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"Bella Swan?"

I heard my name being called on the attendance list. I swiftly turned my head towards the teacher, who was now standing behind the podium, his arms leaning against the top. I raised my hand, waving to him. He nodded back at me. I heard the giggling of Jessica and Lauren coming from the other side of the room. God, they annoyed me so much.

You see, Jessica and Lauren were part of the "popular crowd", along with Mike, Tyler, and of course, the all mighty Edward Cullen. Lauren was the queen bee - skinny, blonde, a complete bimbo - and Jessica was her follower, a clone of her. Tyler was the receiver on the football team, and one of the most careless people I had ever met. Mike was the only nice one; he had been my friend since the first day of my experience at Forks High School. Now, onto Edward Cullen. I hated him.

No, I loathed him. He thought he was all that - but he really wasn't. Every girl in the school went head over heels over him - he had slept with almost all of them as well. He was the quarterback on the football team, and the most conceited boy I had ever met. He had bronze hair, and bright emerald eyes. But it wasn't like he was in love with me either - he had a hatred for me as well.

"Can everyone settle down, please?" The teacher asked. Of course, no one really did - everyone kept on talking. The popular crew kept on laughing out loud obnoxiously, it was really annoying. I turned to my friends, Angela Weber and Ben Cheney. They were the cutest new couple. At first, Angela had told me that she had liked Ben for a really long time, but she couldn't make a move. Thankfully, Ben admitted to her that he liked her as well, and they have been together since then. It's been about two months now.

"Can they get any more obnoxious?" I whispered to her, stealing a glance at their side of the room. Edward through his head back in laughter, his messy bronze hair falling back, his emerald eyes closing shut tightly.

"I don't know. Seriously though, Bella, what is up with you and Edward? I mean, remember back in like, first grade? You two actually shared your animal crackers…" Angela said back, as I scoffed. It's true, back in elementary school, Edward Cullen and I were very civil to each other - but that's because our families were pretty friendly with each other as well. Of course, times changed, and so did people.

"And we were, how old, like six? Angela, I really do hate him…he's the most….conceited, arrogant, most annoying person on the planet. I really don't want to talk about this right now, sorry." I apologized as I turned back in my desk, the teacher's eyes on me.

"Sorry about that," I blushed, as a few people chuckled under their breaths, Edward being one of them. I sent him an evil glare, as he just rolled his eyes at me, and turned his body front.

"Well, children," the teacher started, his fingers tapping on the podium, "the guidance counselor, Mrs. Swift, is going to be coming in today. She is explaining a new website that everyone is going to be using for this term. If you don't, then you automatically fail this class. And we all know that you don't want to fail English." He smirked at us and collected his papers and threw them into his briefcase. Lastly, he grabbed his coat and walked out of the door, as Mrs. Swift made her way in.

"Hello, everyone." Mrs. Swift smiled at us all, a few people answering back to her greeting. She set down a box on the teacher's desk, and pulled out a stack of papers and began to hand each person a copy.

"What's this?" Tyler asked, as he scrunched up his nose and held the paper close to his face. Was he blind? I was wondering about the sanity of some of the football players we had at our school. I looked down at the sheet too - it was copied, onto pink sheets of paper. Even though I was more of a tomboy instead of a girly-girl, pink was my favorite color. It was very serene and calming, but cute at the same time.

My mouth was agape from what I had read on the note, my eyes widening with every word read, every line scanned.

Welcome to the Forks High Pen Pal Website!

Students are going to be assigned accounts on this website, and shall randomly be chosen to speak to another anonymously. If you decide not to choose not to do the assignment, which is going to be your English grade for the term.

Mrs. Swift, the guidance counselor, will be giving you all sign up sheets, and for your homework, you shall go online and activate your account, and start chatting with your school pen pal.

At the end of the assignment, you are going to be writing a small paper on the person that you have met - and if you want, you can reveal your identity. You may also choose, if you do not know the person, to meet, or just forget about everything that you have talked about.

Please, enjoy this new assignment, and I hope that you all become closer to each other.


Mr. McDermott, the Principal of Forks High

"Is this a joke?" A boy from the back of the classroom yelled out. I turned back towards him, then back to Mrs. Swift. I was wondering who had come up with this idea - and were they serious?

"No, this most certainly is no joke at all," She told us, leaning against the side of the desk, "This is an idea that the school board had thought of, and they want to try it out on the students immediately. And, we have substituted this for English, because of the writing assignment that you will have at the end of the term, and the fact that it has to do with getting to know one another."

"Well, I for one think this is a waste of time," Lauren announced, turning to Jessica and giggling under her breath.

"Whatever you say, Ms. Mallory, but it doesn't matter. It's going to be like this - either you do this assignment, or you are going to fail English and are going to have to take it again in summer." Everyone flinched back an inch, no one really realized that this was such a huge deal towards the school year.

"Everyone ready for the sign up sheets?" Mrs. Swift smiled at us all, knowing that she won the conversation over with Lauren, "It isn't much, only a few words about you, and what your username is going to be and a few things about you."

She went around once again, giving everyone a half-sheet of paper, that had a few lines written on it. I took a pencil out of my bag and began to go through the questions.

Name? Isabella Swan.

Age? 17

Desired username? Hmm…I needed something that wouldn't give my identity away, but it had to be something simple. Koolcat89? No, I mean, it was funny, but I don't think that would really…describe me. I got it! IntelligentBrunette

Do you like the idea of this pen pal website? I do, I think it is an interesting idea. Even though I would rather not have to do this assignment, I would choose it over reading books that I have already read many times.

Preferences? None. I'm a simple, nice person.

Email? Isabella Swan (at) yahoo (dot) com.

I got up from out of my seat, and handed the sheet to Mrs. Swift, who smiled at myself and put the slip into the blue accordion folder she had in the box. "You may leave now if you want," she took a look at my sheet, "Isabella. Since we already have ten minutes until school is over. We will email you with the activation link."

"Oh, you can call me Bella. And thank you." I said as I walked out of the classroom, backpack in hand, keys in the other. I got into my old, red, rusted truck, and turned it on - it always made a loud noise, making it known to many people throughout the parking lot. I put the car in reverse, and made my way back home to the house.

Charlie was still at the police station, but I thought that I should start his dinner early, which was going to be some grilled fish. I took the fish out of the freezer to let it defrost for a few minutes. This would be a good time to go and turn on the laptop upstairs. When I had moved back here to my dad here in Forks, Washington, he had still had an old computer plugged into the cable, which was located in my room. After my summer job, I was able to buy myself a new laptop, a SONY VIAO, and I had gotten it in a pink color (haha it's the one I have(: I had to include it).

As the internet popped up, I went to my email, clicking the sign in button on my Yahoo! Homepage. I quickly typed in my password and username, as my email loaded. I had two new emails. One was from my old friend from Arizona, and the other one was from the school. I opened it up and scanned through it.

To: Isabella Swan (at) yahoo (dot) com

From: ForksHighSchool (at) forkspublicschools (dot) com

Isabella Swan -

Please enjoy your new username: IntelligentBrunette

Password: *****

Please link on the button below to activate your account.

I clicked on the link, which led me straight to the Forks High Pen Pal website. I clicked on, activate my account, and it automatically signed me into this chat. I looked at the side of my screen, and noticed that there was a small profile about me, stating my username, age, and preferences.

Then, suddenly, I heard a "sign in" sound playing from my laptop. It showed myself in a chat room, along with another person. Their name was "SecretlyPoetic" - that was a nice name. Was this the person that I was going to be talking to?

Then I heard an instant message noise, and SecretlyPoetic had written out a message.

SecretlyPoetic: Hello?

IntelligentBrunette: Yeah, hello.

SecretlyPoetic: oh, so you're the one I'm gonna be talking to, right?

IntelligentBrunette: I guess so(:

SecretlyPoetic: Wow, so you're 17? So am I.

IntelligentBrunette: oh, that's cool. What do you like to do in your free time?

SecretlyPoetic: Well, after school and sports, I like to come home and finish my homework, then listen to some music or play the piano. The piano is my passion.

IntelligentBrunette: Wow, impressive! Is that how it explains your username?

SecretlyPoetic: I can't help it - I just love poetry as well. Your username is interesting too - it cancels out half the girls in the school.

IntelligentBrunette: Haha - how do you know? I might be a blonde.

SecretlyPoetic: Oh? Well, I don't think an intelligent blonde would make a username like that. Maybe something more along the lines of SexyBabyGirl?

IntelligentBrunette: Oh, please. I'm no slut. I for one, actually use my brain. And I don't care what other people think about me, you know? I'm always just being…me.

SecretlyPoetic: Sounds wonderful(: we need more people like you in our school. So…do you have a boyfriend?

IntelligentBrunette: No, I don't. I actually never really have. I had one…but that's a long story…

SecretlyPoetic: Really? What happened?

IntelligentBrunette: Whoa - that's a story for another time.

SecretlyPoetic: Oh, I'm sorry! ):

IntelligentBrunette: So, what about you? Do you have a girlfriend?

SecretlyPoetic: Well, I'm…uh, it's complicated. I'm actually between girls at the moment.

IntelligentBrunette: Oh, okay.

SecretlyPoetic: You sound like a fun, wonderful, girl…are you sure I don't know you?

IntelligentBrunette: Haha - I'm pretty sure we don't know each other.

I was so fascinated by this person - we kept on chatting like this back and forth for a few hours. I learned about his family, his life, and his likes and dislikes. As the clock began to chime once it had reached 5:30, realization hit me when I realized that I had forgotten about the fish.

I told SecretlyPoetic that I had to go, and that I would talk to him tomorrow, as I opened my bedroom door and ran down the stairs. Charlie was already home, watching the football game - like he always did. I went into the living room, to find him in his favorite recliner, eating a big slice of pizza.

"Dad! I'm so sorry I didn't get to cook! You see, we have this new assignment for school, and -" He stopped my words, and began to laugh.

"Bells, no need to worry. I got a call from the school, and plus, everyone already knows about the Pen Pal program. I figured you were chatting. Now, who are you chatting with?" He looked at me.

"Oh, I don't know yet, dad! You need to let me talk to him!" I giggled, as I walked over to the couch, and sat down next to him, taking a slice of pizza myself, and began to get into the game.

I thought back on the past conversation I had with this, SecretlyPoetic. I had no idea who it was, and I don't think I would be able to think through all the people and choose him out of the crowd. But I was looking forward to the conversations to come.

Yes, I, Isabella Marie Swan, was beginning to fall for someone online.

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