Disclaimer- I do not own Twilight the movie, book, characters, or any of the people helping to film the movie

Disclaimer- I do not own Twilight the movie, book, characters, or any of the people helping to film the movie.

Heyhey everyone! This is my new… umm… "Story". My friends and I just decided one day to make a Twilight Spoof trailer, but we never got to it.

Warning: THESE ARE NOT VERY LONG CHAPTERS! The chapters are in sequence with both Twilight trailers. That is why they are so flipped around. If you need to watch them, they're on my profile.


Thanks to my friends: Leafdrop, Patronus Charm, and Sakura/Alice!

Scene 1

"Alice, is it absolutely necessary to show everyone this?" Edward asked.

"Yes, why yes it is," Alice said, popping a homemade DVD-Rom into the DVD I laughed and sat down on Edward's lap.

"I don't find this funny, Love," he said to me, smiling.

"Oh, come on Edward. We had a great time filming it! Let Alice have her fun," I said. Edward slouched, but turned his head toward the movie, none the less.

"Emmett, shut off the lights," Rosalie said. Soon enough, the lights were off, and Alice had hit PLAY on the remote.

Bella looks out her bedroom window into the street where Edward is leaned up against his car.

"I know what you are. You're impossibly fast…" Bella said. A sudden picture of Edward is seenriding on a lawnmower, listening to his IPod and dancing while steering.

"…and strong…" Bella continued.

Edward lifts up a weight in his right hand, is fine for a couple seconds, and than falls to his right.

Everyone laughed at this. I was sure that if Edward could blush, he would have.

"Your skin is pale white and… ice cold," Bella said.

Edward hesitated, than held his pointer finger and said, "I can explain that.

Edward is standing up, reading a book. Alice sneaks up behind him with a bunch of ice cubes, than shoves them down his back. Edward turns around, startled. Alice shoves more ice cubes down the front of his shirt, and takes off running.

"How old are you?" Bella asks, not looking Edward in the face.

"Seventeen," Edward answered simply, shrugging.

"How long have you been seventeen?" Bella asked. This caught Edward off guard.

He turns around, grabbing a calculator from his pocket. He pushes numbers into the calculator. Finally, he throws it into the trees and turns back to Bella.

"Let's just say, a really long time!"

Alice burst out laughing, Jasper and Emmett soon following. Edward his face behind Bella's hair and Alice continued to point and laugh at the screen.

"Are you afraid?" Edward asked.

"I'm only afraid of loosing you," Bella said. Edward suddenly stood ridged, hearing the sound of a dog barking.

"Hold that thought," he said, taking off after the dog's bark. Bella stood there, dumbfounded.

The movie screen turned black, and the lights switched back on.

"That's it?" Carlisle asked.

"Nope, but that's only the first part. I'm still putting together the other parts on my computer, so, you're just going to have to wait a little," Alice said.

"Oh, come on!" Emmett said, throwing his hands up into the air. "Alice!"

"Hold that thought," Alice said, than got up and bounded out of the room before anyone could say another word.

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