we drop in on Talpa. Mia, you and Yuli must stay here. White Blaze will protect you." He said to the young woman who stood nearby with his beloved white tiger. Yuli, the boy whom had been left orphaned after the invasion, looked as if to argue with Ryo but Mia placed her hand over the boys' mouth.

"We will be waiting for you Ryo, everyone. Come back to us safely." She said softly.

Ryo nodded to her and without another word, stepped into the gates of the Dynasty.

"Minako, where in the hell are we going?" Makoto asked, stepping around a chunk of an office building that had fallen in the roadway.

The blonde turned to look at her companion. "Those gates we saw when we entered the city are the way into whomever caused that castle to form in the sky. We have to get to the bottom of this and you know it." Minako responded.

Makoto huffed as she followed along. In tow, Ami and Michiru were looking at Ami's super computer that the blue haired girl was analyzing.

"Those gates will take us straight to the enemy. They are closed for the time being but if we use our powers we should be able to open them." Ami offered, looking up from her computer.

Minako nodded as she continued to lead the way into the heart of the city where the computer had told them a gate stood.

These four young women were members of the Sailor Senshi, blessed with powers from the planets of the solar system to defend justice and maintain peace. After the battle with Sailor Galaxia, their world had been at peace. Mamoru and Usagi had gotten married and it would not be long before she made her royal status known. Times had been wonderful and there had been no need for the Senshi. A little over a week ago, the sky had turned black as night and a gigantic castle loomed over the city. The Senshi had not yet encountered an enemy, but they knew that something must be done about the dominating structure that loomed above their heads.

Minako, also known as Sailor Venus, agreed to take a small group of the Senshi into the heart of the city to investigate the source behind the black castle. The remaining Senshi guarded the future king and queen against an attack if one should come. Sailor Jupiter, Mercury, and Neptune had come along with their leader to check things out.

"There. Just beyond that next building. Do you see the top of the gate?" Ami called out pointing ahead.

Minako looked up and could see the blood red frame of the door looming from behind the nearest building. The four girls picked up speed and headed towards the entryway. When they turned the corner, Makoto gasped at the magnitude of the doorway. It was well over the size of any building in the crumbled city.

Michiru narrowed her eyes as she looked at gate. "Ami, I thought you said that all of the entries were closed." She asked. Ami didn't look up from her computer analysis but nodded her compliance. "That is correct. The enemy knew we were coming." She stated.

"Then why is that one ajar?" Michiru asked, turning back to the gate. The door stood open far enough for the four of them to slip in. "Could it be a trap?" Makoto offered, pounding her fist into her other palm.

Minako shrugged. "It very well could be, but what other choice do we have? Come on."

Exchanging looks, the three girls followed their leader into the open door.

"Master, the Ronins have made their way through the gates."

Four young men stood in a loose cluster in a dark throne room. The man whom spoke to their master, Dais, stepped forward, his eye patch giving him a sinister appearance. His dark sub-armor glowed in the eerie light of the room.

The large and sinister form of Talpa appeared in the room before them. His laugh sounded amused at this information.

"So, they have come to the gates of Hell have they? I believe you should give them a proper welcome. Warlords, go and greet the Ronins. See that they do not make it far in to my dominion. Bring me their armor!" The floating being growled his orders before disappearing.

Anubis, the Warlord of Cruelty turned to his fellow generals. "To arms. If as many as one of the Ronins make it to the castle, it will be your heads." He barked. Without so much as a blink, Anubis stood in his dark armor, disappearing in the next instance.

The remaining Warlords narrowed their eyes at the spot where Anubis had stood before donning their own armor and following him out into the field of battle.

"Looks like somebody knew we were coming." Sage growled as the five Ronins backed into a tight circle. Upon entering the gates, they were greeted with Dynasty soldiers, hell bent upon their destruction. They were surrounded, ten soldiers standing in their way in every direction. Ryo clenched his fists and turned his head to his comrades.

"Suit up." He called to the other four. Without a second's hesitation, Ryo screamed his henshin into the sky.

"Armor of Wildfire. Dao Jin!"

Flame exploded from the warrior's fist as he summoned his armor to his form. The fire red armor molded itself to his trim body and he reached up to take his horned helmet from the sky as it appeared. He fit it upon his head and took battle formation. The others completed their transformation only seconds behind him and they began attacking the soldiers that littered the street around them.

Minako hid behind a corner as soon as she laid eyes on the battle commencing. She racked her brain as she tried to come up with any sort of conclusion as to whom these people were. They stood as ordinary men and within seconds transformed into this armor.

The four girls watched in awe at the skill the men displayed as they fought the identical demons that surrounded them. Minako turned to Ami.

"Do you have any idea who those five are?" She asked. Ami was scrambling through her computer, the device pointed at the heavily armored men who stood a few feet from their hiding space.

The girl gasped and banished the virtual visor that was over her eyes. "They can't be," She said, her eyes leaping from each figure to the next.

"What? What is it?" Michiru asked in a hushed tone. Ami closed her gaping mouth.

"The legend. It's real. I cannot believe it but it is real."

"What legend?" Makoto asked, frustration her tone. Ami turned to her unblinking.

"The magical armor of the nine ancient samurai. The Ronin Warriors. If they have appeared, the world must be truly coming to an end." She whispered as she watched them fight.

Minako looked out at the skilled fighters. There were other people in this world with magical powers? Why hadn't Luna or Artemis told them? Why were they here?

"Who cares why they're here! Shouldn't we do something?" Makoto asked, eager to get in on the fight.

Minako held her arm out in front of Makoto. "No. We wait. They understand this enemy. If they need our help, we will aid them. We need more information on these people Ami. Are they friend or foe?"

Ami looked to her with a resigned face. "They are the hope of the world."

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