Title: Hate Is A Strong Word

Summary: Nate Gray hated Tess Tyler until the kiss. That stupid kiss…

(A/N: Another story which popped into my head, which I had to write down. It's a Natess.

Ugh. Tess Tyler, the definition of the word hatred. She hated people, and people hated her. It was her life. But, nobody's hate for her bothered Tess Tyler like Nate Gray's did. His hate tore her to shreds. It pretty much destroyed her.

They had been enemies since they were seven. She broke his green crayon and he tore the bow out of her hair. That was where it started. Nate bought a new box of crayons and Tess got a new bow.

At nine, Tess's mother got her a doll. Not just any doll. A doll dressed in brand name everything, down to her tiny painted on panties, Nate Gray gave the doll a haircut. A really, really bad haircut, that is. Two weeks later, the Cindy doll hit stores everywhere. The president bought four for his daughter. All credit went to Tess. Even Posh Beckham cut her hair exactly like it.

At eleven, Nate told everyone that Tess went bankrupt. All her friends deserted her. It took her three months of getting new stuff to prove that she was rich. They even thought she got richer. That came back to bite Nate in the butt.

At twelve, Nate got his first electric guitar. A secondhand passed down from his dad. Tess trashed it. Nate got a new one. A custom Gibson Les Paul. Only one like it in the world, and it belonged to Nathaniel Alexander Gray. It was his most prized possession.

It continued until they were fourteen. Even then they hated each other. That summer they both went to Camp Rock. The previous year Tess was turned down by Nate's best friend. That crushed her and she believed it was all Nate's fault. So, he must suffer for it. She told Caitlyn Gellar, Nate's new crush, that Nate was a player, and had three girlfriends in L.A. Needless to say, Caitlyn was turned off. Eventually, Nate was able to convince Caitlyn that he wasn't a player, and didn't have any girl friends.

At fifteen, Tess was the youngest cheerleader on the squad, and one of the most talented. One Thursday, Nate Gray sabotaged their practice and Tess sprained her ankle so bad she was kicked off the team. Their team, the Cougars, lost the entire season and the cheerleading squad got booed into the next century. Tess wasn't a part of that squad.

When they were sixteen, Nate crashed Tess's party. Right in the middle of cutting the cake, Nate and his brothers came down the grand staircase and began to play. The attention was snatched right out of Tess's grasp and soon she was long forgotten. The next day, everyone at school was talking about Connect 3 playing at Tess Tyler's birthday bash, her popularity stats just increased.

But, when they were seventeen, Tess did something that was sure to destroy Nate. It was a kiss. It was the lowest, dirtiest form of pay-back.

She kissed his best friend. And that's all it took for Nate to realize he didn't hate her. Hate was a strong word. But, so was love.

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