haha okay, most people might think im trying to update right now

but i just got the funniest review I HAD to share.

it's from some girl named kerliegurl13 and it says

succ onn my non - existent peniiss your hore slut bucket this story sucks tranny cock!

First off? If youre trying to hate on my story, can you at least attempt to spell everything right? I mean.. come on, no offense, but you cant even spell whore? and um, "whore slut bucket" ? Wow seriously? Ha, what a loser.

I'm not trying to come off as a bitch or anything, but this is just ridiculous. I KNOW I KNOW, not everyone likes my story, and I understand that, i truly do. But can you please at least say it in a mature way? Those stupid comments/reviews are SO unnecessary.

I might be updating the actual story soon. Just wanted to share that.

I dont want you all to think that because i complained about this that just because i get a bad comment im gonna go like, crazy. I'm not . I just wanted to say that real fast. I dont want to come off as desperate for reviews or like, easily hurt or anything. Just wanted to share my thoughts. You dont have to reply/review to this, I just wanted to get this note out there.

School is starting soon so I might not be able to update asap.

Love, TwilightSagaLover543.