Okay, me and my friend were at Freeport today in colchester and we bought these amazing wafer things and they were so good we said we shouldn't tell anyone we had them and then we pretty much made up this fanfic, so i bought a spongebob notebook and wrote it down lol....I have a serious FanFic on the go, so look out for that one. This is what you may call my Tea Break in the world of Fanfic xxx


Summary: I suck at summaries.
Sam tries to hide some delicious brownies from Dean, but no one can hide food from Dean Winchester! Just a funny one-shot at a kinda Tall tales argument (with the money) except they're 14 and 18 and brownies. Plz RnR

Sam was taking his usual route home from school when the heavenly smell of baked goods descended from the local bakers and invaded Sam's nostrils His mouth drooled at the sweet scent as he walked closer to the bakers. As he was passing the window he couldn't resist taking a glance.

In a matter of seconds Sam's face was pressed up against the glass. Cakes, Cookies, Buns and Brownies. Man, those brownies sure looked good. He put his hands into his pockets and pulled out all the money he had. A smile stretched across his face when he worked out that he had enough for three.


Sam stepped out of the Bakers and pulled out one of the delicious brownies that had been teasing him. Another smile appeared on his face as he took a big bite of the irresistible brownie.

"Oh...my god" Sam gasped.


"Whats that smell?" Dean asked, he sat up from his relaxed position on his bed and pulled his head phones off his head so the crackle of AC/DC could be heard and looked over to Sam who was sitting on his bed doing homework.

"Smell? What smell?"

"Smells like...." Dean inhaled deeply through his nose "...Brownies?"

"Brownies? Theres no brownies here" Sam tripped over his words and complimented his smooth lying technique with shifty eyes.

"Sammy, do you have brownies?"

"No, you know I only like healthy food"


"I don't have any"

"Yeah, and I'm the Queen of England"

"You are?"

"Cute. Now gimmie the God damn brownies!" Dean shouted as he launched on Sam.



"Ow, Dean!"



#Pull hair#


#Legs tangle#


#Both Falls off bed#

"Ah-ha!" Dean cried, holding up the packet of brownies in triumph. He took no hesitation in taking a bite "Sweet Heavens above.."

"Yeah, I know" Sam huffed as he stood up "Let me have one"


"Gimmie a brownie"

"What Brownies?" Dean said putting the bag behind his back. #Shifty eyes#