My Version of New Moon

My Version of New Moon


I had never minded birthdays. That is until now, when time is the most important thing in my life, other than my stuck forever at 17 boyfriend/vampire Edward. He says he will always love me no matter how old I get, but he will have to live without me one day. I wanted nothing more in this world than to be a vampire so me and Edward would be equals. Birthdays meant I always got 1 year older than the last year, and the very thought of that sent shivers down my spine.

"Are you alright love?" he asked

"Not really. I hate birthdays." I mumbled as we pulled into the school parking lot.

"Come on Bella, birthdays are great, and you will love the party we are having for you tonight!" my best friend Alice squealed.

"Yeah. It's going to be a blast" I said sarcastically. Edward leaned down and whispered in my ear, "don't worry love, it won't be that long and it will make Alice and Esme very happy."

I scrambled to get my thoughts together so I could answer him. He knew he had this effect on me and he seemed to enjoy the fact that I lost my train of thought every time he even looked me in the eyes. His gorgeous golden eyes, and his perfect bronze hair—no Bella focus.

"Your right Edward. I love you" then we both leaned in for a kiss. If it was up to me that was what I would spend a good portion of my time doing, but Edward and his boundaries. By this time we were under the roof by the cafeteria and Mike Newton came running up to me.

"Happy birthday Bella!!" he screamed just as loud as he could. Is he and idiot or what! I don't want everyone knowing it's my birthday!

"Keep it down mike! I don't want the whole school knowing it's my birthday!" I hissed just as harshly as I could. I peaked up at Edward and his lips were pressed in a tight line trying to contain his laughter. He loved it when I was un-friendly to Mike, who he hated with a strong passion.

"What are you talking about Bella? It's your birthday, aren't you excited?" It's not like I can tell Mike the truth. "Well mike to be honest the reason I don't like birthday's is because Edward here, is stuck forever at 17 and I really don't like the idea of me getting older than my boyfriend/vampire." I laughed humorlessly at the thought of Mike's face if I told him that. But knowing Mike he would be more upset about the fact that I said boyfriend, even though it's quite obvious that's what Edward is.

"You know me Mike, I just hate being in the spot light."

"That's silly Bella; it's your birthday, your getting older! Aren't you excited to be legally an adult?" God, mike do you really have to bring that fact up?

"No, I'm not Mike. Now if you will excuse us we have to get to class." Then we turned away before Mike could argue.

"I swear one day I will lose my patience with that kid." Edward hissed darkly beside me.

"Come on Edward, he is not that bad."

"Well you don't have to listen to his thoughts either." Which was true. Mike obviously wished I would pick him instead of Edward, and Edward had to listen to his constant fantasies, so I did feel bad for Edward.

"Well we both know who I have chosen. There is no doubt in that situation."

"Good." He said and glanced over at mike, who was staring at us. Then Edward smiled darkly and leaned down to press his cold, marble lips softly to mine.

"I'll see you next period love." And with that he gracefully turned to go to his next class.

"Bye Bella, see you at lunch!" Alice called cheerfully

"Don't panic love; the party will be just fine."

"Edward you know how I hate parties." By this time we were pulling into his drive way. We just left my house and Charlie had congratulated me on officially being adult. He gave me a brand new camera for my birthday.

"The last birthday we celebrated a birthday was a very long time ago so please, for everyone, try to have fun?" he smoldered me with his golden eyes, the way he always did to get his way.

I smiled up at him and whispered "You're right, let's go have some fun!!