Drunken Silver Night

Chapter One: Hi, how are you?

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[A/N]: Hiii! This is basically my old story rewritten. I wrote the first Drunken Silver Night when I was younger, and although it's a good idea, the way I had written it was extremely childish and I didn't want to continue it where it had left off. So, now, I'm redoing it all and better! This story will contain some mature content but that shouldn't bother anyone consider this was in the mature section, right? Good. Without further ado:


"I know, I know. I'm sorry Sango, I just—"

"You just FORGOT?"

Kagome pulled her ear away from the purple cell phone in her hand and winced. Sango could be loud enough without the mega-phone-like enhancement of the cell phone.

"Yeah… but for good reason!" she admitted but quickly thought to brighten the situation.

"Oh, for a good reason, sure, what were you doing Kagome? Hm? Saving starving African children? Get caught up giving money to poor people? Coming up with the cure for AIDS so all the gay men will love you? Well? What was it that you completely forgot this show over? You know how important this is for Miroku!"

Sango Taijaya, Queen of Sarcasm.

Gay men…? Way to make someone feel guilty… "N-no… I was… reading… but it was a really good book!"

"… Nice, Kagome, real nice, epic fucking fail." Sango let out a long, exaggerated sigh, "I can't show up late for this. Miroku would be totally disappointed if I'm even a second late. He's been so excited about this. How could this even have remotely left your mind for an instant with all his chatter about it all freaking week? He was like a hyped up twelve year old girl with the lead role in her first ballet recital."

The comparison between a hyper twelve year old girl and Miroku was both strangely accurate and disturbing and giggles couldn't be helped.

"I can't apologize enough. And don't worry, okay? I'm going to be late, sure, but you go ahead and go and I'll ask mom if she'll let me borrow the car and I'll come as soon as I get ready."

"Miroku and Shippo are going to be disappointed if you aren't there." Sango's loud, booming voice quieted to barely a whisper.

"Oh gosh, stop with that! You know I'm coming. I'm not going to miss his band. I'll be there well before he comes out. And to make him feel better, I'll buy an apple pie and have it ready for him after the show."

"But you're going to miss the new bands! It's not as much fun making fun of them without you! Rin sucks so bad… her idea of an insult is that they are only 'mildly not good' or something. I can't believe you're subjecting me to 'mildly not good' alone... You have a lot more to make up for other than just being late…" Sango's whines sounded more and more pathetic as she went on, "So bring a cherry pie too."

Kagome laughed at her best friend. "The longer you keep me on the phone the later I'll be."

"Oh, shit! Right, okay, I'll see you real soon. And please be super speedy, alright?" pleading once more.

Kagome laughed again. "Bye Sango." Click.

The red numbers on her alarm clock boldly declared it seven o'clock. The show started at eight in the next town. This particular show was important for the fact that Miroku's band, Sexual Nation, was the main show that night. For the first time, they were the main reason that everyone was going to this gig, which was special for the band; the highlight of their careers thus far, even for Miroku, the measly bassist. Of course, it was only small town entertainment for the local cool kids. Nothing with media or newspaper articles or anything, just fliers hung around school and MySpace bulletins posted religiously.

It wouldn't necessarily be the end of the world if she decided to crawl back into her comfy bed with her IPod in her ears and the latest Ava Johansson book propped up on pillows in her lap, but it would be mean and not to mention the fact that tonight was almost promised to be utterly amazing.

Not only was Sexual Nation the main attraction for the night and at an amazing, cheap venue location, but two of the four bands playing before them were pretty well known too. The other two were new bands being given a chance to show their talents. Kagome and Sango usually declared it their duty to over analyze the newbie's and pretty much pick them apart from where they stood. It was almost as fun as making fun of freshman, but not quite that sensational.

After one of the quickest showers of her young life, Kagome blow-dried her chocolate brown hair, got dressed and fixed her face. Tonight she was sporting black skinny jeans that hugged her lower curves exquisitely, a green Sexual Nation t-shirt and starry, purple flats. With her hair straightened and styled to somewhat perfection, she sprayed herself with some fabulous smelling whatnot and headed down stairs, prepared to beg for the car if she needed to.

Ms. Higurashi was chopping celery and carrots at the counter with an amazing, dangerous looking speed that only mothers and professional culinary school graduates seemed to have. She looked up with a pleasant smile when she saw Kagome prance into the room.

"Hello love, what are you all dressed up and in a hurry for?"

"Remember that big show I told you about the other day?" Kagome asked, walking over and grabbing an un-chopped carrot from the counter.

"The one Miroku's been talking about?" Ms. Higurashi set down her knife and wiped her hands off on a dish towel.

"Yeah, that one, well, it's kind of… twenty minutes ago." Kagome bit her lip and looked nervous.

"Oh my," Ms. Higurashi walked over to the table and looked through her purse. "So I'm supposing you want the car then?"

"I love you mommy!" Kagome twirled over and hugged her mother from behind. "You're the most amazing mother in the entire universe, you know that?"

"I know that." She turned around and handed Kagome the keys. "Now, I don't care how late you are to going be to this, you are not allowed to speed and if you do and get caught, I'm not paying for it." She glared warningly.

"Okay, I won't, I promise." Kissing her mother's cheek, she ran out of the house. "I'll might be staying with Sango tonight too so I'll leave the keys on your nightstand when I bring it home."

"Okay, have fun dear."

Once inside the car, she backed out a bit carelessly in her hurry but managed to correct herself and head onward. The drive to the next town was about a twenty minute drive away if she hurried. She had promised her mother that she wouldn't speed but what she meant was that she promised not to go over the speed limit in front of a cop…

With Kagome's luck though, everywhere she looked, there seemed to be a law enforcement vehicle driving by or on the side of the road waiting. It was like they were following her, going out of their way and making it their personal mission to ensure she didn't go over the speed limit illegally. Like it was there job or something...

So all there was to do was watch the speedometer and listen to the radio, which of course, played nothing that she really liked. In the end, Kagome arrived at the venue much later than she had predicted. At least she had gotten there well before Miroku played though. That was all that really mattered, right?

Now that she was there, she hurriedly put her money in her pocket, checked her hair in the rear-view mirror and got out of the car, checking her appearance once again in the window of the car. Locking the car, she turned around to head inside, hoping there was still some fresh meat to pick at. Struggling with the tightness of her jeans, she finally put the keys in her front pocket and looked up, only to freeze where she stood. She gasped.

It was that intense, the first sight of the angel.

He was walking out of the venue with hunched shoulders, like he was trying to be discrete about leaving. He straightened back up and looked over his shoulders back at the entrance. Seeming to confirm something, he continued walking out into the parking lot.
Closer and closer he got to her and her heart quickened faster and faster with each step he took. She must have looked stupid standing in the middle of a parking lot gawking like a complete idiot.

Silver hair trailed over his shoulders and down his back. His body was obviously attractive underneath his fitting clothes and the way he moved just screamed sexy… And the feature that was most noticeable about this guy was the two, tiny dog ears atop his head and the overwhelming feeling to touch them… Was she staring?

This guy was probably feeling watched. Like the feeling you get when you're in your car at a red light and you look over to find someone looking at you. When he looked up and they locked eyes, she felt as though her knees were going to buckle beneath her. His eyes were an amazing shade of amber, so uniquely startling. His gaze was so powerful and strong. Without that look, she knew that her knees would have gave out, sending her falling to the gum and gas covered, concrete ground. It was holding her still, keeping her heart from beating and her lungs from breathing; killing her, in other words.

Then a smirk came to his beautiful lips and his eyes left hers to roam over her form. Kagome learned that she was able to stand on her own two feet without the help of his eyes and was grateful for the knowledge. She didn't think it was possible for her heart to ever start again, but it was now beating so fast it was as though it might jump out from her chest. He was looking at her now, actually seeing her, checking out his newest mesmerized victim maybe.


Thank God for the Queen of Sarcasm.

The sound of her name broke her from her trance and she looked over to see her best friend approaching her quickly. Looking back over to the angel, she saw him continue walking toward a black vehicle, no longer concerned with her, unfortunately.

"Kagome, what are you doing?" Sango looked confused, glancing over in the same direction that Kagome was.

"Umm, I just got here…" she mumbled, eyes never leaving the silver of his hair as he got inside the black vehicle.

"…Okay…" she agreed hesitantly, observing the way her best friend was eyeing the boy that just got in the black Escalade. "Why are you staring at that guy like he just told you he was Johnny Depp?" Sango asked, going back and forth between Kagome and the black car.

Kagome snorted and looked back at Sango with her best 'yeah, sure' look. "I wasn't…" shaking her head defensively, she continued walking toward the venue, pretending not to care at all.

Sango followed her. "You so were. I've never seen you so fixed on anything in your life and you were staring him down like a god of some sort."

"You are so out of it Sango. I was not. You've let your imagination go Love; I thought that was my job?" Kagome tried to change the subject, smiling brightly. She didn't really know what just happened to her but knew that her writing skills couldn't begin to describe what had passed between them.

"You wanna know who he is?"

"You know who he is?" Kagome blinked, instantly intrigued. "I mean… not that I care or anything."

"Ha! You so like that guy! I've not seen you with a crush since middle school." Sango smiled big.

"Oh ha-ha, quit making it a big deal. Who is he?" she asked, stopping a few steps in front of the entrance to the building. The music was thumping and she could see that the entire place was absolutely packed full.

"Well, I don't know much about him at all actually. He was the vocals of the first band that played. I don't really recall the name of the band either… but I pretty much forgot most things after they started playing. It was so amazing Kagome! I hadn't heard such great guitar playing in my entire life. And that boy can sure as hell scream. It sounded fantastic. They stole the show. No doubt about that."

"Oh my gosh, really? And I missed that? Jeez…" Kagome sighed and let her eyes glance back toward the vehicle. So, he wasn't only just ungodly attractive, he was the lead singer of an amazing band too? The two things fit perfectly. Now what? Walk up and say, "Hi, how are you? I'm Kagome." Nah, way too lame.

"And how is Miroku feeling about this?" she asked, starting to walk into the building with Sango again, giving one last glance back at the black vehicle. It seemed the silver-haired angel wasn't leaving, just sitting in the car. Was that his car as well? If so, okay: beautiful, talented, and rich? Drive her crazy.

"Yeah, that's kind of a current problem. He says they stole their show and the whole band is kind of bummed about the rest of the night. Let's go see him; maybe you can make him feel better." Kagome nodded. Too bad she forgot the apple pie...

The sound was mind blowing once you entered the crowded building. The band and the excited crowd combined with the enclosed space were a powerfully loud sound together. Sango grabbed Kagome's hand and led her through the crowd, making sure to dodge the Mosher's with her best ability. Luckily the nice guys were surrounding the pit to keep non-Moshers safe. Once they'd reached the section where most of her friends were grouped, she smiled at them all in greeting.

Currently, Miroku and Shippo were talking, both looking a bit down. Shippo was the drum player in Sexual Nation. A small guy with red hair, green eyes and a playful attitude, Shippo could almost always be found drumming his fingers against anything he could. A lot of times his habit could be found annoying but his friends had learned to ignore it for the most part. He raised his head when he noticed Sango's return with Kagome but looked back down and continued to listen to Miroku.

Hojo, the guitarist of the band, was talking sweetly to a group of girls Kagome recognized from school. The girls were huddled around him, looking up with admiring gazes while he smiled gently down at them innocently, oblivious to their advances. When he noticed Kagome's presence, his smile got impossibly bigger and he waved over to her, which didn't make his fans too happy.

Rin waved from her position with Kirara, Shippo's girlfriend, standing in line at the concessions. She was the keyboardist of the band.

And then there was Naraku…

Naraku Onigumo, a disgustingly creepy kind of person and the lead singer of Sexual Nation. His hair trailed down his back in a stunning pattern of jet black curls that would have given anyone the urge to run their hands through it if it weren't for the vibes that came off of the rest of him. When Naraku looked at you with his cruel, red eyes, it was similar to the feeling of spiders crawling all over you body, if by some unfortunate event, you had to go through that. An involuntary shiver ran through Kagome at the thought. Naraku went to Tokyo High School with the rest of them, though they weren't much of friends. He mainly hung out with his own band of disturbing miscreants, the same that he was with currently.

So why was such a horrid person the lead singer of their group?

Because there was no one else, and when Miroku started the band, he was the only one with any talent. It started out as a try-out for a singer, noted on the flyers and bulletins of MySpace. At try-outs, three people showed up, and besides Naraku's amazing vocal gift, the other two just out right sucked. So Naraku was given the part of lead singer and joined Sexual Nation and was also partly responsible for their success.

Naraku looked up from talking to a black haired female and looked directly at Kagome and grinned disgustingly. Kagome averted her eyes instantly, acting as though he didn't exist in the same world that she did and walked over to Miroku.

"Hey guys." She greeted.

Sango walked over and hugged Miroku around the waist, reaching up on her tip-toes to kiss his cheek. "Are you feeling better?"

"Hello Kagome, glad you could make it." He smiled at his friend and kissed Sango on the top of her head. "Yes." He answered his girlfriend.

"We're feeling better about it." Shippo shrugged and hugged Kagome in greeting. "How was the ride over?"

"Oh jeez," Kagome rolled her eyes, releasing Shippo from the hug. "It was terrible! There were police all over the place. I couldn't move because of traffic, like, everyone just seemed to be trying to keep me from coming here tonight."

Miroku chuckled and released Sango. "Like I said, glad that you made it."

"Hiya Kagome!" Kirara and Rin both greeted, sucking on the straw of their drinks.

Kirara giggled as Shippo stole her cup and took a long drink. He gave the empty cup back to her sheepishly and she frowned. "Sorry…" he grinned a bit and she kissed him on his nose to let him know that all was forgiven.

Kagome observed the couple and thought about how cute the two were. Shippo was a sophomore and Kirara was a freshmen. Shippo was in the school band when Miroku found him. He was playing drums for the band to have something to do and hopefully get a scholarship for it. His drumming skills far surpassed that of a regular drummer boy of a school band though and Miroku quickly invited him to join the band. Although younger, both kids were cool. Shippo was fun to be around and Kirara was too cute for words, that's why she got along with Rin so well. Rin was the same age as Kagome and Sango, the three best friends.

After Kagome had observed the cuteness between Shippo and Kirara, she frowned slightly. Shippo had Kirara, Sango had Miroku and she was pretty sure that Rin was seeing someone although no one could figure out whom and hell, even Naraku seemed to be happily taken. Why was it so hard for her to find someone?

Did that one guy ever come back in…?

"Hi Kagome," Kagome winced as she heard Hojo's voice and mentally tried to find an escape from having to talk to him. Ever since they met back in junior high, Hojo has tried to ask Kagome out and with each try, she has to come up with a reason to why she's incapable of going. She was running out of excuses so it was better just to avoid him as much as possible but sometimes it was just too late…

Kagome turned around and gave a fake smile that was too large for her face.

"Hi there Hojo, having a fun time?" she glanced at Sango with a 'help me' smile on her face. Sango and Miroku both snickered at her demise.

"Oh, yes. I'm having a wonderful time. Everyone here is very nice and the bands playing are good as well. I was wondering though…"

Here it comes... Kagome thought with a sigh. Why couldn't Hojo take a hint? There were so many girls that liked him at Tokyo High and he was still hung up on her. Actually, it was sweet but whether or not it was cute it was still very much annoying.

"Hey Hojo," Miroku smiled and winked at Kagome as he walked over and put an arm around his fellow band mates shoulder, "Have I told you about that new bass I'm trying to get…" Miroku trailed off as he ushered Hojo away from Kagome and the rest.

Kagome let out a relieved sigh and glared at the laughing Sango. "That was not funny. I wish he wasn't so dense."

"Aw, come on Kagome. Hojo's not dense, he's…" Sango looked up, trying to find a good word.

"Naïve?" Shippo offered.

"That's what they call me." Rin said happily, smiling at Kirara who was smiling back at her in return.

"Exactly," Sango agreed.

"Okay, dense/naïve, whatever, he should just give up." Suddenly, Kagome felt like she had one thousand spiders crawling over her skin and she wrapped her arms around her chest.

Shippo suddenly had something to do that required Kirara and Rin. Sango's face turned white and she looked warningly at Kagome before she put on an obviously fake smile.

"Hello Naraku."

"Good evening Sango."

Kagome's body went tense. Fuck… Please don't be behind me. Please don't be behind me. Please don't be…

Kagome turned around and fanned surprise. "Oh, Naraku, hi, how are you?"

Naraku leered down at her and a malicious, but beautiful, smile crept onto his lips.

"I'm quite well Kagome. I hope that you are the same?"

She nodded, "I'm fine. Just got here though, I was running a bit late."

"I had noticed."

Please don't notice... Kagome thought with a nervous twitch. Why would he notice? "Oh, did you? Well it's nice to know that people notice when I'm not around." She laughed nervously and looked over to Sango who joined in with much the same laugh.

Where the fuck was Miroku? Kagome would much rather deal with poor, dense Hojo than sinister-like Naraku. Much.

"Indeed." Naraku glared at Sango who gulped and then returned his gaze to Kagome.

"Hey guys." Miroku showed up for the rescue with a smile. He was more tolerable to Naraku, but he had to be seeing as they were in the band together and all. "I just left Hojo by the stage. It looks like the next band is getting ready to play."

"Oh really? Well, we just can't miss this Kagome. You missed the first two so this will be fun." Sango grabbed Kagome's wrist and together they made their escape from Naraku. Miroku said a few more words to Naraku and then followed his girl friend and their friend. They walked over to stand next to Shippo, Kirara and Rin.

The third band that played was one that they all knew of and enjoyed very much. They jumped, screamed, head-banged, and all other forms of excitement until it was finally over and Kagome was about to collapse from thirst. She had screamed, hooted, and gave out cat-calls until she was sure her mouth was a desert.

"Wow that was really incredible." Kirara said, holding Shippo's hand.

"Not as good as that first band though." Rin put in.

"Yeah, well…" Shippo and Miroku both looked annoyed.

"Oh, quit Miroku. You guys are the best." Sango punched Miroku lightly in the arm.

"Yeah, you too Shippo, we don't need you two being big babies today. What happened to being men, huh?" Kagome teased.

"Sango, what else am I the best at…" Miroku raised his eyebrows suggestively and let his hand roam.

SMACK! "Not that…"

They all laughed and Miroku rubbed the side of his face with a grimace but his other arm was still attached to Sango.

"Hey, listen guys, I'm going to go over to the concession and grab something to drink." Kagome informed and they nodded in acknowledgement. She pushed through the many people, ignoring the scent of body odor, smoke and the mixtures of perfume and cologne and made it over to the table which was manned by some more unpleasant looking teens.

"Um, hi, could I please have a bottle of water?"

One of the girls whispered to the other and he nodded. What? Were they debating on selling her water? Kagome thought and raised a thin eyebrow at them. She supposed that she had passed whatever test that they had been giving her and they handed her the water and she paid for it, glad to be away from all of that, whatever that was.

Kagome gulped down her water in just a few drinks and tossed it in the garbage can close by. Refreshed and ready to scream some more, she headed back through the crowds to where her friends awaited.

Of course, that was the plan until she was plowed into by someone.

"Ouch." She stated and looked up to see who it was that she hit and blinked.

Hello there angel number two, how are you?

He was tall with black hair pulled back into a high ponytail. He was dark skinned and had a chiseled face with high cheek bones and a lovely sculpted nose. A pair of fitted blue jeans, brown shirt with the words 'WOLF' on it and normal Nike shoes was what he was wearing. In other word, he was gorgeous. Kagome realized that she was staring and stuttered an apology.

The boy tilted his head and smirked. "No, I think that everything is okay, more than okay if you ask me. I'm Kouga." He lifted his hand to her and she took it. It was large and hard and manly. [A/n: xD]

"I'm Kagome." She managed to say and placed her hand back at her side once he freed it.

"That's a very pretty name, Kagome. I like saying it." He smirked at her and she blushed noticeably. "Perhaps you'd like—"

She was getting all kinds of attention tonight.

"Hey Kagome! Get over here! The band is already set up!" Sango bellowed from halfway across the room.

Kagome glared in her direction. "Um, I suppose I should go then." She told him nervously.

"Oh, okay." He looked over to Sango and the rest as well. "Say, is that the bassist of Sexual Nation?"

"Um, yeah, that's Miroku." Kagome smiled. "Are you a fan?"

"Heh, I guess you could say that." He looked back down at her. "Tell him I said good luck."

Kagome nodded, still blushing somewhat. "Okay, sure."

"Oh, and, would it be okay if I got your number? I'd like to call you to get together sometime. You seem pretty cute." he tilted his head again and his tail wagged slightly behind him.

He has a tail… she noticed and held back the giggle that wretched through her. And then she realized that he just asked for her number and felt the fire filled butterflies scorch her stomach.

"O-oh, yeah, sure," she gave him her number which he keyed into his phone and she let him know that anytime was fine for him to call her and then he walked away.

She watched as his ponytail swayed as he walked and his tail wrapped itself around his waist so as not to touch anyone.

"Wow. I just got asked out… kind of." suddenly seeing how mega-big this was, she ran over to her friends.

"Took you long enough, Kagome. What are you smiling so much over?" Sango inquired, noticing the over-excitement of her best friend.

"I just ran into this extremely cute guy and he asked me for my number!" she squealed along with Sango at this and they both were given some looks by those around them.

"Who was he? What did he look like? What kind of shoes was he wearing? What color was his nose?" Sango listed off questions, not giving the other girl time to respond to any of them.

"Sango dear, it would be nice of you to let Kagome speak. Perhaps you wouldn't mind giving her one question at a time either?" Miroku, always coming to the rescue.

"Okay, fine. What was his name?" Sango asked.

"He said his name was Kouga. He was a wolf demon, I think. Oh! And he said to wish you good luck Miroku." Kagome remembered.

"Sounds like a pleasant sort of fellow then." Miroku said.

"Yeah, okay, but who is he?" Sango continued to question. Queen of sarcasm had another job as well, Mother Hen.

"Um, I don't really know."

"What? What do you mean you don't know? You just gave your number out to some random guy you met? What the HELL is wrong with you?"

"Sango dear, calm down, you're going to make a scene." Miroku tried to soothe.

"I don't give a fuck!" she said, glaring at those who were looking at her.

"Sango stop it, okay? I'm not ten. I think I'm perfectly capable of giving my phone number out to whomever I choose to." Kagome said firmly.

"I know Kagome," Sango hissed. "But still! Come on, you don't know how old he is, or if he has a criminal record or… Kagome, what if he does drugs!"

Kagome rolled her eyes and threw her hands up in the air in defeat. "Would you stop being so old-lady right now? Look," Kagome spotted Kouga and pointed in his direction. He was standing with another handsome looking guy and a pretty girl who was holding hands with the handsome guy. "See him? The one with the tail."

Sango's eyes searched through the crowd until she found the one that Kagome was speaking of. She pursed her lips and studied him for some time, crossing her arms and rubbing her chin in thought.

"Wasn't that the guitarist of that first band that played?" Miroku asked, looking as well.

"I think so…" Kouga moved and Sango tried to follow him with her eyes. "Oh! Kagome, what about Johnny Depp?"

"What?" Miroku and Kagome both said in unison although Miroku looked confused and Kagome looked like Sango just stated something shocking.

"Remember the guy that you were staring at outside earlier?"

"Oh, I wonder where he is." She thought aloud. Kouga was attractive, but if it came down to angel number one or number two, she would have definitely had to go with number one.

"Right there." Sango pointed and Kagome about tackled her to learn the whereabouts of angel number one.

Sure enough, her best friend wasn't faking her out. Standing against the wall farthest from the crowed, was angel number one, the most attractive male that she had ever seen in her entire life. The god-like Adonis was in the same room with her at this very moment and that very fact seemed like a romantic dream.

"She's gawking." Miroku observed.

Sango nodded, leaning over to whisper. "She does that whenever she sees him."

Kagome whacked Sango on the arm after she reeled herself back into the real world. "Both of you hush!" she looked around as if someone might be listening… or that someone listening might care.

Sango snorted. "It's not our fault you're drooling all over the place."

Huffing indignantly, she sent a scary glare over at Sango who laughed and pretended to hide behind the still confused looking Miroku before she slipped back into the crowd.

Now, where had the angel ran off too? She thought, wiping the sweat from her forehead. Was it getting hot in here, or was it just her?

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