09/26/13: So, I've decided I'm going to try and continue with the sequel. I mean, who the hell cares how many reviews there are on here? A lot of you are following the story or have had it to your favorites list so that means you're reading. This chapter has been edited and the chapter to follow has been rewritten. Read on!

The air was stiff and cackling with the left over energy that had just come from the group of people standing in a line outside an old, burning barn. Breathing seemed to be difficult for all of them. They were panting as if there wasn't enough oxygen in the air. It took a few minutes before any of them moved and the first movement was a slight shiver from the smallest of the group.

His short, dark hair stuck straight up on top of his head and dirt seemed to cover almost the whole right side of his face. The shiver was slowly followed by a step and then another step, until the young brunette broke into a full run. He reached the burning barn in a matter of seconds and the closed doors crashed open as if by magic. The sound of the blazing fire became overwhelming as he stepped into the heat-infested building. Fire burned on all sides of him but again he broke into a run. After another few seconds, his voice could be heard over the flames.

"Robby!" His voice seemed hoarse as he let out his first cry but it slowly grew stronger as he continued his yelling.

After about five minutes, a second boy appeared in the barn. He was taller than the rest of the group and his white dress shirt was half torn open. He shielded his face with a bleeding hand as he stepped up to the smaller boy. The hand that wasn't shielding his face came up to grip onto the younger boys shoulder.

"Come on!" He yelled over the other sounds. "We have to get out of here! She's not in here!" The taller boy seemed to give his companion's shoulder a squeeze before the youngest shrugged him off.

"Where else would she be?" The shorter one yelled at the eldest. "We can just leave her in here!"

"She's not here, Tyler!" The second boy said forcefully before he wrapped his arms around Tyler and started to drag him towards the open barn doors. "You saw it just like the rest of us," he continued. "She disappeared! She's not in the barn. Someone else did this. Someone else took her."

The words seemed to sink in after a few seconds and the first boy, Tyler, stopped struggling.

"Caleb!" A third voice yelled and another young man came into view. He brought up a gloved hand to run through his hair as he approached Tyler and Caleb. "She's not behind the barn. We just can't find her!"

Caleb seemed to contemplate the information for a while before he fixed the blonde new comer with a firm stare. "We have to get out of here before the cops show up. We can't be caught up in this mess. Get Pogue and get him to the Hummer. We'll regroup at my place. I'll take Tyler."

The blonde immediately jumped into action, turning away from his friends and heading back to a fourth boy who stood gazing at the blazing inferno in front of him. His eyes didn't seem to go anywhere else, even when Reid approached him and put a firm hand on his shoulder. It took a few minutes of coaxing on Reid's part before Pogue began to move towards the Hummer. He moved with his head down and his feet shuffling on the ground. He stumbled a few times before Reid opened the passenger door for him and Pogue slumped into the seat.

Caleb was dealing with a similar circumstance. Tyler, who was in a complete panic a few minutes before, now seemed to be in shock. His forehead was starting to collect sweat but he was cold to the touch and shivering. Caleb wished for a second that he could have a few moments to himself to grieve but the thought was quickly replaced by his duty to take care of his brothers before himself. The Covenant, his brothers and sister, would always come first.

"We'll find her, Tyler," he whispered. He had hoped that his words would come out confident, but instead they came out sounding like he barely believed them himself.